Fear and Lost Human Rights | RIP Kev In Thailand 🙏

So, we’re living in a global pandemic. And human rights law recognizes that in the context of serious public health threats and public emergencies threatening the life of the nation, restrictions on some rights can be justified when they have a legal basis, are strictly necessary, based on scientific evidence and neither arbitrary nor discriminatory in application, of limited duration, respectful of human dignity, subject to review, and proportionate to achieve the objective.

But does this siituation warrant the loss of human rights the world is experiencing with this global lockdown? Do the actual statistics warrant the kind of fear being placed on the citizens of the world?

Broad quarantines and lockdowns of indeterminate length rarely meet the criteria and are often imposed precipitously, without ensuring the protection of those under quarantine – especially at-risk populations. Because such quarantines and lockdowns are difficult to impose and enforce uniformly, they are often arbitrary or discriminatory in application.

And what about going into the future? Will more human rights be in jeporady? Will forced vaccinations be implemented? Tracking of citizens? A cashless society instituted?

Let’s all make sure that none of this happens under ANY circumstances. Remember, once they are gone, they are gone. Where will you draw the line in the sand?

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  1. agreed, and thank you. give them up in the moment, and never have them returned. Lets take time to think and not run from fear to fearful actions…lets take the time to think

  2. Sorry JC, I believe in vaccines _(huge controversy on this for many years among many of my friends, finally concluded that vaccinations are good and necessary in cases like COVID),_ stay at home orders _(given the lack of a vaccine currently)._

    And by the way ,talking about standing up for one’s human rights, methinks Thailand is not the venue to do it from 🙂

  3. I guess it’s a balance between freedom. & public safety. If an unvaccinated person spreads a disease that kills 10000 including members of you own family you might think perhaps everyone ought to be vaccinated. As for the lockdown ..this isn’t the flu & comparing it to car deaths is a false analogy. Car deaths generally don’t happen in clusters & aren’t contagious.

  4. You had me going for awhile. I work in a hospital, this is not a joke and it is killing even the young and healthy. Does the flu put so many people in the ICU on vents? Hospital are being overrun and that is not because of the average flu.

  5. Bloody hell JC calm down, you’re gonna give yourself a heart attack. I met Kev several times at his weekly meet nights and also on a 1 to 1 basis a couple times. A sound and likeable guy. RIP Kev mate.

  6. I agree with you JC. And did you also notice that the Hong Kong situation was no longer news after the pandemic? I agree with others that this is a big power grab in an effort to control and track people and vaccinate everyone

  7. You may have freedoms in your own country but you are a guest in Thailand if you don’t like Thai laws go back home and fight for your freedoms in your own country!

  8. Always enjoyed your channel but sorry JC you are being irresponsible by spreading this message as I’m stuck here in the U.S.A. and the reason for staying home or shelter in place is to keep the hospitals from being over run by patients as this is spreading at a rate that cannot be controlled at this time. Sure the numbers of other deaths are much higher but they are spread over time and area and not concentrated to an area. Now the CDC is finally saying here that mask are helpful to stop the spread as many Asian countries have been doing for a while, I had to leave Thailand last month to return here because of a death in my family and when I was in Thailand I was telling my wife that we don’t need mask as I was listening to American government over Thai as of course they must be right, I would say try to follow this stay at home and wear the mask and hopefully we flatten the curve of this virus and get on with life. I personally know medical folks on the east coast dealing with the deaths and it’s really overwhelming. Peace to you and stay safe!

  9. JC, I have followed you for years but you are sounding like a serious conspiracy nut! The Coronavirus is a form of Super Pneumonia. People are dying from their underlying conditions because their immune systems are overtaxed by Covid-19 and it’s effect on the lungs. People that recover regardless of their medical histories are just lucky.

    Please don’t give medical advice when you are not a doctor!
    Trump touts Hydroxycloraquine because he has a monetary expectation from it’s manufacture you just sound like one of his sycophants repeating his rhetoric with no benefit.

    People look at the number of confirmed cases, deaths and those that have recovered and get a false sense of hope. The truly important number is what is left over! The forgotten ones that are still suffering!
    If 1,700,000 have it or had it and 90,000 have died and 600,000 have recovered how many does that leave that are still suffering and facing a potential death sentence?!

