Electronics Mall Bangkok – Tim K

Walking through a mall with a photographer and an entrepreneur with a conclusion on global supply chains from the ground level.


  1. the stuff you were talking about at the end is real ! people here in the U S are panicking and buying up all the TP and food off the shelves . it’s crazy . Good luck Tim .

  2. World’s going to go California don’t want you anymore dude you need a kind of rain it in little bit don’t you you got a child now quit being so selfish

  3. Tell em…Blue Horse Shoe loves Anacott Steel ha ha funny and the power cell phone. What a rare find.. collectable. Being a Stock Trader i loved watching both of the Wall Street Movies. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sell Sell Sell

  4. Is there a way to contact you in a more private setting? I heard you talking about a intro and I can possibly help you with that. Trump 2020 rock on bro.

    1. It’s a hat and a shirt, maybe you missed the joke. BTW both my father and grandfather served in the navy. I have the ultimate respect for Vets.

  5. Hi Tim. Do you get that videos of you, your wife and the baby makes for more views? Looks like you ….why not be home with mommy and baby?’

  6. Tim – only females say “Kha”.
    One month ago – mid-Feb., Shanghai Port was only 10% capacity.

  7. Bro I am catching up on your vids and I’m a little behind. Please tell me you and Chrissy are still together? If you don’t wamt to talk about it that’s fine. Praying for all of you and Baby Dale. Stay safe during this virus.

  8. Hey Tim,
    One of the best vids I have seen you do.
    I laughed so much.
    Thought I was there with you chilling with you guys,
    More Bro time vids

  9. Even the imports to China are sitting in Closed Ports. Unable to distribute goods in China. Shipments stopped waiting offshore and diverted to.other Countries

  10. Tim, Thailand uses “polite particles”, Feminine being “Ka”, Masculine being “Krap”. Please… use the correct “polite particles”, quit saying “Ka”, women say “Ka”. Men say “Krap” (pronounced more or less like “Cup”). Maybe the locals will start to think your a ladyboy? (ha ha!) Cheers

  11. You should be home with Tin taking care of your child! Not being a jet setter! Being a husband is more than just paying the bills! Support Tin ! Cherish her and your child! They are a gift to you!

  12. Hi Tim some people don’t understand your jokes and need to get up off the sofa in there mama’s basement and do something with there life’s

  13. Hello From Boca Raton
    Now the whole State of Florida is in the Shut Dawn 30days….
    Great Video ๐ŸŒด๐Ÿ‘ looking forward for more….

  14. you should consider getting the camera harald has that setup captures the moments very well edit: your friend there has the same one it looks like does he have a channel?

  15. Tim K, Nice Electronics Mall Bangkok. I am cracking laughing out loud when It happened again, the same situations when you experience in Africa. By the way, a weird reborn John Lennon with tattoo spotted. A new friend here, watching all the way from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜‡

  16. hello tim we are from the visayas region also and concern about your wife and baby. when are you coming back? dont worry even if you are in leyte still there will be lots of followers and subscribers. Your family Your treasure.

  17. are you already back in the Philippines? If not you have until tomorrow to get there or you wont be allowed for the foreseeable future. And it doesn’t matter if you have a wife and child there. You MUST be traveling with her to get back in.

  18. That phone looks like my first phone in 1983, “The Brick” from Radio Shack! The transmitter was 5 Watts! (12-inch antenna) This was the Motorola knock-off. Batteries lasted 5 to 6 months. Batteries were $50.00 With Verizon service my coverage was from San Diego to Santa Barbara with no roaming charges!

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