Expat Paul Retired and Living in the Philippines, Should I Stay or Should I Go? August 23 2020

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Expat Paul Retired and Living in the Philippines, Should I Stay or Should I Go?@Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks In this video I examine the reasons why some expats are choosing to leave the Philippines

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  1. Holiday from the holiday …. unfortunately this pandemic madness is getting less efficient countries in normal time, even less efficient and more disorganized. Paul, try different islands in the Philippines: if you like white beaches, Palawan would be ideal; Philippines are so diverse and things can be substantially different from island to island. Anyway , whatever decision you’ll make, consider that Mai might not adapt so well in a different culture when the holiday mood end . All the best brother; hopefully will meet one day somewhere

  2. To really escape the Asian lifestyle. Maybe go to Bali and then, Darwin Australia. Here you can recover from all the noise etc….and have a western lifestyle for a while. See the NP and maybe rent a Camper. Going to other Asian countries is more or less the same although different cultures offcourse.
    It’s important to refill battery as you are a westerner.

  3. think filipins in lockdwn 🔐 mode r.n., ’till maybe end of this yr. (*since that country is no. #1 in east asia for covid-19 cases), some phillipino friends in soc. media have mentioned to me that they got things opening up over there but w/ strict implementations of wearin’ face masks (*and in some cases face shields), here in the u.s. i wear both when out and about,…funny thing u mentioned walmart in this vid. (*wanna share a tidbit of a story here) back in march i happened to go to walmart to do a months supply of groceries and wat not, true enough i was walking through the whole store and noticed something…i (*and some japanese dude) was the only one wearin’ a facemask at the store, lol ….. fast forward to t’day my my how things have changed!

    P.S.,… think it’s a good idea for u and may to maybe have duma as ur homebase and bounce around the diff. islands there (*in the interim), then once the lckdown 🔐 restrictions eases up start goin to thailand, vietnam, malaysia, etc…..see how it goes!

  4. Hi Paul
    I’m sure the topic of this video is running through a lot of peoples mind right now. Covid sure has done a number on pretty much all us little people.
    Being stuck 24/7 over an extended period of time can do this to humans I’ve heard. But of course, if you’re stuck at home, unable to work or have any chance of seeing something other than just your own 4 walls that surround you, it drives a man insane and you become anxious and mentally unbalanced. We are not born to be sitting on our asses, although I swear there are some that beg the differ, we men are hunters, meant to go “walk about” as some viewers might say, and provide the family with “excitement”.
    No wait, I think it started out to be “food” we were supposed to get.
    I’m getting of subject.
    The point is:

    go, and hell yah – go !

    I can’t wait for the counties to finally open up again. I’m at the point where I say:
    virus or no virus.
    Everyone, including each person, every industry and every country should try their best and continue to fight this Covid thing, but let us make our own decisions.
    Everyone has a story is what I always say, but the stories in our own 4 walls are getting bigger and bigger, they’re about to blow up any day now. And the only way to protect yourself is to – get out.

  5. A passport for a Filipina does not necessarily mean that she can leave the PI with an expat. I think that you might want to talk with Gio about this. I had a couple of friends with gf’s and the gfs in both separate cases were denied departure.

  6. Yeah it’s obviously a rough time for foreigners in the PI right now. Mark from Overstay Road bailed and is now making very uninteresting videos stateside and is probably gonna end up way down Mexico way.

  7. Paul is being respectful to the Philippines, and he’s right to do so….but anyone who’s ever spent a long time there….it gets to you big time, for reasons and more he’s mentioned before
    The stupidity really does get to you bigger time to the point you have to get out…..i totally get it…..been there done that …..

  8. Should I stay or should I go ? If I go it could be trouble if I stay it could be double. A little bit of Clash this Sunday. Hope all the best for you and Mae.

  9. Love you and Mae, I to have found itchy feet. But I think it has only 1 cure and that’s to put them on different soil. I have turned into a culture junkie. I can’t get enough of the different foods, history, wet markets, architecture and cultures. So let me say the more I travelled to scratch my itch the more itchy I became, hence forth junkie But I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I’m not a fan of advice either. So may your travels be the best. Great luck to you and Mae. Thanks for listening.

