Example of $450 House Rental Valencia/Dumaguete City, the Philippines

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  1. compound. very nice place . almost too good to be true
    (to some)… . There must be Hidden Cameras there jk jk, 😉 Cause there is not much privacy. what a beautiful place tho.

  2. Very nice place….the floor is beautiful too..but im 65 and the floor might get a bit slippery for my old bones..but its oe the better looking rentals I’ve seen for the money. I actually like the compound for better security

  3. Everyone’s unsaid wish…their landlord lives just out their bedroom window….I guess that could be a bit intimidating if you want to party a little bit…like if they hear loud bedroom sounds..weird..lol

  4. Very nice staging – presentation.
    Not sure about compound living – maybe more interested in house at the back – waiting to view. Thanks. 😀

  5. Compound = no place to have your critters.. Nice place though.. I like the one floor.. Tired of walking up, and down stairs… Thanks Ned…

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