1. Hey Tim that’s not “AJO” when you holler at someone to come and open the gate. it’s more like “AYO” “MAAYONG ADLAW(day), GABIE(night). jajajajaja

  2. lol look for the three pigs on the left then turn at the 2 palm trees follow that trail till you see a water buffalo and take whatever path he is not blocking………. the usual directions lol

  3. good thing that random old folk, didn’t tell and point you using his lips to point the direction of where you and Chrissy will be having dinner.

  4. 14th when I started to write this comment butt I am swifly going down the standings. Ahhhhh I do not know how to end this comment

    So here goes

    PHEW THERE i think I did it… Oh crazy I am still typing aren’t I?

    Someone help me please, I cannot help 😭 myself…

    I have a dise

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