Expat John, No More Love on the Run, Relationships in the Philippines July 12, 2020

Expat John, No More Love on the Run, Relationships in the Philippines July 12, 2020@Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks

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  1. 20 is like you said is 20 women are women they are the same all over the world. Got to see it for what it is. When there is a big age gap look at it for what it is and treat it accordingly she is with you for the money. Take your lumps for being stupid.

  2. You paid a U.S marshal to attempt to serve you wife with divorce papers? Was the U.S Marshal based in the Philippines? It must have cost a pretty penny.

  3. About the comment regarding being super popular as soon as you get off the plane.On my trip,I copped the same as u guys.Maybe just the ugliest SOB in the valley 🤣🤣🤣.But
    seriously no,gals where not throwing themselves at me.

  4. Got to be able to be happy with yourself before you can have happiness with another person. Got to be yourself that is more attractive than chasing women. Chasing shows you are weak. Be a man and be confident on your own.

  5. Yes John, you are lucky you got in to the Philippines. I was supposed to be there the end of May. Now I have a ticket to get there by the end of August, but looks like I will need to postpone it!

  6. Good luck Paul . You are a great guy be a cowboy and be confident within yourself walk tall. And think this woman it’s lucky to be with you. Never put a woman on a pedestal treat them how they treat you.

  7. Fyi. Nice, nice guy. However, nobody goes to school” 12 a day, 6 days a week. “I wish him well. It happened for the best. God bless and good luck in the future.

  8. Does he think the past marriage and the subsequent hosing of his ex wife has any bearing on how he’s viewed in the Philippines now?
    Would the women be wary of a foreigner who would potentially marry a girl, split and divorce her in the USA, then rinse and repeat?
    Thanks, and no offense intended. 😉

  9. Howdy Paul, my goal is not to do what John did lol. I am considering the Philippines for many different reasons then just finding a girl. The people, the cost of living, the weather, the freedom, getting away from groundhog day just to name a few. Thanks for the video bud, very informative.

  10. Guy went from one visit a year to two visits a year to three visits a year. He was realizing how foolish it sounded. Bottom line she was too young. Thats what happens when theres 20-30 years difference. A girl like that at that age doesnt want a relationship a few weeks a year. She was a kid.

  11. I visited the philippines last year for 30 days including visiting dumagette.. I did NOT have a large numbers filipinas fall heads over heels over me.. when I got off the plane & during my visit…. lol.. but I did get more then I ever expected.. hello’s, smile’s, stare’s, wave’s, turn around look’s at me, during my visit to the philippines.. it was all good.. the women are beautiful.. hehe.. 🙂

  12. Props to John for opening up and showing what can happen if you choose the wrong Filipina. It’s easy to ridicule someone like John when you’re on the outside looking in, but when you’re in that situation it becomes a dichotomy of supporting your “wife” and making sure it’s not just a one sided relationship. Regardless, it’s now in his rear view mirror so hopefully he can find a good one now. Good vlog Paul.

  13. Thanks for all the great info Old Dog! I recently met a Filipina and will be traveling to Bacolod soon! I’m almost 60. Been retired about 5 years from USPS. Your videos have been very helpful!! Keep up the great work!! Health and happiness!

  14. Of course his marriage wasn’t successful. He was only with her 6 or 7 weeks out of the year. But John seems like a good guy and will find the right Filipina.

  15. This guy is clear to marry in the U.S but sounds like hes set on marrying another fillipina. That age gap of 20-30 is sometimes such a draw for much older men. Too much. I know of too many of these scenarios that didnt work. Im one of them and our age gap wasnt as extreme

  16. Not to pick on this guy, but a lot of Filipinas are better off with guys like this having these “Good Intentions”, but not the guy paying them all this money. Also this gentleman has paid many other professionals, such as Lawyers, The entire Court System including U.S. Marshals, both U.S. and Philippines Embassies, and even a Travel agent or agents. I believe this guy needs to really be more realistic about life in general, and know that any legal piece of paper that can be considered a binding and legal contract have ties to professionals that will suck you dry for ever piso, peso, dollar, etc that they can get from you. At the minimum, this guy should be his own travel agent. I somehow feel like he has not learned his full lesson yet, and that is a shame. Thanks for the video Paul. ON a side note, I had to laugh and chuckle when he said she was going to school 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, and how she was always sick and in the hospital. Know this, whenever you require a filipina to send you invoices or bills for the money they are spending, they know people all over their place, city, etc. And if she pays them a small fee will create professional invoices to show you so that money never stops coming. Even hospital bills and pictures being in a hospital bed can be faked and set up, rental invoices, you name it. The biggest test is to never send money, and to tell them no financial assistance unless you are both living together there. But even before that, you need to know how much it cost to fun a simple household budget there, it is not the same as it is in your own home Country. Anything you want to research up on is completely out in the open in the internet there is no reason to be naive anymore.

  17. Don’t get married in the philippines! Bring her to the US and marry her here. Then if you change your mind you can get a divorce.

  18. For John, its just one of those things. That relationship didn’t work out. Ok. There will be others (like you said).

    Like most guys I’ve been burned by a lot of women in the US. I think I got burned so many time that It got to the point to were it doesn’t even bother me anymore (is that a good thing or a bad thing?!?!). Anyways I became numb to it. I tried my best, it didn’t work out, so its time to move on. That’s the way I see it.