    There is no way of verifying how many of us that have it and are spreading it without testing. You go to the hospital but are not sick enough to be admitted they don’t test you for other illnesses they just send you home and hope for the best for you. They are not testing but they are digging mass graves.

    We should be demanding mass testing not spouting insane conspiracies that do no one any good! TEST! TEST! TEST!

  10. African Americans are facing fascism in China. Michelle Ponte, Italian blogger, has been threatened in BKK..And people fighting for T.P. in Akerica. So people are more risky than the virus.

  11. The way the USA are displaying the deaths is very alarmist. In UK & USA lots of people are taking blood pressure medication, that medication makes it much more easy for the virus to infect you. American main stream media appears to hate Chloroquin. I thought it may be because Trump mentioned it, but more likely it’s because its cheap and big pharmer hates the idea of affordable medication (& main stream media are in their pocket).

  12. Those that don’t remember the past are doomed to relive the past!

    The Spanish flu, which originated in Wisconsin killed 40 million peope that were known about in 1918-1921. Let that sink in! 40 million in 1918 when it took a week to get from NYC to London.
    Covid-19 is 6 times more contagious than Spanish flu and it takes 6 hours from NYC to London! Don’t be stupid! Be prepared!

  13. This is a very dangerous precedent for them to restrict the freedoms of HEALTHY PEOPLE.
    People worldwide need to protest this.
    Most of the dead has pre-existing conditions and the validity of the numbers presented by the MSM are highly in question.

  14. In the 80’s during the crack epidemic they made laws to seize cash from people.
    The rights were never given back.
    Today in the USA if you are caught with cash the cops will confiscate the cash and you have to sue them to get it back. On top of that, they won’t pay your legal fees.

  15. Your plan to quarantine the old folks…so, what if they have younger family members in the same house…where do they stay? And your idea that Trump’s medicine can help is being further proven wrong day by day. I dont think I have ever gotten pissed off watching one of your videos…until today.

  16. Totally disagree with you JC: 👀Looking at the numbers: CDC estimates as many as 56K people die from the Flu or flu-like illness each year. I estimate 56K-61K which is the high end for a 12 month period.

    CCP/China Virus has been in effect since DEC 10 2019 – April 10 2020. So, 4 + months and the death rate is 100K.

    So, this is doubled the Flu for world wide cases in less than a years time. If we keep this pace of deaths and account for those countries who do not report due to poor medical infrastructure, faking numbers, etc..we can reasonably predict the total number of deaths to be 400K world wide which is 2.5 X larger than the deaths of the flu. Also, most people do not need ventilators first the flu.

    Hot weather has not been proven to slow the virus down. The only way at present is to find a vaccine.

    The 1918 (H1N1) or Spanish (January 1918-December 1920) ( Almost 2 Year Run Period) Flu killed 500 Million or 1/3 the worlds population. With 650K occurring in the US.

    It took 2 years for the 1918 Spanish Flu Virus to run its course and disappear. It may take 2 years or more for the CCP/China Virus to run its course. We have more people in the world population which means more deaths, but we have better communication and healthcare then in 1918. So, the run time is an unknown. 🤔

  17. I don’t always agree with some of your views but you are spot on with this. Oh, and I also wondered what they had put on Kevin’s death certificate.

  18. You don’t get it JC. it does not mater what age you are. If you get the Virus you will need a ventilator which is not like the FLU. Please do some research. It is apparent you have not done your research. People have been asked to return to there country by the country they are in. The various governments are concerned that they might not beable to take care of those who are not citizens within there country so they are asking countries to tell there citizens to return to there home country. Each country is fighting over resources for there own citizens.

  19. Never got to meet him but he has helped others and like the sign he was attacked for it, Followed his channel from the start and when his health deteriorated donated to help him pull through sadly it did not work out. But it has also taught me live life to the fullest because the best laid plans can go wrong.
    Rob yourself JC and Chuck are great channels for the everyday life in Thailand even now stuck at home over easter with no place to go at least through your channel I can take almost VR tour of Thailand until this virus blows over and travel starts up again.

