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  1. LOL “Maybe Not So Much!”?  You are so right my friend.  I am an internet marketing professional and there is no easy way if you don’t have a skill that you can do on line that makes you special.  I can do it because I have a very special skill that not just anyone can do well.  But I have to sell all my own clients and take all the risk.  Like Henry said make sure you have it coming in before you leave.

  2. Right on Henry. It’s never as easy as it looks. A few tips that might help those who are serious.
    1. Reduce current debt level to zero.
    2. Reduce living expenses to the least amount possible.
    3. Get a part time job. Use the money initially to accomplish step one as soon as possible. After that is done start on step four.
    4. Start building, as secure as possible, a income producing investment.
    5. If possible develop an income stream that does not require your physical presence in a brick and mortar enviroment.
    Take care,

    1. @Over The Rainbow – Philippines very solid plan.  nothing kills or drains like debt.  i was debt free about 4 years prior to making my move to the PH.

  3. Good info. If you feel comfortable sharing how you create your videos, from equipment such as go pro and the stick you use, to editing software, I and maybe others would be interested in seeing that end of things too. Thank you,

  4. Thank you for this video!!!…you talk a lot of honest, down-to-earth sense !!..the key word is HONEST.
    Like you I have been involved in the computer industry for more years than I care to remember…I can even remember one of my staff stapling a heap of punch cards together…not a good idea!!
    You probably wont remember but I will be moving to the Phils in March 2015. Fortunately I have an Australian government pension, and an active Youtube account as well as a website I am developing to market eBooks and audioBooks.
    Additionally, I intend to market some products through ….just little bits and pieces to stay within a budget..
    My Filipina lady…who calls me her “angel”..(gulp) is also very entrepreneurially minded.
    Again…you are a good man, and if you dont subscribe to my channel, I will stick pins in your effigy!!…lololololololol

  5. Thankyou Reekay. Re online businesses, I regard as desirable, oftentimes essential, a 100% reliable electricity supply, internet and phone lines. Unscheduled brownouts are an unacceptable way of life. One question to the wider audience; Do you have particular concerns about internet security especially in the Philippines? 

    1. @brandywell44 an UPS unit can maintain power for about 4+ hours, so that is one option.  wifi continues to work even without house power since it has it’s own battery or can run off USB.  i’ve not had any security issues, but then i don’t login to banking at sketchy net cafes either.  i only do that from my own laptop.

  6. I am someone who plans to move to the phillipines. But I don’t think you can “plan” on having online income. You need a significant chunk of savings, and some type of income coming from the states. If you get over there and have extra time like Henry, and start an online, thing via youtube or otherwise, and make some extra money off of it, great. But you should not count on it, and you definitely shouldn’t count on getting a job there either.

  7. The best way is to have an income stream that is passive. I have purchased two condos in Manila which will be turned over in 2016.
    I will live in one condo and rent one out. The investment property will be cashflow positive and my mortgage payment to the bank for my condo will be cheaper than market rent.
    Both properties will be paid off in less than 10 years.

    I will also be working remotely in my own business on a part time basis. My business will be based in New Zealand, where I am currently living.

    By earning a western income and living in the Phils is a great way to build wealth.

    Hayden, NZ

  8. For 99% of guys coming to the Philippines and hoping to make $ here, it’s the same as the old saying about the farmer getting $1 million dollars.  When asked what he will do with it, he says “farm until it’s gone”.  It costs money to be here, even if you choose to live like a hermit.  In that case, I’d say it is far better to work 6 months in the US and live the other six in PH.  Who want’s to be a hermit?  Even the Filipinos will think you are wacky-wacky.

    1. @Beyond Idaho yep.. i was kinda a hermit on the outskirts of the province in bohol.  great experience for me, but the barangay had plenty of stories going around about me by the time i left at year later.  🙂

  9. I am a big fan of Odesk , Fiverr, and Elance.  Odesk allows you to take skills tests for free and really doesn’t cost you any money.  Fiverr allows you to do small tasks for $5.00.  You walk away with about $4.50  Elance is where I do most of my work and is really good.

  10. Great video Henry thanks for the links to check out and gives us all here in the not so exciting west something to ponder and to hopefully make our philippine dream come true.

  11. I Love your videos Ricky 🙂 The one serious major headache I see to your making online income in the Philippines is the sometimes intermittent Internet service available. How much of a Problem is this in real terms? My Fiancee is from the Baguio City area ( and it’s a Major Education Hub ) even things like Skype are a VERY iffy media source there, it has been my experience that you need some very good patients when dealing with these problems :). I have also been to Thailand and while telecommunications there can be slow, 3G at best…it normally works very reliable.

    1. @14wordsforlife trying to skype is the biggest headache.  audio w/no video is about as reliable as it gets w/skype.   but normally, near any big city, internet is manageable at around 1-3Mbps.  I was getting by on 500kbps while living in the boonies of bohol.

  12. As Always Ricky Love Your Videos. You had said in one of your past responses to me that you are getting by on renewing your Tourist visa as a way to more or less permanent residency 🙂 Is it true to avoid the P.I.T.A. Factor you can now get after the first 59 days extensions good for 6 months instead of having to mess around every 2 months like before?

    1. @14wordsforlife from what i understand, yes.. you can save money by renewing 6 months at a time.  i just haven’t looked into it personally myself.

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