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“eCare Packages”


Testing the water to see if I get any interest in this. I wanted to make a suggestion about Clothing for Expats anywhere in the Philippines. As you know many of us expats wear large, x-large, xx-large and xxx-large sizes. These could be briefs, shoes, shorts and also toiletries, shavers and other items, Most of these items are real hard to come by here in the Philippines.  My proposal  is to have what I call “eCare Packages”, The “e” stands for Expat,  prepared in the United States or other countries and shipped via Balikbayan Box to various central locations in the Philippines. There would be a contact who will receive the Balikbayan box for each location.

The expat would place his  order online on a page I will design on my website,  and select the desired destination.  This will include the payment to cover the cost of the items and shipping. Balikbayan boxes typically coast from $45 to $100 each to ship and the boxes are around $5 to $20.00 depending on where you ship from. I tried several in the DFW area and all where in the range of $85 to $100 with the 100 being only  a 60 day shipping time. I expect to make “0” from this and if I buy stuff  I will also pay for mine just like every one else does. This is being offered as a service only and not a money making venture. the cost would be divided by the number of eCare packages in that particular container. Exactly how that will get done has to be worked out, typically we would need to fill each box packed full of items to get the cost down. Then the order would be purchased in Wal-Marts or similar store in the US or other country by the host person in that particular country and then shipped to the Contact for the various areas  in the Philippines like Cebu, Baguio, Manila, and all points south.

Anyway if this looks like something you would like to take part in either to order stuff or to distribute in your area please let me know. I also need contacts who can ship balikbayan boxes and do the shopping from the various countries taking part in this. I think we wold handle this like a club, expats would join the club so we have contact info on each member, no cost to join.

I can handle the pickup and delivery for the Cebu Area, the box or boxes would be shipped to our business in Bogo then transported to Cebu City for distribution. For Cebu this could be several boxes and this can be done about every 3 months or so. Orders would be placed online and accumulated until each box is full the cost calculated and sent to each expat to make his payment once all orders are paid for the box can be assembled and shipped. If an expat drops out the system will email the expats to see if we can once again fill the box.

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  1. Don’t want to rain on your parade as it sounds like a great idea. BUT; From California to Cavite, shipments are $45 and boxes are $5. Not sure where you are shipping from but $120 seems a bit high.

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