  20. BAD ADVICE. I have never questioned your logic before….. but I’ll get my medical advice from a Doctor thanks. They are ALL telling us to stay in. DO IT!! This is horrible advice. J.C. If you want to help people take this video down and make a new one after you have had some advice from a real Doctor. No time for Politics at this time of threat…… I have been wrong before. Perhaps you have been wrong before as well.

  21. Governors have too much power, they’ve become dictators in the US. For an example some woman driving by herself was arrested for violating the stay at home rule in California. I really enjoyed Kev’s vlogs but I bet there’s a Thailand in the next world and Kev is probably there in a much better state.

  22. You put up a headline “99% had other illness” and use this as proof that its not dangerous to healthy people. Those so called other illnesses included high blood pressure and other illnesses that were not going kill these people in the near future. You give no context to the article and how widespread these “orher illnesses” are in the community.

  23. J.C. , I don’t get your message and obviously you turn back 180 deg. again.
    I don’t care anyone else on the street as long as I wear my gas mask, gloves and glasses and be able to “launder my money”.
    BTW, already “addicted to my house” for weeks except going to shop the food and still being chilled “anyway”. I miss cha-am beach just like you.

  24. The most coherent, honest, intelligent, awe inspiring video you have ever made, I sincerely mean that JC , I couldn’t agree more, your a very intelligent, honest and helpful person, your video was very comforting, thank you and keep safe.

  25. Take normal precautions during flu season. I think this thing is very open hyped bunch of fear porn. shurt to wash your hand and do basic sanitary but lets be real

  26. Wow, you are so right about all those points!!….I hope everyone who sees this takes it to heart!!!….Stress and fear are a killer!….DO NOT GIVE THEM THAT ENERGY!

  27. I agree that everyone should do their own due diligence. That is good advice in most circumstances. But if after having done so you arrive at the sort of gibberish you are expressing in your video, you should have the good sense to delete the video before posting. Stay in your lane. Your life and career have forced you to have to retire cheaply. And you have turned that into a positive! That is great. Build on that.

  28. :(… Nice to see that you can, assumingly, be on the beach! Not long after I left back to the US, two weeks ago, they closed the beaches in Phuket.

  29. JC. Your right to hold and speak your opinion does not make it right. This virus is newly introduced to our species and the current community health measures are the only known way to stop its spread, everything else is pure speculation. If we all do the right thing the pandemic will pass, the economy will recover and we will know the threat the CCP poses to the world.

  30. Take care brother.
    Hey, check out Comet Atlas, nobody talking about that. This virus is , in my opinion, nothing. Corona virus is found in almost every illness.
    I’m NOT taking any vaccine neither are my sons.

  31. I am an American in Trang. What do you think would happen in Thailand if the hot spot here was like NYC? It would be beyond devastating, and tragic. Drive your truck tonight after 10PM, and exercise your rights as an American- too funny! We’re guests here.Thailand has done a good job with this virus, so get off your soap box.

  32. Governors in the US want a one-size fill all policy on the virus and that is to stay indoors at all cost. Young people though aren’t having a problem with it so it might be best if they catch it and then they’ll be immune to it and won’t be able to spread it in the future, that’ll help out in the future. The people over the ago of 60 should be allowed to stay home and pay those people so they can pay their bills. You’d have the economy going and the most vulnerable protected. Within a year they’ll have a vaccine for this or medicine good enough where people won’t die from it.

  33. Farang was always the No1 problem in Thailand blaming book before Coronavirus.
    Recession is coming to Thailand too and everyone is in debt already with very “cheap” loans.
    It will be very bad and the scapegoat farangs are going to have difficult times.

  34. your a good guy JC …. I agree with you mate … the truth will out soon . they make huge $$$$££££ for each patient that they say have the virus . its a scam !

