Empty Streets of Dumaguete City – Two Days Before ECQ Lockdown

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Was meandering around town a few days before the ECQ kicked in and decided to do a video on the deserted streets of Dumaguete City. (ECQ was extended yesterday until April 30.)
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This channel is an attempt to chronicle my life and adventures since arriving in the Republic of the Philippines on November 26, 2013. This is my first time taking video and editing, so please bear with the process. Hopefully, I will get better over time!! I hope you enjoy the videos and get something out of them. More episodes will be arriving over time so subscribe if you want to receive updates. Also be sure to check out our website over at www.myphilippinedreams.com

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  1. CDO is about to go into stage one…
    We just got the Barangay pass for only one to leave the house..
    Not limited to certain days…..Full freedom there..
    We still have jeeps and public transport..Old guys like me cant leave the house…
    And so far,,,,,,CDO is still virus free……WE REALLY DODGED THE BULLET SO FAR…

    Stay safe folks……Take it seriously..

  2. N95 mask I had hundreds of them back in NYC. When I moved to PH took all of them and threw them in the garbage when I sold my home and all my tools. That was 3 1/2 yrs ago, Big fuck up on my part, but who knew this would happen

  3. great to see dumaguete again. My wife went back there and tanjay city for three months. She barely got out before the flight problems to come back to USA. she left feb 27.

  4. I know every single part of this city, and i miss my filipina in casile (Dauin) but i can not going there, Thanks Ned to bring back some sweet memories , that i spent there 3 times already, I am from Canada but i can not going back there again for a very long time i guess . because of this covid 19999. LOL
    I wish i got stock there like you. celebrate my 52 bday with my palangging. 🙂
    Didn”t happened..

  5. Thanks Ned, loved the video, the ride through DumaGetMe. I had a great time there for 10 days back end of 2018 and hope to be back one day. The karaoke booth at the back of the Why Bother bar ain’t half bad and the girls who shoot pool are sweet too😉😄

  6. Good video….Here in Cebu City …I do 100 push ups and 500 sit ups …I also have a 50lbs rubber band for pulls and curls..I can’t wait for the pool and gym to open back up…..

  7. been a long time you did a video just like this with i be leave with the same music love this video the first video was around when i first stared to watch you channel,thanks again.

  8. I’ve been wondering what a drive around Dumaguete looks like, especially with no traffic. Can’t wait until I can travel from metro Manila and see the Vasayas region. Hopefully the world can open up again soon. Stay safe and God bless.

  9. Looks so nice there next trip I’ll have to spend a few days,wondering if I will have to quarentine 2 weeks if I go right away when they start allowing foreinger vacationers? Thanks Ned nice relaxing video

  10. No Ned, it has gotten worse here in the states. I’m in Cali and it’s bad here bro. Be safe my brother. Sharona for the babies name. You can say “My Sharona” ar ar ar 🙂

  11. Thanks, Ned. It was a bittersweet ride. I live a two minute walk away from the ocean near where you turned, yet because of my chronological status, I haven’t been outside of the walls surrounding my house in what already seems like an eternity (or at least a goodly chunk of an eternity). It’s funny how much I miss walking my boys to Silliman early childhood school in the mornings. No “good morning” exchanges with the friendly and caring gate guards, no “hello” to fellow parents and yan yans, no morning sun and almost early day fresh air … I think I’ll go break something so I can fix it.

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