Expat Retired in the Philippines, Fail Big Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks

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Expat Retired in the Philippines, Fail Big , with Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks@Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks Thoughts about moving to the Philippines and my state of mind prior to my arrival


  1. Good Video Paul!!! It’s good that we all try to make friends and at the same time be prepared to walk away or as you put it just quit putting effort into toxic people. (Not your exact words) I’m glad that you’re doing well. I know that you’re a good friend and are always there when I need you and that is a friend that is hard to come by. Hopefully when I get back there I can help you as well.

  2. Again Paul you amaze me with your wisdom I think this vlog is one of your best.. you are right there is people who have an agenda for being so close to you.. all you have to do is find out who is the jem and who is the stone.. thanks again for the wisdom..

  3. You are exactly right. It’s going to be a HUGE LEAP OF FAITH for me to come there. I’m just rotting as i lay here being medically retired at age 56 in my house in the peaceful boring suburbs driving to Walmart once a day and waiting to die in 25 years. If i knew i could for sure get my prescription opiates for chronic pain there i will come to the Philippines

  4. Enjoyed that. No matter where people are they need to discover that fear of failure is bondage and find a way to extricate themselves. Glad you found your way out.

  5. Pressures are put on us by our society & our own expectations. Our generation was taught to rise up, improve our lot in life & follow the “normal life” patterns of our parents, get an education, good job, marriage,family,white picket fence. Thank god my children & I suspect most youth today don’t see life that way any longer, they want to be free & enjoy life while they are young (experiences above possessions).

  6. Thanks..been there and still doing it in America..can you believe I had a ticket to go to the Philippines on the first Saturday in April of last year.. talk about groundhog days that’s been my days every since the plane would not let me board..hehe.. be there soon I hope and I have a Filipina fiancee waiting for me on Cebu island.. not sure where we will live but I will surely check-out dumagetti.. thanks for your thoughts from and about your life in the Philippines..👌👍👣🌴👙🏝⛱🇺🇸🏖🤔😀🤗

  7. Glad to see the chicken Paul. Gladstone at your side implies you are alive. I liked how this started out with responsibility, but one should never be afraid of failure. Doing nothing is a decision, but it’s usually the wrong decision. Failure is a better teacher than success!

  8. I know that road very well as I have travelled it for my 62 years kudos to you my friend that we are still traveling up that road and we only get out of it what we put into it. Thanks bro and god bless you and all your people!!!! P.S. Glad to see David Bowie albums back on the shelf sweet.

  9. Hi Paul,,, That story resonates with me,,, more than you could imagine,,, Except what you now call Fail,,, I now call Wisdom,,, but now cos im so old no one wants to hear it,,,

  10. “All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” – Leo Tolstoy

    The family I grew up in is a smoking train wreck, the family I made as an adult is only one person, so we’re doing better than that. Thank goodness, because family strife always puts me through the wringer – lots of mixed emotions at play there.

    Friends? I am FRIENDLY with hundreds and hundreds of people. I am FRIENDS with one person. Authentic, genuine friends are hard to come by. This incontrovertible fact doesn’t keep me up at night; it’s simply the way things are in the world, just like water is wet and the grass is green.

    At this point in my life, I have stopped trying to fix things that can’t be fixed, or, are just important. Now, like you, I just stand back and let it all be. It’s sort of a modified Buddhism, I guess. Less negative energy.

  11. Same same Paul. 3 kids with 2 wife’s on a 3rd😭. You’ve got me by 2 years and I’m also from Vegas. Just wondering if you have met my old coworker Mike Height? I believe he’s also in Valencia, definitely in Duma area. We both retired from southwest gas company. Love your laugh😃👍

  12. I worked in about a dozen different tech startups in my career. Failure was a friend. It was pretty much nothing but failure and figuring out a way around or through it. Failure often exposed opportunity. And sometimes failure was just plain failure…but no one died which was good.

    When I or we pitched an idea for a new company the test was in talking with people about it and them looking at us like we were insane or coming right out and saying “that’s a dumb idea”. If regular people said “that’s a great idea” it meant it was a horrible idea. It’s our lives.

    People show their true colors…horse shit. I’ve heard that so many times and it always means the same thing….someone did something they didn’t like. The problems with humans are they’re human. People and things change. Not everything we do is always going to make others happy. People love to judge others. Me, I’m a hermit. People are fine, many are entertaining. But lots of things are entertaining. I just got bored with hearing the same stuff over and over. People don’t “show” their true colors, people just happen to have their fantasy broken.

  13. Paul in past you have mentioned few things that you could have done or should have done before moving to Philippines, or the things that you were able to do after or you are going to do when you go back
    Would you please make a list of things that one should do before coming
    I have about a year or year and a half till I get my Social Security and have no idea the list of this I need to do before coming
    I think lots of your viewers will benefit from that complete list also A to Z
    Thank you for your time
    As always learning from you

  14. paul… dont you belive that all these marriage consulors,shrinks ( chargeing untold dollars an hour) are WAY off tract ??? i ,ean really LIFE teaches NOT some one who READ a book in college,provides a much better discription of LIFE! thank you for your aprasil of life !!! I get IT !!!

  15. “I have not failed 700 times. I have not failed once. I have succeeded in proving that those 700 ways won’t work. When I have eliminated the ways that will not work, I will find a way that will work.” – T. Edison

  16. Paul, someone that I formerly worked with told me that everyone (we encounter in life) has an agenda. I don’t believe it. What do you think about that world-view?

  17. 😺❤️😺🌎😛🌝🙏🌹😍😀🥰😙😛😎 the path of life is to learn from others mistakes or make them. Two ways of learning embrace the mistakes.

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