Emergency Power in the Philippines: $125 Pure (?) Sine Wave DC Car Inverter

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The DC inverter I ordered off Lazada arrived and I tested it out on the following: fan, microwave, fridge, variable speed drill, phone charger, desktop PC, and 1 HP Midea/BostonBay inverter air conditioner. Nothing blew up and it seems OK for a low cost emergency power source.
Inverter I Purchased: https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/car-pure-sine-wave-power-inverter-converter-3000wpeak6000w-dc-12v-to-ac-220v-i572894654-s1560828438.html?mp=1
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This channel is an attempt to chronicle my life and adventures since arriving in the Republic of the Philippines on November 26, 2013. This is my first time taking video and editing, so please bear with the process. Hopefully, I will get better over time!! I hope you enjoy the videos and get something out of them. More episodes will be arriving over time so subscribe if you want to receive updates. Also be sure to check out our website over at www.myphilippinedreams.com

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  1. If you pull a load for very long, you may want to get a deep cycle battery, also. Less stress on car’s electrical system.

    A small generator may be a better long term solution.

  2. second, dont worry about the heat on the clips most of that heat is from the engine , block the heat from the engine and check the wire temp that will give you more of a idea how hot it is

  3. Get a Dual Fuel generator. I have a champion 3400-watt inverter. You can run it on Propane so you don’t have to worry about storing gas. The model # you want is champion 100263. it is very quiet. It costs half as much as a Honda. you can run you A/C You can get one for under $1000.00 It is also pure Sine Wave.

  4. that is true things like drills and fans will not work on modified waves, its just a fast on and off flickering power, not a constant power, so you do have a pure sign wave, cool,

  5. Ned… Connection temperature should be fine up to 60 C,. Normal output on a running vehicle is 13.8 to 14.1 (without load). It will be lower when you connect things to the inverter. 12.5 with the vehicle off. If your voltage drops below 12.5 (engine running), you are exceeding the capacity of the alternator. Keep in mind, demand on the car battery can be very high with an inverter. 250 amps with a 3000 watt inverter. I would recommend a more permanent connection method like https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/350amp-connector-plug-trailer-dual-battery-connerctor-12v-24v-350a-w-gray-handle-i704024217-s2039242933.html?spm=a2o4l.searchlist.list.5.32b16d46GRZSr4&search=1

  6. Ned…. car batteries run at 13-14 volts….its normal not hot.
    Your bigger problem is that volcano in Occidental 😖

    PS…. be sure to have a full tank of gas lol

  7. Ned, when it comes to solar batteries in the Philippines you have to remember 2 golden rules. No. 1 forget about lead acid or lithium ion batteries they won’t do well there. And No. 2 never order anything from China from inside the Philippines because you will get the lowest standards of quality China makes. It’s better to buy things from China that have a been exported outside of Asia…. higher quality. You would want lithium polymer batteries for the Philippines. I know a guy that makes them on the side if your interested In checking them out👍👍

  8. 30-40 minutes? What UPS are you running? When the power goes out, I shut my electronics of and only run a fan because we have a baby. that last about 8-10 hrs depending on the speed. I admittedly haven’t watched the whole video but I’m assuming you continue to work.

  9. Ned: #1. a long cord like that you are going to have a substantial power loss over distance and that cord can get hot and melt under high loads
    #2. definitely get “OFC” 2 AWG OR 0 AWG wire for your clamps
    #3. On a solar array if you buy battle born batteries or similar good brands and properly housed they will last 10+ years in a tropical area…
    A good generator in a dog house like enclosure will be almost silent and you can rig up a bigger gas tank easily plus you can double up on the muffler
    Just wanted to give you some extra info
    Also you should up the idle rpm on your vehicle to get more power from your alternator… less stress on your battery
    AGM Deep cycle battery is better also

  10. Ned I am mike Bloye living in Bulacan. I agree the power can be a major problem but before yesterday I had no idea how large a problem . We bought one of the LG split air cons for the house ours is old and yesterday the workmen cam around to fit it everything went wrong. The unit when fitted would cover around 1 inch at the very top on the window so that means that window can’t open. I thought ok I will have to live with that. PS I did not pick this aircon I am still not allowed out the house. Then outside on the balcony they went to fit the large conductor type thing thing, suddenly they said it will drip water and that will make the balcony wet.( not impressed) anyway I figured I could cut a 8 ft narrow channel to the drainage hole at the front of the balcony. They drilled a hole through the wall and hit two support rods right where they crossed and that took them 20 mins the cut through those. Then cam the best bits where is my breaker for the air con ??? WHAT I did not even know we needed that so the wife gets a trike to the builders place and gets one. By now she is worried because she thinks I am way to Calm. The fit the stuff all screwed in place and ready to go. And out he comes with the cue de grass. Sorry you can’t have the air con on . Why? Because your voltage is only 175 not 220. They took everything down and now I am stuck with a hole in the wall that goes right through 6 screw holes on the inside on a newly painted wall. Can anyone beat that. Why o why did they not test the power first because they said almost half the houses in this area have power problem.
    I would put my head in my hands a sob gently but with my luck I miss or drop it .. take care Mike

  11. I have had a 12v car battery charged before in the Phils, and the max charge number was 13.9… That is all I can tell you.. Good luck with it… Bruce

  12. Mate, there is a very good reason why people use generators which I will not bother going into. But two points I will make 1. You will 100% kill your 4×4 leaving it to just idle like that. 2. Just but a Genni and throw an insulated box around it for noise. Take care and all the best

  13. Those interested in a dual-use technology vehicle battery could consider buying a Prius or other hybrid. A friend of mine powered his house for several days during hurricane Sandy in 2012 by coupling his Prius traction battery to an inverter and in turn to his home’s junction box. The advantage of the Prius is that the gasoline engine automatically turns on and off as needed to keep the traction battery charged, thereby avoiding wasting energy. In contrast, a normal car engine will continue to run at the same rate whether the current is being used or not, which can lead to pretty large-scale waste of electrical energy, and by extension, of gasoline.

  14. You might want to see if you can get a Heavy Duty plug converter between electric cord and inverter. Looks like you have a homeowners quality plug. That might lose some power or may even burn it up after hrs of running.

  15. What about windpower.
    There are small windpower generators that give you 5000KW per year that you put on a flagpool or likewise above the roof.

  16. bought a generator 2 years ago the day after it arrived it went to use hard rain storm took out 2 power poles on the next street over from me. 14 hours later it was back on later in the summer being in california and the “mandatory” power outages it got to see more use. ever since then its been very handy even if loud

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