1. I find it ironic that the government requires worthless face shields, but than the business allows everyone to touch the same pen …. mind boggling. Also when I spent weeks in the hospital for a medical issue, not once was my room or any part of the hospital sanitized that I ever seen. I think the focus on stuff just doesn’t align with common sense and protocols that actually make sense.

  2. Just flew Qatar Airways MNL DOH JFK and masks and face shields were required for all passengers while in the airports and boarding. All those in economy had to wear masks and shields the entire flight. Luckily in Business class no face shields were needed. 21 hours of total flight time. Miserable to have to wear a face mask for so long.

  3. So I am curious, how long does 10,000 pesos in groceries usually last your family? Is it for four adults and one baby? Is it a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly supply? I did look below for this question but didn’t see it. Thanks!

  4. Have the good people of the Philippines woken up to the fact yet that those ridiculous, humiliating face muzzles and plastic shields are going to be a permanent mandate…, and will never go away..?

  5. Lmao you nicer than I would be haha. I go in full scuba gear wet suit tank gloves and that price or shit full face mask got on line. Oh and my water shoes lmao

  6. You are never stupid for finding a solution to a problem. I say 10,000php. Always over estimate. The view you have from your place is incredible. I never get tired of seeing that view right out your door. Just amazing.

  7. Hi Tim and Christine
    I love all your vlogs
    Please keep safe and good luck Crissy for your school. Are you taking BS Nursing.
    God bless you and your whole family.

  8. Hey brother I totally understand that kind of thing with the battery. I used to work for RadioShack. We used to have customers come in all the time for that. I didn’t know that you didn’t know that. I could have saved you some wasted time. Anyway i plan on moving there soon whenever this pandemic bs is over. My girlfriend lives there but at the moment she’s an offshore worker. At the moment. I will try to figure out how to personal message you. Your One of my favorite vloggers YouTubers however you want to put it. I’m living vicariously through you at the moment.

  9. P10k is alot of food in the Philippines I always separated my things from my gfs and she always had me beat even when i had a case of beer then I discovered S&R it’s like costco in the US and they do have fresh meats and you can buy bulk items that saves you in the long run it’s fun to go there I wish they had a layaway sections because they have many cool furnitures and electronics Crissy you look cute in the shield both of you are a wonderful team set in stone salamat for entertaining me while I wait for a window to return I call home in the Philippines I love your beach home. AmpingπŸ˜€

  10. I will nominate you for the Darwin awards.. You are just about the most unpretentious You Tube vlogger that i watch. You seem very down to earth and just an honest guy!

  11. Hi Tim. Nice to see that you’re back home with the fam. Those face shields are absolutely awesome… Hahahaha… I imagine they’re great when riding a motor bike.

  12. Imagine faceshield terrible, philippines just spending money to buy facesheild in china, plus making the poor people to spend more,
    Why face masks is not enough?? I am pilipina but thats too much. Every country is dealing covid19 but only in the philippines way to far. Keep safe and Godbless!

  13. Hi Tim , I live in Cambodia and I saw a bit of your live stream. You are wrong about Cambodia being open to tourists . There are no visas on arrival being issued. People with valid visas can re enter but with very strict conditions. Currently there are no deaths from covid 19 here. So please inform your viewers if thisπŸ‘ hi to Chrissy

  14. hahaha..man you had a good/bad day. Maasin city, i don’t miss it. Mickey Mouse hahaa, had to laugh . Contact Tracing over there must be like trying to catch your tail, a joke. Glad your alarm was sorted mate. Your dog’s gonna be a biter unless you sort it out real quick, me thinks.

  15. I enjoyed this. It can be harder than it sounds to just enjoy the simple things and take in life’s flow. A lot of sense in trying to fit the pieces of the jigsaw together but maybe we are also trying to force too much sometimes. Watching this i felt there was a lot very right about the vibe in this wee video. Just shows what can be done with the right approach.. sometimes all the magic we need is closer than we think. All the best.

  16. At BPI office they cannot give you your online credentials. It’s a subsidiary who’s managing this service and reachable only via phone with some chance even for BPI employees. Then you have to go to an atm machine to activate the account. And you have to ask them to to enable online payment, payment from abroad, and ibanswift transfer worldwide, it’s not obvious for them.

  17. I was at a Wendy’s restaurant and they would say your name when it’s time to pick up your food. After ordering they asked my name and I said β€œTrump” My food was delivered to my table because Karen would not say Trump over the intercom.

  18. Tim Tin Tin is so beautiful I bet she will still be just as beautiful when she is 90 and had 12 kids and 60 grand-kids. My Mustang Convertible had this security system on it and the light stayed on 24/7 It had the key like they use to use on vending machines . I was impressed the car already came with it but the redlight would shine in my eyes. The key did not shut the damn light off. I took it back to where I bought it and I told them listing that red light is a pain in the A** and the key does not shut it off. they said Huh? I said it again and they said what security system I showed them and they said that was just for looks to make people think you had a security system on it. Remember it is a Convertible in Florida the dealer said that is a big V8 and a lot of the cars get stolen you might want to lock the doors at all times. I had the top down and I hit the lock button looked at the dealer and said I would like to see someone try to break in my car now.

  19. It takes a lot of groceries and supplies for a household, for sure . Nice that you have a helper at your house for cleaning and baby sitting ! Lovely ocean side view from your home ! Thanks for sharing !

  20. it’s crazy ! go and look like that! neither mask nor face shield works as protection against covid-19! at most against mosquitoes, does not seem to be fun in the Philippines now.