  35. You are an expert on pandemics …?
    You live voluntarily in a military dictatorship and you go on about freedoms and human rights?
    Stick to travel please you are embarrassing yourself

  36. First regarding Kev,
    believe me I know about his battle and I went through a similar Run 10 years ago except I’m still here… I will miss his humor and his funny accent, cheers Kevin

    and secondly about the current infringement of freedom and rights and absurdities…
    Hey JC I have watched your channel off and on for a long time and I got to say now you really won me over.. The topic needed to be voice and I am just shocked at how many people are standing there going o you have to have mask… I wonder how many hours watching meeting with TV they took to get their brains captured.
    The method and the severity of this virus are total crock of garbage, and don’t even get me started about math because I have used those industrially every day at work and I know when there are worse than having nothing. In warm weather you tend to perspire and the mask is contaminated in a couple of hours if you touch it with your hand whatever bacteria transferred to your face you’re breathing so you’re actually endangering yourself more at that point. Here in Asia I can tell you that most Asian people do not have a nose bridge to properly support the mask and they are certainly getting some intake be on what the mask is letting in..
    With the current shortage of math than people are over using them so the master Crowley absolutely filthy with bacteria endangering directly instead of 8 by chance with a virus.
    Having been through chemotherapy to a degree that nearly killed me I would say You’re darn right wash your hands and sanitize everything periodically, especially your cell phone is probably the most filthy thing around!
    Human rights and being beaten down or chase down like an animal because you don’t have a mask on???!
    I am currently staying in Cambodia and actually is probably better than back in the States for me…
    Amen and bless your heart I think he just nailed it everything you said exactly needed to be sane and I respect you greater because there are certain population that will not respect you for this.. It is the most logical thing to see what is going on in this whole thing stinks just like the first time I’ve seen 911 on TV

  37. The fact that many people also had underlying conditions is misleading. If not for covid 19 they probably would still be alive today. I have no medical training so i will take my advice from professionals not crazy deniers.

  38. The leftist have created such a negative situation you can’t raise your head JC they will come & get you & put you in jail..🙏🏻👎🏻🇦🇺.

  39. Hello JC, people are taking the piss having house parties and street parties that is why the government have cracked down on people going out, you can still go out but keep your distance (2 metres). I am in London UK I still go out to shopping and taking dogs out for walks, some people wear mask some not.
    We have a population of about 70 million here and 77,758 infected with Covid 19, 8,958 dead, 890 dead in one day 10/4/20, that is a lot compared to the size of the country, there are 750,000 volunteers helping out with peoples needs and employed people get 80 per cent of there wages so we have not got it that bad. People of all ages are dying here a 13 year old boy many people in there 20s and 30s. three friends of mine have already died from Covid 19 so I am feeling it personally
    I wish you and your family good health, take care JC

  40. THANK YOU SO MUCH. You mean to tell me that a virus that can be killed with heat, soap and hand sanitizer has NO CURE?? GTFOOH! This is, as you say, world domination by fear. Stand up for your rights, people. The world is under house arrest, and for what?? Follow the money. Fear trumps logic… when people are scared, you can convince them to do or think anything.

    I will be so very happy when I can return to Thailand from here in the USA.

  41. JC – I love your channel and generally agree with you on all things Thai. However, a few statements you made I would disagree with:

    Something about your human rights as a Foreigner living in Thailand: Very sorry but you have no rights in Thailand. This is NOT a democracy and you are not in the US. The LOS is an authoritarian regime and you will do whatever they want or you can leave – well not now anyway. You gave up any rights when you decided to live here permanently for greater economic freedom. This is the price you are paying. Please leave the conspiracy gibberish out as well…Do you think this is all a hoax? Have you seen what’s going on in NYC? As far as I can see, the Thai govt is doing all they can to put an end to this crisis. Your comments are very much ill advised…

  42. After hearing comments about lack of information on the English side had my wife (Thai) get the latest government announcements and translate/ summarize them regarding covid. I hope it helps you learn more about the alcohol ban and other information. @t. Stay safe everyone

  43. I think they are trying to protect the hospital system for those who really need it. Since this coronavirus outbreak the Emergency Departments have been overwhelmed, and the ICU capacity has increased beyond the norm. Some doctors and nurses have been furloughed who work in elective surgeries or non-emergencies. The money is not coming in anymore so the hospitals had to let them go. As for the flu I’ve had the flu before but over the years I take a flu vaccination so I have not got it. Others would have herd immunity so even if someone is coughing on an elevator maybe some people won’t get it.

