Farm Progress 2/2/21

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  1. Need to get the rice seed planted in the nursery bed ( some azolla beds maybe?) as soon as possible Brian.
    Will be nearly 3 weeks, before it is ready to transplant.
    May have to go over with the turtle twice, once as soon as the berms are done, and again just prior to transplanting?
    Seedling Management

    Optimum age of seedlings for quick establishment   

          Optimum age of the seedlings for transplanting is 18-22 days for short duration, 25-30 days for medium duration and 35-40 days for long duration varieties.

    Pulling out the seedlings

    Pull out the seedlings at the appropriate time (4th leaf stage).

    These seedlings can produce more tillers, provided enough care is given during the establishment phase by providing thin film of water and perfect levelled of main field.

    Transplanting after 5th leaf and higher order leaf numbers will affect the performance of the crop and grain yield. They are called as ‘aged seedlings’.

    Management of Aged seedlings

    Follow the spacing recommended to medium and low fertility soil

    Avoid cluster planting of aged seedlings, which are hindering the formation of new tillers.

    To encourage the tiller production, enhance the basal N application by 50% from the recommended dose.  

    Root dipping

    Prepare the slurry with 5 packets (1000 g)/ha of Azospirillum and 5 packets (1000g/ha) of Phosphobacteria or 10 packets of (2000g/ha) of Azophos inoculant in 40 lit. of water and dip the root portion of the seedlings for 15 – 30 minutes in bacterial suspension and then transplant.

  2. That water buffalo really know how to immerses itself in its work .
    Since the Azolla is not in the future you might start planting corn between the pits again … a little fresh corn and a little fresh feed from the farm and not the store.

  3. Hi Brian I have been thinking about shrimp pond if I were you I would dig down about 700 mm and cast the plate bottom and use rebar standing and lying in each joint of the block because you get a big pressure of water and push out the walls and in the top make a beam in concrete and have one or two top bars straight across to hold the top of the water tanks good luck

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