News, predictions and a few encounters in the Philippines. My friend is walking to SM Cebu City, Cebu Mall for groceries and pharmacy items. Healthy Options, a health food store, and the SM supermarket are open. Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and magnesium are one the shopping list as well as vegetables.


  1. Hey sir I was just wondering how old you are and how long have you been living in the Philippines please don’t stop doing the cost of living videos

  2. Rod,
    What is that temporary? scaffolding with a red tarp covering that is set up over the road at the beginning of the video. I believe the real estate market is going to take a hit in this recession and Imagine the price of those condos will be reduced significantly. Catfish =bottom feeders. The retail industry reminds me of the U.S. in the 1980’s. The shopping mall used to be the place to go to get almost everything.

  3. Thank you for doing this type of video. I am American but I have Filipino family living in the Philippines. My eldest daughter is a school teacher, knowing I return to the Philippines yearly, she advised me to wait before booking a flight for next year. I think she believes Manila will not come back online fully until September or October of next year. I think if America stops hiding behind fear and re-opens our economy, other nations, including the Philippines will be quicker to recover. Nothing will be the same as it was before but all nations need start building the new way of doing things.

  4. You’re probably doing the right thing Rod. I check cost of airfare to the PI and see pricing currently is double what we could have flown for in February. But to be honest I’ve never purchased an international ticket that originated from the Philippines. Would love to hear your experience when that time comes. I would TRY to fly out of Cebu (Mactan) and bypass Manila. Thumbs up as always.

  5. Rod looks like Philippines 🇵🇭 will have there border closed for many months , I usually do a trip in September but I don’t see that happening

  6. It appears that the US Embassy and PAL has partnered up to assist stranded US citizen . Flight bound for LAX leaves on Saturday May 9. including sweeper flights to Manila.

  7. Thanks for the regular updates Rod. All plans are put on hold at the moment until more favourable news is available. Tourism everywhere is taking a big hit at the moment, but The Philippines will suffer badly when a largely poor country already. I hope it is safe enough to open up more soon, so that people can get back to work. Maybe other countries will open before the Philippines, but I’m not going into quarantine anywhere, I had enough of that in UK, without wasting any of my vacation time doing it again. Stay safe and well Rod and your friend.

  8. I am about to find out how someone over 60 can get to a doctor and various other medical facilities when over 60s cannot leave the house…
    No barangay pass…..
    My plan is to get a taxi on Monday to the Mayors office in CDO and try for a Special Pass or a letter from his office…
    Not many of the rules for lockdown were thought out very well and all those giving orders about it are NOT medical people…Just politicians….What could go wrong there…..

  9. when I was in jr. high on Fridays they would have bake haddock fillets, french fries and Cole slaw man oh man my favorite lunch that was moons and moons ago.

  10. My daughter gave me the following thought this evening. While my short term vacation plans were shot to hell, my long term plans have pretty much been fulfilled. Rented a house, gonna get a scooter next week, and got a new girl friend. My initial plan was to just travel around and see the different cities. The real fly in the ointment is the return date to the Philippines. Keep the videos coming – very entertaining and informative.
    For sweeper flight information join the STEP program on the US State Department web site. They send me an email a day about sweeper flights, etc.

  11. Folks can register with the US STEP (Smart Traveler Enrollment Program) to get the latest info from the State Department and US Embassy at – https://step.state.gov/step/
    Get info on sweeper flights, availability, and seat cost. Right now there is one sweeper flight LA bound for US citizens. Deadline to get a seat is tomorrow the 3rd. There are extensive requirements to handle ahead of the flight. More information can be found on their FaceBook “travelgov” page – https://www.facebook.com/travelgov/

  12. Hello we enjoy your vlogs , I was told you can still come to the Philippines 🇵🇭 if your wife is from there,have you heard this? Hopefully this is over soon we are moving there in November well stay safe

  13. Creamdory is a catfish, Rod. Also called Swai which they sell here sometimes in the US. There can be health problems associated with it based on how it’s raised and what it eats, which is why it’s usually so cheap:https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/swai-fish#concerns
    That’s kind of sad with that Aussie building that condo that died. I’m sure he must have wanted to leave a legacy of some kind; maybe he had kids he wanted to leave it to or maybe a girlfriend/wife there… now the bank owns a crapload of rebar in the Philippines probably worth very little.
    Unfortunately when you live your life and that’s all that’s left of it.

  14. Just a question if you have any advice on, I’m from Australia and I’ve been in the Philippines for 4 months now. Do you know of any good Western Union agents? I want to get a large sum of money out by sending it to myself. The last Western Union agent tried to scam me so I’m quite wary now of just going to any Western Union agent.

  15. As per usual, another good video. It has occurred to me that do to the current pandemic and an onslaught of economic uncertainty that an awful lot of your previous videos will be rendered to be nothing more than a nostalgic look back on the Philippines. My point being budget hotel reviews that I had previously used for booking my stays in Cebu, may not be there any longer. At least this gives you an opportunity, if you chose to do so, to re-review them for current information, or to see if they are still in operation. Rod, I have used information I have gotten from you on far more occasion. I have never been disappointed. Looking forward to your future reviews and advise now more than ever. Stay safe.

  16. Wuflu has wrecked alot of our plans. Don’t even dare to book a flight right now. Although being quarantined at Crimson Resort Mactan is not bad at all.

  17. Hi Rod. It mush be tuff to be on lock down in a condo. I’m glad we didn’t buy our plane tickets and now trying to get a refund. Lucky for us. I hope to return in 2022. I would like it if it was 2021 but I really doubt that. Stay safe. Best wishes Bob.

  18. Good deal on testing, Rod. Be better if they were not Chinese test kits, far too many false positives and negatives. Wish they would do something in the Davao area.

  19. Rod. Dropped comment to the guy about doctor visits for seniors. If you know him might want to see he reads it as it might help him.

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