Feeding 500 Families In Need With Our Pork

How to farm for profit in the Philippines, business ideas. General advice about farming and business, how to get permit’s and licenses. Life style expectations and experiences.
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  1. Beautiful…hahahaha…i told you.
    Thank You for sharing the blessings to my fellow Boholano.
    God Bless You always Brian and Maricel.
    Stay safe always and God Bless You always.
    More Blessings to come to your channel.

  2. No matter what the content there are people that purposely come to your channel and give you the thumbs down, I hope they never find out that a thumbs-down, is equal to a thumbs-up, as far as YouTube monetization is concerned. I think it’s fair to make a comment to back up that thumbs down, but they’re too cheap, God bless!

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