    Thee is a hospital near where I live first there was one then yesterday I passed it and there are now two refrigerator morgue trucks sitting outside the hospital. Even in the worst flu season I’ve never seen that yet I’ve lived not far from that hospital for many years. It got so bad that they now have mass graves where they are burying people where no one came to claim their bodies. Funeral directors say they are backed up and can’t handle the number of bodies so the hospitals morgues are full so they bring in refrigerator trucks to store the bodies in the mean time. The governor even signed an executive order to allow out of state funeral directors to come in to take some of the bodies.

    They also temporarily allow doctors and nurses to cross state lines without having to first get a license to practice in the state. For the last three days in NYC over 700 people died every 24 hours. In the entire U.S. 2,000 people died from the virus in 24 hours by Saturday morning. 500K+ people are now affected in the U.S. 18,637 deaths in the U.S. And that is a little over one month. In ten months that could be over 186,000 which technically would be more deaths than the flu except for the Spanish Flu of 1918.

  44. As usual, I agree with all of your points. I appreciate your common sense and plain speaking regarding these issues. In the U.S. the cure is going to be worse than the disease in my opinion. It must not be as bad in Thailand as in Oregon. At least you can still parasail. Our moronic governor has even closed the beaches. The beaches here always have a strong onshore wind blowing. The American socialists will take advantage of this to take away more and more rights. Isolating the vulnerable and developing herd immunity would have worked better than destroying the dollar. They are using common sense and doing it better in Scandinavia.
    Some cops are arresting people for taking their kids to an empty park. It’s insane.

  45. Have to disagree with you JC. People of all ages are dying from this virus. Yes the majority have underlying health conditions and/or are older, but not everyone. Coronavirus is very different from the flu. It is ok to go outside but physical distancing is important. This the time for caution. Please broaden your perspective and seek information from other sources besides Fox News https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2020/04/10/not-that-bad-or-not-that-high-how-advocates-return-normal-misrepresent-coronavirus-deaths/

  46. It’s like the Chinese CCP is gaining global control daily. Many western media outlets are very pro and proactively protective of the CCP. In many areas of the U.S., going to church is illegal, yet sitting shoulder to shoulder with other temporary employees in call centers and warehouses is fine. Bill Gates would love to force vaccinations with personal ID nano-chips that get scanned at the entrance of every public building.

  47. J C , You are bang on – if we allow our freedoms & liberty to be taken from us so easily then what comes next will be even more difficult to recover from , they always make out it is a temporary measure but this could be leading towards a much darker place – stay STRONG people in the face of tyranny. Peace to Kev

  48. we missed an opportunity in the 70 s letz use our wisdom to guide the young and tech savvy..peace and love..listen to peter tosh..razor..shot..rip

  49. listen to Stefan molynwux ..a fellow Canadian..listen to the ku klux klan ..knowledge is oawer..power .help children with education if u can ..even isf u read a story for ten minutes..this whole thing will backfire on them as we have a tendency to wanr to group.

  50. Its a good idea not to consume too much news reports on covid,just get an update each day and find other things to do,its not worth over thinking it,good luck standing up to thai govt,we need to consider ourselvelves lucky we have food and shelter etc,many thais are struggling.Any farang currently in Thailand could consider to sponsor/help a needy thai family through this crisis,pay it forward.

  51. Just scrolled through the comments. Many people need to do some proper research. Plenty available from genuine scientific people. Look forget markets, bats and pangolins. Just start 300 meters up the road and take it from there.

  52. Thank-you, JC. This global pandemic is clearly a globalist plandemic. If we cultivate peace in our lives, and maintain a healthy lifestyle and nutrient rich diet including the supplemental antimicrobials, zinc and vitamin C, most of us should be fine. Also, some grocery store tonic waters contain quinine which, like hydroxychloroquine, will help our bodies absorb zinc better – no prescription needed. (Take zinc first!) This is a time to look joyfully to better times ahead. Super tribute to Kev in Thailand, JC. In some ways I consider him to be one of the lucky ones! All the best.

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