  21. 5:21 β€œYou’re a thief, you’re stealing from the all community” πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the way she looked at you then at the counter had me dead !! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  22. Good old metro, 1 on till, 1 bagging up and 1 to staple receipt on bag πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Have you taken your wife to spy’s diner ??
    Well priced good honest food 🀀🀀

  23. 8900 P was my guess. i sign Elmer Fudd on some of my old USAF sign in’s at the NCO Club. I love to hear them page M/sgt Fudd. Busts up my friends. Great vlog today. Dale is a good baby for sure.

  24. Hey Tim! Love your videos. I am just like you – a white dude met a Filipina online and things getting serious. Feel happy and amazing. I am like you with the social distancing and face masks – dumbest things ever. You and your wife are amazing. Wife is beautiful! Take care!

  25. Happy family !! The masks are atrocious, and don’t work , if you can smell a fart from underwear and jeans with that on , it does not work , it’s all a sham !! Glad you are happy Tim and Chrissy !!

  26. 154 British pounds gor a trolley that would be 35 to 50 in aldi and more snap.. Fuk going to phillapines might be better weather but Spain nice weather and a quarter of the phillapines

  27. Bro you have the best of both worlds. You have a beautiful family and life in an amazing country. My Asawa and I are starting to plan our retirement in Baguio City. We can’t wait to get there and start our life in that amazing country. I do have a few questions for you if you have a chance…

  28. Crack me up! I’m glad Mickey mouse was aloud in. Face shield hell. I hope they dont do that here in La Union… looks like everywhere will have it pretty soon. $200 plus. well, with a baby.. yes… nice video! That sunset at the end was nice touch. you need to see your feet up in a chair with a redhorse!

  29. I am not going to ask who changed the battery in the key fob! LOL! I bet that will never happen again! Nice day out with the family! Did you change your name to Mickey? LOL! Thanks for sharing! You are a lucky man! Take care and God bless you all!

  30. Lol I’d rather be an idiot and have a cheap/free fix than to be smart and it cost me money…lol πŸ€£πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I second that! πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈπŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

  31. Face shields. Oh no!!! It must be soooo hot and you cant wipe your face so… dripping hot. We now have to wear masks in NZ even though there is practically no virus here. It sucks lol!

  32. Grocery shopping there is more expensive than here in California, specially if you buy imported food items!!…it’s just like electricity-it’s more expensive there πŸ™ it’s sad because it’s a third world country and goods are far more costly than the western world. Labor is the only reasonable prices and rental

  33. Hey Tim.. I think my first post on one of your videos was a couple days after you had posted. I hope you see this. Me and the wife have enjoyed your videos. I met my wife in 2006 and I brought her to the US on a fiancee visa..We were just there in November for a month. I see you are dealing with everything patiently.. I can’t wait until we get to come back.. Love your videos and your updates.

  34. Aww Baby Dale You Such a Darling πŸ˜˜πŸ’žπŸ˜˜ Be Blessed πŸ˜‡πŸ€²πŸ»πŸ’• Sending Love from India Hyderabad πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»

  35. After spending 14 days in a pointless quarantine, you say that the face shields are the stupidest thing you ever heard of? Nope. Maybe a distant second.
    That video was a treat, Tim. Beautiful family in a gorgeous setting, with sweet touches of self-effacing humor. A balm for this locked-down soul. Thanks very much for it!

  36. The frustration of the past couple of months almost and gratitude for being back with your family are evident in your countenance. Happy to see things mostly back to normal for you.

  37. Did you already get him his heartworm vaccine? Because I know heartworm disease has to be very common with dogs in the Philippines with all the mosquitoes that are there. Pro Heart 6 is a 6 month shot for like $60 every 6 months.

    Here is the site for it https://www.proheart6.com/

    I sent you an email the other day about getting clothes to the Philippines and my suggestions for that

  38. The world is now full of ‘government overreach’ for sure! Ooops on the battery! I don’t really understand the need for a shield as well as a face mask… is it mandatory there? Good luck with that in the US…

  39. Hello Tim. Love the Seinfeld type Vlogs. I found your channel about a month ago and I have watched over 100 of your videos. The first video that came up when I was watching videos about the Philippines was you walking on the beach and talking to the camera. I was going to exit out but I decided to watch the whole thing. I am glad I did. I am almost done with all of them. A couple of things I noticed, I’m sure it will not be news to you, is that you do get a lot more views when you have a catchy title. A little click bait! Your most watched videos have catch titles like “Filipina needs her meat.” The other other thing is that the girls are your stars. You have to talk Hanna into coming back and she can bring her bishi Christine back with her. We love seeing the girls. Hanna is the life of the party. We love her, please bring her back!

  40. Lol “gettin ur herr did?” Great intro! It reminds me of growing up in Oakland! Great to see you posting on a regular now Tim, glad you got your alarm issue fixed. Im super excited to see Crissy getting into nursing school, I bet she’s going to be a great nurse! I wish I could be there to eat some of that pork on Dale’s christening. Full cart of groceries is always a good thing! Well sorry this message is so long.. have a great day Tim!

  41. Absolutely I will nominate You tim Love You video such honesty. Yes Chrissy does need her meet you’re such a wonderful family. I can’t wait to see you next log. Plus baby Dale is awesome

  42. Masks, face shields it’s ALL safety precautions Tim. YOU are a wonderful platform TO educate people about the prevention and spread of cv19.

    Love you BOTH

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