  10. I am very fortunate because I have a very healthy pension which allows me the freedom to do just about anything I want without any concern with money. Once everything gets back to normal I plan to travel every month-to-two months, exploring all of South American, initially, possibly living at least a month at a time in various places. After that I will head to other parts of the world until I grow tired of it then focus on one or two places. I never plan to own anything that will add complications to my life and everything I own I can have packed up in half an hour and I can be gone. I think in most people’s cases, to have flexibility and freedom has value no money can match!

  11. Agreed the Philippines Government authorities are creating havoc and hardship and targeting foreigners with authoritarian hardline over control of people. I would advise all foreign people to leave the Philippines until they change their behavior definitely.

  12. I’m heading out to Wal-Mart Paul…send me your list! Keep up the great video’s, love the thought provoking content! Prayers covering you & Mae.

  13. Hi Paul. Re your thoughts of moving. That would be great for you both to have a break away to somewhere else for at least for a short break so as to recharge your batteries so to speak . The lockdown and restrictions , and scarce food supplies must be very frustrating. I will be praying for you both.

  14. As always watching and typing. Bouncing from place to place for a few months at a time isn’t for me or my wife.We both like the permanence of “home” ,our cats (yes I said our cats),get tired of constantly eating out,etc.Third world/developing world versus first world? My “high speed” internet is down 50% of the time here in Longview, Texas.We have states in significant business restrictions/ forced lockdowns. Major cites have riots,looting,murders rampant in Chicago. Small town U.S. not terrible but dealing with their own lousy economy issues.

  15. Hi Paul. Not sure about other Islands in the Philippines, but you definitely are not allowed into Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia unless u are are a citizen. Would be nice though if could

  16. Paul, if your like me, no matter what happens in life, when your beautiful filipina girlfriend or wife climbs into bed with you at night, all the first world problems disappear.

  17. The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence. Rarely is. I loved the seven months my wife and I spent in Makati. We took a trip back to California and now we are stuck her for awhile. Would like to try Surigao.

  18. This “AUTHORITARIAN” blanket is setting in world-wide, you will not escape it unless you live in the boonies and never go to the city. The globalists are going to collapse the world economy, then seize control over everything, you will not be able to buy or sell with out selling your soul to hell.

  19. I’m an ex international management consultant and I’ve worked and lived in many countries. Currently working and living in Vietnam for the past 12 months. Before that i was 3 years in Thailand. Take your time and keep thinking about it. This Covid situation is playing games with peoples minds. So be careful. It sounds like some people are going stir crazy and mistakes can easily be made now. If you have other interests that occupy and stimulate your mind apart from just Philippines then that helps a lot. Its also easy to be influenced by other peoples lows. Vietnamese laws that I may not agree with I just let it wash over me. Here there are many different cultures, cities, beaches and mountains I can visit and a thousand things to do even with Covid. So in my mind I’m free and happy go lucky. Sometimes its the state of mind thats trapped you. And that luggage will be with you wherever you go

  20. If u find u do really want to leave for unique pastures….please….take the chicken with you! Lol. You need it as much as u need Mae! Be safe.

  21. I am from California moved to Costa Rica 3 years ago, was on my way to the Philippines in March which got shut down due to the Pandemic, thank goodness here in Costa Rica not as bad as Philippines or even USA, I will stay here in Costa Rica reavualuate first of year.

  22. Do your research about bringing a Filipina with you when traveling abroad, especially if it’s her first time to leave the country. Search on YouTube “Philippines OFFLOADED”. There are a lot of documents that you will need to bring with you including proof of relationship with your Filipina (pics together, anything like a rental agreement or utility bill that has both of your names), round trip tickets, hotel bookings, itinerary, ect…. Good luck!!!

  23. It seems like you are moving your “BASELINE” up. You have the best girlfriend/wife of all the YOUTUBE expats in Dumaguete. A single 65 yr old guy in the US can go down to WALMART and buy all the electronic toys and Comfort food we in the US are used to. But that 65 yr old single guy has NO chance of having a beautiful 34 yr old GF like you have right now. Unless his last name is GATES or MUSK. The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence. Not only is the grass, in the US, not greener than it is in Dumaguete but all the grass in the US seems to be “on fire” right now. The US is not the same place as it was when you left . Congratulations you hit the JACKPOT when you met Mae. If your “BASELINE” starts to creep up just take a 2 week vacation back in the land of Walmart.

