Expat Steve in the Philippines, When Things Go Wrong on Vacation Old Dog New Tricks September 4 2020

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Expat Steve in the Philippines, When Things Go Wrong on Vacation Old Dog New Tricks September 4 2020@Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks I chat with Steve, who was trapped in the Philippines due to the Covid crisis and subject to lock down and Quarantine

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  1. Yeah interesting you Old Dog !! another great video, i agree i have 3 cards savings, credit and current accounts each i can draw on and also can go online banking anywhere in the world and move money around, interesting about the phones, i agree have 2 phones where the contacts can email or text and get another local phone you can add a sym card into, thats what was bugging me i remember you saying zoom did send you a digi number to confirm on your phone? so its best to keep your home mobile to receive is that correct? anyhow Hail The Chicken!! hopefully waiting to get flights maybe Nov/Dec fingers crossed.

  2. Retirement is a time for travel and exploring the world. I don’t see the benefit in moving to a foreign country, and settling into the same routine that you’ve been doing for the past 65 years.

  3. I know you don’t give advise, but good advise! Let’s hope there is a vaccine within the next couple of months, so that travel can open back up before Christmas, and I can fly back over to the Philippines in March, to see my girlfriend…

  4. Paul, when you start “bouncing around”, put Palawan on your plan — from what I’ve seen its incredible! Ask Baby Mae, maybe she knows about that place.

  5. Good info, and very interesting as always Paul. You may see if your bank, Verizon etc. will send both and email and a text. This is what I do with my cards etc.. so there is a backup plan if I lose one of those options to verify either way.

  6. With a Google Voice phone number that works once you have an Internet connection … you can receive verification texts from your Financial institutions. No need to have an international phone plans from any U.S cell provider.

  7. I’ve been advised to use Google Voice (instead of international plan) and make sure all your banks have that number. It’s free, has US number, has text, and I’m very cheap🤪

  8. Big question , what was your cell phone doing on the seat of the grab and not in your pocket where it belongs ? You could saved yourself a whole load of shit . I’ve been using cell phones since 1999 and I’ve never lost a phone.

  9. Always interesting. Another solution to the need for a US number is a service like Google Voice which allows texting and works anywhere you have wifi (no phone needed – can work from a laptop or tablet).

  10. It’s truly MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES..because of the warm welcoming people and their culture..I also found that out quick smart after thoroughly exploring the whole of SE Asia..in over 40 years of traveling..no better Asian country for expats in my opinion.

  11. Steve, just be careful of visa requirements to bring a Filipina to Thailand on anything other than a short term visit. I was together with my Philippine GF for 11 years. She actually lived in Japan for 25 years. We visited Thailand a few time but she was limited on her stay time. It would really be much more easy if you want to live in Thailand to find a Thai GF. If you want a Philippine GF just stay there. Unless you have a GF over 50 YO and have the extra 800,000 besides your 800,000 that makes it 1 million six hundred thousand baht. About $50k USD she can not live there

  12. My wife is a Filipino she had a friend that came here divorced her husband and acted like she didn’t understand what she was signing in a prenuptial agreement and won her case and took him to the cleaners. There is alot more to the story, he told her, he was to old too have a child, but she got a kid out of him.

  13. I had the same thing getting locked out of my Wells Fargo and my other local bank account while I was over Seas. Trying to unscramble was a nightmare. Wells Fargo would not issue an extra debit card, But I was able to get a ATM card on my account but it only worked half the time..

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