Fattening Pen Progress 5/12/20

How to farm for profit in the Philippines, business ideas. General advice about farming and business, how to get permit’s and licenses. Life style expectations and experiences.
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  1. I prefer to pay a little more for over kills then work that has to be rebuilt! Brain, great workers are worth the extra cost of them doing it different then your own way. I hear what you saying about the waste in resources, but your time has more value then the little they waste!

  2. I jus knew when I seen the idea about the pipe n metal rafters the workers were gonna be thinking they was building a Trump Tower 😁 ya can’t fault em Brian I knew if U wasn’t there it was gonna be a problem hell we grew up using those materials to drop in post for a fence around a yard those guys only use those materials to do fancy stuff like TayTays shop but I don’t remember them doing all of that on the shop idk U know U have to watch em specially on any new ideas!

  3. Well Brian, I don’t know exactly how to say this, so I will try to piece it together. When I was living in Oriental Mindoro, it was common for workers to draw out a job. After all, construction workers may be off for months in between construction jobs, so they try to draw out the job as long as they can. I remember watching workers mixing cement by hand. It took a couple of guys doing it by hand, instead of one guy with a cement mixer. I don’t blame them for that, as they are just trying to support their families and survive. Best solution is to be on site as much as possible, and to give clear directions. Men will always work more diligently when the boss is watching them.

  4. Brian, you need to do more research on the foundation of the pipes. Something like, the pipe foundation needs 12″x12″36″ deep concrete base (1:2:2), pipes are screwed and anchored on it, etc., something like that.. Best is consult with a real construction man to do it right.

  5. Another great idea comes to life in a big way. Thats why I like the channel so much. That and Brian cares very much about all his animals.

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