Extending Your Visa

Bureau of Immigrations Cebu CIty

No matter which visa you arrived here on, sooner or later you will need to get an extension. You can extend a 2 month visa up to a full year extending it every two months at a cost of just under P6000 per 2 month visa. and around P4,000 for a 30 day visa. If you arrived on a Balikbayan visa you an extend past your one year by simply going to your local Bureau of Immigrations or Embassy and applying for it. You can extend up to an additional year with the Balikbayan visa.

How to extend a two month or Balikbayan visa – For Cebu City I go to the Local Bureau of Immigrations in Cebu City. For Manila you go to the Embassy, and most all cities have a Bureau of Immicrations.

To extend you visa at the Bureau of Immigrations in Cebu City

First you stop at a desk inside the lobby of immigrations someone will look over your passport and ask you if you would like a one or two month extension. I chose 2, then she gave ms some forms to fill out for the extension. I had my wife fill it out as here handwriting is much better than mine. Then the papers are given back to the attendant at the desk. She goes over it and gives it back to you and tells you to take it to Window 1. Then you wait for your name to be called out, for me this was only about 15 minutes. then you pick up the forms and passport from window 1 and take them over to the cashier. Then you sit and wait in the waiting area, until your name is called out again. This process took about 30 to 45 minutes. Them your name is called out the last time you go to the Cashier’s window and pay for your visa. The 2 month visa is now P5,553.50. Once you receive your passport and receipt you are free to go.

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