Expat Mark, Why he Sold or Gave Away Everything to Move and Begin a New Life in the Philippines

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Expat Mark, Why he Sold or Gave Away Everything to Move and Begin a New Life in the Philippines@Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks I chat with my friend and neighbor Mark, who went from a life under Duress to a life of Success, this is his story

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  1. Amazing story. I’ve heard you tell parts of it in the past but it seems different to hear the entire thing at one sitting. Keep up the winning.

  2. I wonder what would’ve happened if the quadruple bypass surgery were to be needed to be performed in the Philippines. How do you think I would’ve went?

  3. Great Story, am Schedule to Stay in Quezon City around May for Buisness and Marriage but can’t stay any longer than 1 month. I’ve lived there before while in The Air Force at Clark Air Base and have been back two times. My ex is a Filipina but to me they make the Best Wives period!! Best of Health and God speed to the Gentleman who Shared.

    You’ve got the Best Show Paul!!

  4. Cant wait to meet you guys… going through tons of crap here. Painful expensive divorce in California… so much you’re saying makes sense

  5. Thank you so much Paul. I love when you and mark interview each other. So much life experience between the two of you that we loyal followers get to learn from. I look forward to the days when when I get a chance to share a steaming cup of Joe with Y’all in Dumaguete. Thank you, thank you, men, with much love and respect from another old fart in NC, USA.

  6. Hello Paul … I’ve just been watcing your channel a short time. I watched this video today and joined Mark’s channel. I would like to ask you some questions on the best way to get started, given my circumstaces in life. Would you let me know please how I can email, or how to get in touch with you? I’m from the _-US_.

  7. Great video…I was there 7 years ago, with the family to visit my filipina family and can’t wait to be there full time in ’22. I barley made it to retirement, but did it…

  8. Hi, Paul and Mark thanks for all the information you guys provide one day I may need to do the same thing and move to the Philippines but taking Paul’s advice and waiting a little longer. Take care, Mike

  9. I always enjoy listening to you Mark you are a inspiration i am 58 i cannot do it now but when 62 hits me i will retire in the Philippines. I have been there 2 times already hope to be there in January of 2022 for a month vacation i can relate to you and Paul my difference is that I work in a factory denso manufacturing 35 year’s been through the divorce but have stayed single for almost going on 26 years yes the Philippines is very peaceful even in the cities but I do prefer the province’s. Thank you again you and Paul both are great together.

  10. Sounds like you had an eventful life 👍. Albeit not perfect but lots of good times and some bad 😩. Your health problems you say are hereditary but although you say not because of your diet it probably was 😩. Hereditary problems are usually activated by a bad diet, I.e eating too much meat and dairy products as they cos high cholesterol and plague in the arteries 😩
    So what was your diet like in those days ?

  11. Paul & Mark thanks for your video. You fellows are so interesting! If you fellows got a resort happening people would visit from all over the world for a personal chat and a great holiday! I’m sure you guys could organize & set it all up as your both very clever men. You certainly wouldn’t have to do everything because there is plenty of qualified people there who would love a job. You could be having these talks at your resort. Relaxation Lodge!

  12. Mark, You need an accountant that will fight for you with respect to payment of taxes upon money earned, yet not received. I would not hesitate to recommend my accountant. As a foreigner living in USA, she has helped me with multiple issues including visa renewal.

  13. Great chat guys. Life is full of surprises. I myself will be there as soon as the country opens. I am ready for a change. I’ve been to Duma 3 times and stayed a few weeks each time. I can’t describe the feeling I have while I am there. I do know it’s a better way of life.

  14. Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what your gonna get. Man after listening to you two my life isn’t so bad LOL. Take care & hope to get back & meet you guys this year sometime.

  15. Yup, being a minimalist = freedom no matter how much you make or don’t make! Kudos to Mark for surviving and now thriving no matter what life threw at him! Love the Philippines and hope to visit friends there when things open up…if ever! LOL

  16. Yes I’ve seen your first interview earlier right after you got there you got balls my friend to go there with hardley any income. & credit cards close to being maxed. Wow I’m glad you have made it & Paul help you organize yourself you look good even gained weight so I’d say that its been good to you & you look better than you did first time I saw you. Keep on keeping on so when I get there when all opens I can stalk you & Paul & grab a cup of java hehehe

  17. You 2 are cute. Lol, like 2 little boys…but, old! Love how you each alternate interviews with each other. Your friendship appears to be solid.💗🖖🤖

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  19. I saw a cracking Confucius quote yesterday. “Everyone has two lives. The second one begins when you realise you have only one”. My pal – only 57 – has just had a quadruple bypass. Never smoked, doesn’t drink…

  20. All that i can say after watching both of you interview each other is i have a lot of respect for both of you. I experienced the same cheating American wife life story. The fact that you both bounced back the way you did is pretty incredible. God bless and keep up the great videos.😀

  21. You two have helped me through lockdown with your channels
    Just waiting for it is safe to return
    to this wonderful place.Best wishes
    to both xx

  22. Oh my word! I feel like Mark was talking to me specifically😂 I honestly just want to get off the treadmill. See you when travel is allowed again hopefully. Thanks Paul

  23. Hi Paul, great interview. I have heard Mark telling his story. Here is a man that had ran out of options and the Philippines provided that respite that he craved. Thanks for a great interview.

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