DYUTAY KAALAM: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkhn0gL6N8Aj20EjmnjN_fg

Another trip for groceries turned into interesting encounters along the way in
Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines. Ayala Mall, Metro, Rustans, Landers and Gaisano are grocery stores nearby.


  1. Hope you’re safe. I’ve been watching the weather there. Ambo sure developed rapidly. Lemon tree will be nice. The eggplants I have see there look long and skinny not like ours in the states being plump. Thanks for the video. Stay well Stay safe. Hugs from a far.

  2. Rod. We have a person who works in Cebu City Hall with the governor. My wife was a barangy councilor with his father. We have texted him to see if he can break thru all the different things about the modified stuff. Will let you know if we hear back.

  3. I wish your friend could put her videos in English. I checked her channel and there is some good content there. I would subscribe if it was in English….

  4. People do what the got to do to survive. Very kind of your friend to give her chicken & I think you now have competition on the youtube scene. Don’t forget your “special quarantine pass” now under GCQ. teehehe. BTW- LTO reopened here 5/12.

  5. Rod. here is the latest actual news. Cebu will remain under the enhanced quarentine till at least end of month. Mandaue City was going to go to general quarentine but changed to modified enhanced quarentine till at least end of month. Nothing will change for us. Only changes will be with some essential places that can open or bring in more of their workers if they were already open. Up north and almost everyplace else will be on just general quarentine. Was just told this tonight.

  6. This lockdown is akin to being a hamster on his wheel. Always in motion but heading nowhere. With easing of restriction, time for this old hamster to dismount wheel and grab some of those beautiful bananas…Cheers Rod !!!

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