Expat On the Street Out of Funds

We have an expat an American named Danny Brennan who will be on the street in a few days. His bank here “Banco Filipinoin” in Cebu City went out of business and his money is locked up behind closed doors. In the Philippines this can take months to get your money back. He cannot pay his bills and will be forced out of his apartment in a few days. He has 3 young kids and a wife. He is in his early 50s.  I don’t know what to do about this situation as I do not have the extra funds to carry him I am already feeding my family my wife’s sisters family and her brothers family 14 people in all in this house. If you have anyone have any suggestions? He is currently still in his apartment and his electricity is due now and rent soon. if these are not paid he’s on the street.

UPDATE: Dan is once again completely out of funds has asked us for a loan, however I do not have the funds available as Marianne is in the process of registering for College.


These are his immediate needs to keep him under a roof and fed.


Rent P6,500 or $152

Electricity P3,500 $82

Food: P15,000 3 kids 2 adults $340

Due Now: P3,500 or $82 now to pay his electricity now.

Dan’s Email

Name on his ID is: Daniel K Brennan




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