Example of $500 House Rental in Dumaguete City, The Philippines (Lots of CR’s…..)

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  1. i use Bensound as my music to there Ned na i cant stand the rooster i would probably borrow a gun and shoot them hahhaha to big that place we have 3 bedrooms one out the back of our house with own toilet to

  2. Hi Ned. What a strange place. But maybe there is a system behind. The week have seven days, so every day you can have a shit in an other CR. How flexible is that?!

  3. Really interesting Ned , I hate Filipino CRs with a passion . Squat toilets , really ? What are we in the 70s Europe ? That’s awful , it might work for them but once you get used to the washrooms in North America you can’t enjoy anything else .. who downvotes this stuff ?

  4. Hey Ned, The Filipina Pea just reviewed a house in Valencia that might work for you? It might be bigger than you are looking for but it had a lot of nice extra’s but it is 27,000 php.
    This is an interesting house too. I think you said this was in Dauin is that correct?

  5. Just to give you an insight about raised floors.
    Bloody colder inside the house in winter then outside .
    Only good if house’s are spaced apart for ventilation.
    In the heat is like a oven lol pizza oven no slap to keep temperature down a must is aircon.
    To be totally honest unless you near a beach to get cool breezes your going to cook like a pig in a oven.
    Do you want roast potatoes too lol.

  6. Nice home Ned, good value ….but extremely close to other homes and not much yard for the little one to play. Just my thoughts. We’re pray’n for safe arrival of your new addition to your family. God bless and stay positive folks.

  7. The more videos I see of these $500 (ish) a month houses in Dumaguete you post here the more I realise I would possibly need have to have a way bigger rental budget that could offer a residence that would allow me to be comfortable and happy at home there. Everyone is different, horses for courses and all that, but that’s my 2 cents about it.

  8. Very interesting how cheap the mattresses are in Asia. Not good for older people.. We had better in the army basic training. Sounds like Rooster farms near.. and dog kennels.. Haha. You said rooster farm too 😂😂😂

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