    Hey, I’m not saying I’m Mr. Swinging-Single’s Guy but I learned not to let things like that get to me. And I can honestly say that I’ve never held a grudge against any of the women I dated in the past. Am I still friends with them? Sort of. Kind of. I should have said one’s who wanted to keep in touch. But the one rule I always kept to myself is: Never think of giving them a second shot. First time shame you / Second time shame on me.

  19. I watch a guy on (Day Dream )he met Margie and she is a great Filipino from Siquejor..He lives on the Island and she climbs trees to get him coconuts ..a fantastic couple .
    Not always bad news …just need to find the right one

  20. You just have to relax… Enjoy the Philippines, enjoy the sites, the culture and the people… Women can sense desperation and anxiousness… stay cool, aloof and women will come..

  21. John will need to clear his CENOMAR in the Philippines and he will need an attorney to do so. Legally he is divorced in the US, but still married in the Philippines.

  22. Great video!, just wanted to say the women do kind of flock to you as an example I was there for the month of January to meet a lady we walk to the mall and many ladies walking by smiling trying to get my attention I don’t know if it’s because I am tall I’m 62 I stand out but that’s what I experience, don’t give up John there’s plenty of beautiful woman in the Philippines😊

  23. did you get played? i don’t think so. you and her simply went to school together. live laugh love. now you have a modicum of wisdom. money, time, heart well spent. carry on my friend. the marriage thing anywhere is overrated. imho two people existing together are more often in my experience happier than married folks…

  24. If a foreigner has been approved a divorce in his/her country of origin where divorce is allowed, this does not mean that the Filipino ex spouse has the right to enter into another marriage. There must be an acknowledgement of the divorce of a foreigner from the Filipino courts for remarriage to be possible. After the Filipino courts have acknowledged the dissolution of marriage, only then a Filipino citizen can remarry.

  25. Sorry to hear that! So ashamed of her! She’s a gold digger! So be careful with those kind of girls!But all i can say she’s so unlucky loosing you! Wish you the best in future!
    But all i can say not all Filipina like her! Look at Sir Paul she have baby Mae she’s a Filipina too😊

  26. Good message. Take care of yourself, become the best possible version of yourself and good things will happen when you let go of trying to control.

  27. There is no shortage of beautiful women in PH. Whatever he spent to get away from his ex was worth it. Karma will find her. Unable to marry another US citizen means she can’t come to the US. Idk about Australia. If I wanted to work I’d want to go somewhere where the money was worth more. I think she’s stuck. John will do well. There are good women there. I found me one. She has a couple of friends. It will happen.

  28. I have a dilemma I want advice on. I hooked my friend up and I don’t like the way he’s talking to this Pinay. I talked to him. Do I have my wife speak to her or stay out of it? I don’t think he respects her.

  29. Hey Paul, …. Another great video. Great job holding it all together. This guy is little high strung, east coast american? Be interesting to see where this guy is at in another year from now if he’s still in the Philippines. I do agree with the 9-5 M-F rinse and repeat groundhog day routine gets old. Feels like the hospital is my 2nd home, see and talk to my co-workers more than my wife.
    I hope the men going to the Philippines for a woman get a better understanding of what it’s like meeting women there. LDR, It’s much easier to be brave online with video chat that when you finally meet in person. That really becomes the 1st impression when you step off the plane. One thing that can help is to try and exercise patience. The stress of the US should stay there when you land, because the filipina is going to watching your attitude, much like a job interview, to gauge how you are in real life verse the glimpse of what they see on vid chat. Always good to remember that you are not in America and the Philippines will never be America. When in Rome do as the Romans. Simply said exercise Filipino patience and try and take some of that back home to the US when you go.
    As for marrying in Philippines I think it’s much better to do a fiance visa and marry stateside if planning to still live and work in America. The visa process is quicker to bring her to the States 8-9 months, with my wife. (The dept. of homeland security background check is what takes so long.) As opposed to a over a year if married in another country and then trying get a spousal visa. A friend I knew said it took over 12-15 months to bring his wife over from Korea through the spousal visa after marrying in her home country.

    I like the new couch and scenery. Please keep the vids coming I really appreciate the honesty and the interesting conversations. Hopefully things will open up more before the fall and we can back over there, even though I enjoy a good steak and flushing toilets, I still miss the Philippines.

  30. Paul thank you for your interviews on the life experiences of foreigners in the Philippines. I can’t wait to come back to the Philippines tired of the rat race bs here ground hog day. You and bb mae have a great week God bless.

  31. You are so nice John, i hope you will find the right woman. Thank you for saying you love the Philippines although you had failed marriage with a Filipina.

  32. Interesting interview videos Paul and John. I hope you find a nice girl John, take your time and good luck. Have fun and enjoy staying in Philippines. 👍😊👀

  33. Don’t get involved with a woman in her early twenties because she WILL change. Don’t have a long distance relationship. Don’t be a bank account for a woman to abuse.

  34. $5000 a year! cheap. try a European women, $5000 a month is easy. you live and you learn when you date kids. they hook with their innocence to feed your ‘little girl’ desires then they learn. date an Asian women 27 onwards, 30/35 is best. A WOMEN. The you know where you stand. operative word = WOMEN.

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