Feeding 300 Homeless and Starving Elderly During COVID-19 | TAKE ACTION

This is our biggest fundraising effort to date. We’re collaborating with the Korean Legacy Committee (KLC) to serve homeless elders who have nowhere else to go during the COVID-19 pandemic and you can do your part to contribute ► http://korealegacy.give.asia/klc-meal-program

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  1. We love bringing you the most authentic insight from Asia but we are also all about taking action and making a difference. Donate now ► http://korealegacy.give.asia/klc-meal-program Now more than ever, we all need to come together as a community and take action. Up until now, our Asian Boss community only existed in the YouTube comments but we recently opened up our own community platform to make it easier and more fun for people to take action together. If you’re sick of mainstream social media and wanted to be a part of a positive, meaningful and ACTION-DRIVEN online community for a change, then download our app:

    App Store (iPhone): https://bit.ly/2wyascp
    Play Store (Android): https://bit.ly/2UxJycD
    Web: https://www.mogao.io

  2. I feel bad for them. I am so blessed that I am not in that situation and work for a Korean Auto company test driving their cars here in the USA.

  3. 어르신들 쉴곳과 일할곳이 필요해요. 그건 사실!!!
    But;돈 없는 가난한 분들 아닙니다. 다만 아낄 뿐.
    저희 시할아버님 적적하다며 매일 지하철타고 친구만나 공짜밥드신다며 종로 가신다네요.
    돈이 아예 없는 것도 아닌데… …
    없는 분들 우리나라 주민센터 복지 이용하시길. 복지로에서 주변사람 추천하면 도와줍니다.
    제발 필요한 분들에게만 도움의 손길이 가길…

  4. It’s unfortunate what that lady said that she is planning to take food until she dies. Does that mean she’s not willing to get out of this situation? There could be someone else who can’t get out the situation due age or disability. I know Korea works a little different but it’s a shame people are expecting handouts everyday. I doubt this will be sustainable.

  5. So called first world countries also have third world country’s problem: hunger.

    *For those of you, like me, who are in your 20’s or even 30’s… This is what we’re doing to our elders, don’t expect it to be otherwise when you get there too*

  6. That dude needs to stop touching his mask. Masks are annoying and aren’t a great fit sometimes, but you need to be cognizant of “automatic” things like that.

  7. I really like how korean handle this kind of situation coz i watch some video of elderly in other country got beaten by police and its so sad to watch it …. Well done Asian Boss hope more blessings to come so you can help more people who needed some help …👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  8. South Korea is one of the richest nation in the world. How is it possible that they have the highest elderly poverty rates ?? Shame on the South Korean government !!

  9. The interview with the old lady in black was so sad. She stood in line since 7:30(4hr wait) just for one lunch meal. “I’m more grateful to them than god”.🥺

  10. …so upsetting to see… while supermakets carry off truckloads of unsold food to incinerate all over the world instead of putting it to good use…

  11. I’m saddened that S. Korean government doesn’t do more for the elders they rebuilt Korea after the wars. All the richest this country has and there elders are going hungry.

  12. Seeing anyone homeless and/or hungry always hurts my heart, because I have been there. It was so sad seeing them having to turn people away. I hate that this world has become so money hungry that the poor are left on the sidelines.

  13. Thank you Asian Boss for showing this video. Its fantastic that you’d teamed up with a worthy charity to help the elderly in providing much needed meals. Its people who work in these organisations are true frontline hero’s. I’ve previously volunteered in various organisations to help feed the homeless, elderly & the disabled, which then later on in llfe, I became homeless & had to rely on the same service. From this experience & watching this video, it has motivated me even more to continue my dream of working in the community food service. I hope to travel to Korea & if possible, volunteer at one of these community kitchens.

  14. Just a reminder to everyone that the link to donate is in the description box — every cent helps. Thank you for giving us the link to donate, AsianBoss. You guys are amazing.

  15. Restaurants and cafes usually have left overs after business hours. It is may be challenging to build the logistic infrastructure and bring left overs together to feed the needs. I wonder what does major supermarkets do with food that are slightly after the stipulated expiry date? Canned food off the shelves can still be eaten. Food manufacturers usually buffer extra shelf life duration to their produced.

  16. Would LOVE to see a video about all this blatant racism and anti black/african sentiment going on due to Corona in China right now with black people being denied housing/entrance to stores etc….where you at AsianBoss….its a pretty big viral story right now…..we come to you guys for unbiased coverage but it seems you guys tend to ignore these type of stories??? Why?

  17. this video is full of onions. there are many good people in this world. if you dont find one, be one…
    Thank you ASIAN BOSS for always insipiring young generation to help the elder and the need.

  18. It hurts to see people hungry. I hope your fundraiser does well. They wait in line for the lunches that are gone in 20 min. Here people are waiting in line for TP that is gone in 20 min.

