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    1. This was kept short on purpose because it was supposed to only be informational. It was meant to only explain the parts. If someone is looking for information, they’re not going to want to sit through eating and opinions of taste ahaha

    1. @Haeppy it’s coolπŸ‘ŒI hope you guys enjoyed your trip and thanks for all the effort you guys put on your videos for use.πŸ‘

  1. hey is there any way to work in korea without a bachelors degree? I’ve saved up like 10,000 canadian, and could work part or full time. I also dont want to leave broke though lol.

    1. @Sanatea *No Sana No Life* I’m no professional sorry! What I heard tho is, try to find global-level companies that have Korean/Japanese branches and work your way up to being placed overseas. Do whatever degree is necessary for that.

      Or, you can become a skilled specialist. Any computer science degree. Engineering. Etc. Those will always be a hot commodity in every country.

      If you’re not academically inclined or in STEM… then good luck. The only other way to go to Japan/Korea is through an education degree and become either an English teacher or a teacher-teacher and work for an international school.

    2. @Haeppy Hey if you’re still there is there any degree you recommend I should work towards if I want to travel? Is there such a thing as doing business internationally for a company. I am currently in business and do well at sales/customer service/speaking. I think my game plan might be to work in japan or korea on a holiday visa/come back to canada and get a full time job again/then work towards finishing a degree online part time.

  2. The food looks delicious! I really want to try Momo Kizoku (Shio) and Gyu-Kushi. Great video with lots of information. Will definitely use this later down the road (:

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