How To Become An Entrepreneur While Living in the Philippnes Part 1


By Richard Essi

Starting this month I will begin a series of posts from my friend Richard Essi, a seasoned entrepreneur he will teach you how to create multiple streams of internet income.

Establishing a business via the internet isn’t as complicated as most people make it seem.

The most important thing is understanding how to link the product to the end consumer. It’s like a pipeline that takes water from one area to the other. Once you understand the nature and the path of the pipeline, you are 80% there. It is this pipeline that will move your prospects/leads and sort them out, so that at the end you will have only those who are ready to really commit and engage, and It will eliminate all the naysayers and the tire kickers.

In other words, know what you want. What kind of Internet business are you looking to for? How quickly do you want to be in profit?

Depending on your goals, you might go for the average home business opportunity or product and work your way patiently and diligently until you begin to profit.

However, if you want to accelerate your money making efforts, then you need to change the way you think.

Unless you are an extremely savvy Internet marketer, it will be very tough for you to make a six figure income selling a 49.99 or 79.99 e-book or software.

If you REALLY want to skyrocket your income in the quickest way possible while keeping your integrity and ethical code, then you need to consider a pricier product to sell. This is what is commonly referred to as a “high ticket” item in the business world.

Most people are intimidated by high ticket items because they are unable to buy these items themselves, so they are convinced nobody else will be interested let alone be able to afford to buy their product.

Understand this… “The product you sell is NOT ABOUT YOU”.

Let me explain:

You will be hugely successful by sticking to the following five steps:

#1 – Locate a market that wants your product:

Locating a market that is generating a large volume of sales is without a doubt the best approach to take when beginning an internet business. To see maximum results, locate an active market with a large volume of exchange between goods and money. You can’t sell a product that YOU are excited about to a market that has little or NO money to spend. Think about it… of what use is a flashy and racy Ferrari to Eskimos?? Not only do they have no use for it, but even if they had the money and wanted to buy it, they would have to leave their natural habitat to drive the car!

#2 – Develop your own product line or find a product you can believe in and you could personally use:

Look at your interests, your passions, and the problems you want to see solved in this society. In other words, identify your passion and interests, something you would do without necessarily getting paid for. Next, take your interests and passion and match that with the needs and wants of potential clients then find or create a product to fill this need. If you have no interest in designing and creating a product, then take the time to find a product or service that you really believe in, and be an agent or an affiliate. Regardless of the path you choose, to establish a good reputation, make sure the products you sell are quality products that offer a real value.

#3 – Master the art of list building:

One of the more important aspects of building a business on the internet is creating and maintaining a list. While it might sound cumbersome, it’s really a simple process. Tools such as auto-responders are available that will be helpful with marketing, article writing and moving leads into the opt-in section of your website. It does require a little time and patience to master; however, this one aspect can make or break a business. So, it’s essential to learn and utilize every aspect it offers. If you feel technically challenged by what I just said, then find a program or a system that already has these things in place, and plug into that. Either way, you will need a way of having a subscriber base that you can connect with on a personal level

#4 – Become a masterful internet marketer:

Two of the more difficult things to learn is how to move traffic and marketing. Most people are simply at a loss when it comes to this process. This is where most people end up failing MISERABLY.

The lifeblood of any home based business is the qualified traffic/leads. You need people who are looking for the product you are offering. It doesn’t really matter how “extraordinary” your product is. If no one is taking a look at it, then you will have ZERO sales.

In fact, the marketing system you put in place is just as important as the product itself. This is also another area where people fail to make the mentality shift. Let me use the Ferrari example to illustrate my point…

If you were to buy a powerful and fully loaded red Ferrari; what kind of gas would you put in this car? Would you find the cheapest gas and probably mix it up with some water just to save money, or will you follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for premium gas? Yes there are tons of ways of generating FREE traffic out there, but do you know them? Do you have the time to learn about all of them?

The best way is having all this research and learning work shaved off by either outsourcing this work or plugging to an existing system that does nothing but draw hordes of qualified leads to your product or service.

What you need is to have as much traffic coming to your sales funnel as possible. The system you put in place will then weed out the tire kickers and retain the serious ones. At this point you can really start dreaming about the possibilities, and you can REALLY say that the sky is the limit

#5 – Leaders are learners

Being a successful entrepreneur will make you a leader. Why? Because you will have people who will follow your example as well as clients who will come to trust and like you. As a leader, you need to make sure that you do not shy away from anything that contributes to your self-development. Condition your mind at all times, because the higher up you go, the more negativity you will encounter. Learn to work with a team, hang out and be inspired by the people you work with (in other words, choose your partners carefully).

A lot of MONEY can be made on the internet; it’s not hard once you know how things work. Obviously, you’ll need a sound PROGRAM to follow. If you are serious about changing your life on the internet, then CLICK HERE to contact me.

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