  19. I’m Korean. I’m so sad to see the elderly lining up so long from earier morning to have meal. Please God bless them.
    We all are getting older. They must have been hardworking and dillgent at their youth. nevertheless they go thruogh hunger. I’m afraid that they can’t have meals enough. Thanks Asian Boss!!!!

  20. Thank you for shedding light on these humans. I used to teach in Gupo, Busan and I saw so many elderly in poverty everyday collecting cans and cardboard boxes. I was shocked. I even heard gun shots sometimes at night. I suspect some just hated this poor life and wanted to end it. 🙁 I learned that their children often abandon them and there are no retirement homes or programs to take care of them .Its horrible.

  21. THANK U ASIAN BOSS! It’s so sad to see how the elderly that helped to bring Korea to where is it today or who are making a great impact to society are sometimes neglected, but this video really brings hope for humanity and displays the elderly deserve the best! Thank you guys for whatever you do and for making the world a better place

  22. Thank you Asian Boss. Maybe the awareness of so much korean elderly living in poverty wld make mukbang youtubers who stuff themselves with humongous amounts of food that could feed these elderly for a month to realise they cld do something more meaningful to their society with food…

  23. I’m also working at a food bank right now, and it motivates me so much to know that I’m having a direct impact on people’s lives and helping them get through this tough period that we’re all trying to survive.

  24. Is this what happens when a nation becomes rich in modern capitalist societies? Korea is not only one of the wealthiest countries in the world but it’s also an Asian country as well where the elders are supposed to be revered and respected. This is just completely unacceptable. Even in very poor and very corrupted Asian countries like Laos and Cambodia you would not see anything like this.

  25. People of Korea . .the less privileged at large need a lot help from you . .the government n the chaebol system causing the less privileged suffering!!

  26. Thanks for making this video and raising awareness. I just donated. I think every little bit helps. I hope you can continue to do this. Great job!

  27. There needs to be a government program to make sure elders get enough through welfare via taxation. It shouldnt come down to sporadic charity.

  28. Hey can you guys cover the xenophobia Black people other people (non black people) from Africa are facing due to covid19 in China? About how they’re being quarantined and being told that now it’s specifically black African people who supposedly brought in and created covid19

  29. Why are there so many homeless and hungry elderly people in South Korea? South Korea is a rich country are there no homes for them and government support?

  30. 아시안보스팀! 대학생들을 중심으로 비즈니스로 사회적 미션들을 풀어나가는 단체가 있는데, 그곳에 대한 영상도 만들어보세요! 인액터스라는 국제적인 연합 단체이고, 한국에서는 인액터스 코리아로 활동중입니다.

    대표적인 프로젝트
    *끌림 : 폐지수거 노인들의 수익강화를 위해 리어카에 광고를 싣고 리어카를 계량
    *고요한택시 : 청각장애인이 운행하는 택시

    이외에 굉장히 많은 프로젝트들이 활동 중이고, 위안부 팔찌로 유명했던 마리몬드나 두손컴퍼니 등이 해당 단체 출신입니다!

    사회적 문제를 단순히 보여주는것 뿐만 아니라 어떻게 해결해나가는지 그 치열한 모습들도 보여주면 구독자들이 더욱 영감을 받을 수 있을 것 같습니다!

  31. The old ones often vote for the conservative politicians who work against them. They often call politicians who want to improve the wellfare ‘commies’.

  32. It’s shitty how much food is wasted every day while there are starving people out there, so much produce is thrown out before it even reaches shops just because of slight defects or odd shape or colour while being perfectly edible.

  33. Most Koreans are Christians and most of the time the country is ruled by a Christian president and a party dominated by Christians. What does Jesus teach you? He says feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless and heal the sick. When you hold a banquet … Your pastors don’t teach you these but keeping asking you to give to the church to expect worldly blessings when Jesus says not to build treasures in the world. Christians are only very enthusiastic in instigating gayhate and oppressing the gay. That’s why you Christians can never claim the Biblical promises.

  34. This is why I love Asian Boss. Not only delivering interesting, high quality content, but what is the most important – being good role models. Youth should look after Steven and rest of team. That’s what really matters in life – loving and sharing good things. Being for each other.

  35. being a boss isn’t about Billion dollar homes and million dollar cars, it is about help the less fortunate.

    Where is Mr Beast when you need him?!

  36. I’ve passed by there on my way to institute i saw them before but never even imagined.. poverty problem especially on the elderly is really severe… and I even never thought that so many Koreans are starving coz I thought that stage already passed before few decades…

  37. These old folks survived the Korean War and sacrificed everything to make South Korea an economic powerhouse and their next generation can prosper now all they want is one proper meal a day.

  38. This is the channel thats not just featuring people but also gives help.ive seen it before even the covid19 quarantine. They do help.
    I support you guys. Thumbs up.

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