  24. I can feel the strain there Paul in your voice i sense a frustration…to be honest mate you will just be buying time by bouncing around islands….all filipinos are rhe same the Philippines dont change mate…..seems more a personal reason for your uncomfort…..grass is always greener mate but how many pastures do you want to change to?
    Seems a sudden change of heart mate….i hope you genuinely find Happiness and we all get to the other side of this

  25. Maybe you and Mae can go to another island in the Philippines for a change of scenery. Dealing with international travel now in a pain and you could run into some problems. I think we’re all a little stir crazy and want to move around more.

  26. I’m agreeing with you, HQ in one place and explore. Cabin fever has all of us edgy in one way or another. Island hopping is cheap and a good way to pacify the beast within. GLuck!!

  27. Island hopping sounds good, change of scenery, and gets you guys out of the house, meeting new people and making new friends. Wish I were in your shoes… Having to choose, stay or go, from one paradise location to, another. Alternating every few months sounds adventurous.

    Wishing you both a World Of Happiness and Safe Travels.

    May GOD Bless you Always

  28. Well said Paul, we are all hurting on various levels at the moment and it will be a slow change especially in the PH back to a new normal.
    Gio mentioned the same thing a couple of days ago. After 14 years in and out of the PH I won’t be back until there is some semblance of normality no matter how long it takes.
    After 21 years in south east Asia total PH is hurting badly, it’s far from over so yes, I would bounce out and around conditions and money permitting.
    I get the psychological battle there on a good day but right now it’s a pressure cooker.
    Take care and drag BM’s butt around the world and have some fun, money and conditions permitting 👍

  29. It would be great if you and Mae could go to other places a couple months of the year. My brother lived here in IL and he went to Myrtle Beach a couple months every winter and he loved it. It would be a great experience for Mae to travel and see other countries etc.

  30. International travel won’t be back until vaccines are in wide distribution *and* you have a vaccination certificate—unless you are OK with 2 week quarantines at your own expense, again and again and again.

  31. Paul, I think it was Rush Limbaugh not sure but the people here are concerned about Philippines. China it is being said is making its moves on the country. Cabin fever is getting to me also.

  32. MIxed feelings on this.I’m still in Texas working on “the move”. Reason is the life sucking stress here. Worst economy since the great depression,just saw in the local paper that a school district is planning on handing out raises(in the worst economy since the great depression) and local taxpayers will just have to deal with it.Price of everything swinging wildly but trend is constantly upward.Rampant tribalism,pure hatred everywhere here,cities in chaos,no certainty, just not good.
    From anywhere the other side of the fence always looks better. Reality is all places have problems and the severity of the problems is the only variable.You got frustrated about a shortage of what you wanted that day:mixer and powdered sugar. I’ve been to the store 6 times looking for Comet cleanser:found it on the 7th trip. Looked locally for a case of letter size file folders: had to order on-line and wait 2 weeks. For months now I’ve told my wife and involved myself in keeping an inventory of things for the house. At 1 months worth in hand the search begins.
    At work it’s even worse: what use to take a few days to get now takes months.For reactionary people this is a major problem. For pro-active people it’s just something else to work around.

  33. Forget Thailand, expensive 2 week quarantine, Insurance, and assorted other hoops to jump through. I think Cambodia is a possibility. I’ve been to Laos Vientiane and La Prabang are awesome, but I am not sure about what it involves to travel there. I have split time between US and Thailand for past 5 years and really enjoy my time there. I hope things will be near normal by May 2021. I highly suggest Laos for a get away I think you would love it.

  34. Try never being any further from your apartment then the SariX2 store next door since March 15. I am about ready to bail myself. I never even wanted to come to the Philippines. I just came here to be with my GF. I think I am stating to lose it. Talk about Groundhog Day.

  35. Humm here in Thailand i have no need to leave for Canada…..ok eggbeater well yes poweder Sugar .i feel better her e hehe ride my scooter 365 days!

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