Extension of Thailand’s State of Emergency

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Today the Prime Minister of Thailand gave us some news, some of it was good but some of it sucked.


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  1. Are they typically more of the note people is that the reason for the 10pm-4am ?? Just odd hours but I guess the streets do seem more clustered in your nite life videos

  2. It’s a mazda f1300 pick up, well that’s how we called it here in the phiippines but it’s an old model and i know they dont sell it here anymore?

  3. Thank you for the update. You are clearer than most Thai newspapers 😄
    06:31 : these are not power lines, but telecom lines. The funny thing is that if you need to be connected to the network, they will likely not be able to find the existing line to your place, and will pull a new one, hence the mess. (and the power lines are the 3 thick cables on top of it all, and they are not messed up).

  4. I bet you never thought you’d say “high quality cocks” on the internet. Lmao. 😂😂😂
    I’d watch you get a hair cut btw.

  5. Long term tourist visa would be a great option for sure. However, I truly hope that Chiang Mai will be open as well since that’s where I’m supposed to be flying into this November for my holiday. 🤞

  6. This Beer Virus is so annoying. Your videos are epic and I, as well as everyone else that is a subscriber, feels the same. We are all going through this together. Thank you for sharing hope, it means more than you might realize.
    Where there is a will – there IS a way. We will make it through this together. long live CB Media.

  7. The Thai government said we still have to keep our guards up because we can’t afford to have this pandemic again and what we have been doing for more than 30 days would be totally wasted.

  8. I hope you’re wrong on the beer ban, i heard today n tomorrow are ok to buy cos im heading off to makro in my bus to fill the bastard up. Im down to 6 cans now!

  9. Ive been here two months,my birthday was yesterday,i could stay another three months legally…i think ive had it!
    Fuck this shit,time to go to Sweden,its probably cheaper there too,and you dont get accused of noncing ladyboys when you say your going to Sweden.

  10. The sky blue Ute you pointed out is yes a Mazda, we had them in Papua New Guinea when I was a kid,. Love Gi-Gi he would be awesome on one of your t-shirts, love the show..

  11. That light blue Pickup Truck is a 90’s Mazda Familia 1400E Pickup.
    Under the bridge motorcycle is a Kawasaki KRR SRR 150, a drag machine. 🙏😻

  12. Ironically,being back in Thailand right now would be the best time for me to stay sober…where as before,it was the other way around.

  13. I think the deal with powerline rat nests in the east is they cant bury them because there is so much rainfall maybe it would cause shorts underground? Philippines is the same.

  14. Yes! Underpasses can be similar to the area under high-power cables(EMF)………super cheap real estate. Wherever I travel, I love to check out the small industrial complexes( under 10ksqft). Always interesting to see different business niches…….And a great place to find interesting cars for sale 😎

  15. Can’t believe booze is still banned for another month I’m gagging for a pint lol. Do you know if tattoo shops will be open 3rd May?

  16. I live in Mae Khlong, Samut Songkhram and Jabman Studio is open for old school haircuts. The owner has a ‘84 Datsun pickup and car car guys hang out there a lot. Vans from Ekkamai are running!

  17. Strange times we live in, Bro. Glad you’re keeping your sanity and still creating content for us. You should create a poll so we could choose your haircut. Just fuckin do it.

  18. Thailand is pretty nice place for cars and vacation. Simple life and everything is modified heheheh. Keep up the good work man 👍 more subscribers to come!

  19. New to the channel, I don’t understand why you don’t have more subscriber’s, your channel is informative and basically pretty funny. Have you thought about some light drone footage?

  20. Since no one has died there
    In so many days perhaps they
    Want never to have another dead for any reason in Thailand. Then they will allow
    The poor people there to get a life. However by then they may all be dead of starvation.

  21. You are right about “WALKING IT”..
    You see everything..
    I know more shops than my girlfriend, and she has lived in this City for years…

  22. Hey dude thanks for the updates, I hope the government doesn’t change their mind with the long term tourist visa because that’s pretty sweet! keep up the good work brother.

  23. Hello brow Is it right to go to a restaurant with your family and friends, there must still be social distance from one another.?

  24. They are the phone and internet lines , the power lines are way up on the top . In Australia we are going to reduce lockdown next Friday (8th May) , shops , pubs and restaurants may open but social distancing must still apply but still iffy if it happens 🙂

  25. Those animals look abused. God i hate animal abuse.. Thailand needs to clean up their animal welfare. China is the worst tho. I hope Thailand will step up towards a more animal friendly country.

  26. Firstly keep up the great videos! Have you thought about doing stand up comedy? I think you’ll be awesome!!! Any relation to Woody Allen? I’m just kidding….

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