Expatriates Around the World Need to Do this One Thing (Goodbye, Dan)

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Got some sad news this morning which underscored once again the need for strangers in strange lands to MAKE SURE to do this one thing.
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  1. Yes…makes you think-us think// Sorry for the loss. Yes…..we used to do that in S. korea with bikes….lots of fun! you learn and see more in da side villes. (real rural life as it is)

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your friend Dan,this is a topic that needs to be brought out in the open more especially at a time like this. God speed Dan ❤

  3. So sorry for this sad news, you are clearly shaken by this tragic situation our thoughts are with you and his family and friends.

    As an aside in this day and age almost all countries now have the facility on line to register your location when you are overseas either for a holiday or permanently we all should avail ourselves of this facility so our foreign affairs departments know where we are and the contact information of our next of kin for emergencies.

  4. Very sorry to hear this about your friend.
    But good information about something we all must think about and take care of.

  5. Ned, this has happened to me a couple of times in my life.. On those instances it was hard to intervene.. We just didn’t see it coming.. We think to ourselves, I wish they would have come to me, and we could have discussed it… They seemed content, and happy with life.. Why couldn’t I see it.. I hope Dan is at ease, and has a blessed bike ride on his way.. Take care, Brother

  6. Nothing brings us back to what’s important in life, like death does. Sorry to hear about your friend Ned. And thanks for the insightful video.

  7. I’m a USA private investigator. I’ll find the family today. Please contact me privately with some information I will need, if you’d like me to help.

  8. I feel your pain bro. The problem is people with depression tend to withdraw so it’s very hard for “friends” to judge a mental state. Depression is a killer indeed.

  9. Having travel insurance that covers evacuation plan also! My brother was in a bad motorcycle accident while there they covered his medical and flew him back with nurse escort all the way home!

  10. Good video. Have to disagree about the disconnect thing. Being from Europe and in Asia over 20 years already social media, FB, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, etc. have brought family ties in Europe much closer. Since cost is no longer an issue compared to the international calls of old days, contact is much more frequent, much more personal with video. So my experience is opposite of what you say. May he rest in peace.

  11. All due respect to you. Dan made a decision and no matter what you might think, it was he decision to end his life. Good advice on next of kin, it’s important to register with the embassy those personal contact details. God rest his soul, now I hope at peace. You must grieve your friend in your own time and own way. Let your partner sing you a new song, one that gives you comfort.

  12. Very sad to hear this. However, thank you for your great points in this video. People really need to open up their lives and not be so solitary. We are all just human after all.

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