Electronics In the Philippines – Prices to Expect (2of2)

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  1. Thanks for this video about buying electronics in the Philippines.  I find that it all depends on that you are doing here in the Philippines.  If you are just hanging out and communicating with friends and family on phone, text and Skype and sharing some photos and doing facebook, then you don’t need top of the line equipment and you will be fine with a decent (unlocked) smartphone and a basic laptop, tablet or netbook.
    But…if you make your living using these electronics, then DO NOT trust non-brand name items (we call them China Phones or China whatever).  They often have hacked/bootlegged versions of operating systems and programs/apps that will fail you and are likely not secure and as Henry mentioned batteries that suck.   Make sure you buy a good Waterproof & damage proof case if you can find one in Philippines. 
    If you are sort of … in between in your needs… and want to find some good deals…look at some of the Zillions of pawn shops.  Often items brand name items are pawned when brand new, sent or bought as gifts or they “fell of the back of a truck” and the person pawns them still in the original box then buys a cheap China Phone and pockets the money.  Dual sim phones (not usually available in USA/Canada/Europe) are also very handy.

  2. (for those of you who arrived early..)  i’m uploading Part 2 before Part 1, at the request of a few who said it would make the playlist better.  but.. i rarely do this because it causes confusion until all parts are online, which can take a while due to the slow speeds here whenever there’s a storm or banana tree in the way of the signal.  anyway… part 1 is on the way.  🙂

  3. Wow, I didn’t know Unitop had mp3 players..I have a ton of files I can load.  Thanks.

    You asked to comment if we found good deals…I did buy a 42″ HD Haier TV with all the inputs HDMI, USB and such for about 16,000php or 364.00usd at SM Appliance at SM City in Iloilo.  I had shopped Lozada and others but wasn’t ready to buy.  This was a super deal and much cheaper than what I had seen online.  I interface it with a stereo system and stream movies via HDMI from my computer.  It pays to shop around because I think this was a close out special. 

    1. @My Philippine Journey the one i have is pretty cool.  nice blue color.  i put my mp3’s on a usb memory ‘nub’ and it plays them with no problem.  🙂

  4. Reekay whats your feeling on the stores in the malls selling genuine brand (known name) products? There’s plenty of info out there stating in Thailand for example 
    The stores in the mall sell knock of imitations etc! I’ve been a victim of this myself and the products fall apart very quickly, i suppose I don’t mind paying Western prices 
    if I am getting Western quality.

    1. @thehalokidster my biggest purchase was a brand name refrigerator and have had zero problems with it.  one thing to note about electronics in the PH, is that they will always test it before it leaves the store.  that means ‘no returns, no refunds’ unless written otherwise.  and even then it would be an exchange-only.

    1. Cell phones need to be GSM and unlocked or a brand that can be unlocked easily , I’ve shipped as many as 10 laptops at a time in balikbayan boxes,,, fewer than 1% get x-ray inspected and outside of Manila or Cebu I’d suspect 0% get inspected.

    2. @p smith yes, a ‘fair use’ amount is allowed with checked baggage upon entry to the ph.  but if you had a suitcase filled with more than 3 laptops, expect to get questioned by customs when you arrive at the ph.

  5. i used  ebay  ph    and  sulit  to buy  a used korean  22 monitor and a new  usb  aoc 22 inch   so i can run both on my laptop  one vga  other usb, plus  internet  … some places i stay now offer me  dsl  / wifi  27mbps..    had that before from skybroadband in manila sucat by airport    by sm  mall sucat  condo at avida  paranaque

  6. 2 days ago  new  bought a  gopro clone in uk from ebay  SJCAM  4000  not the wifi, but the sd card ver 1  i am so impressed    with it  after i  watch lots YOUTUBE  shoots    cost me  £40  GBP   its looks 100% like a GOPRO    check out EBAY  YOUTUBE  all gopro parts fit it  case  headmount  all for $59USD   wide lens      U need watch youtube SJ4000  to confirm amazing quality

  7. Ebay is actually also pretty accessible from here. I’ve bought lots on ebay, pretty much never get charged any customs but shipping takes a while unless you use an expensive shipping service. It won’t be cheaper than home, but it might be cheaper than buying things here, and you’ll find stuff that you simply can’t find here. Just be careful with appliances with the whole 110 vs 220 volts. There’s also shipping services that can forward things from the US which enables you to buy things on amazon as well. For small gadgets and stuff, check out deal extreme, they offer free shipping on everything, even if you buy something for 1 dollar. This is one of the downsides of the Philippines. There’s not a great selection here, you basically find the same stuff everywhere in all the stores and for a foreigner there’s a lot missing. Luckily in these days it’s a small world, so you can always get it online if you’re willing to pay for shipping…

    1. @Steve A here in dumaguete, you can get a gopro at about five locations.. but the accessories are slim pickings.  so for add-ons you’d be better off going online.

  8. bought a tablet for my young daughter from cherry mobile, it was 3999 php, i was very suprised how good it is for that money, thats about £58 uk or $95 us.i know what your saying about tvs and laptops, also i wanted a front loading european style auto washing machine but all the ones i found were almost three times more than in the uk, it would be almost cheaper to ship one from uk.

    1. @tomasbobby for lightweight use, facebooking in town, etc. they are a good deal.  also not as painful if stolen.  ha!  the one i have now, the battery won’t charge.  not sure if i’ll get a new battery or just buy a bigger tablet.  i rarely use it unless riding a bus or traveling.

  9. thanks henry good share again. ill bring my old laptop and buy a new one before i come , ill bring all my small electronics with me and just buy tv there .

  10. Henry , I have found that quality , brand name phones Samsung , I phone ,ect, are a lot more also there in PI. Also maybe you should warn about street vendors selling what appears to be brand name box and all but are really cheap knock offs with cheap internals that don’t work well and don’t last long at all . Beware if its cheap its cheap . Thanks for another good video .

    1. @Scott Parnell a very good rule to follow, yes.  “cheap is cheap”.  and in the ph, it often turns out to be disposable after a few uses.  ha!

  11. in Manila i always visit CDR-King. low quality electronic items for low low price with BAD service.   cheap electronics is i think a good thigh considering the calamities we face often.  disposable elctronics is ideal.   at least for people with deeper pockets. 

    1. @bert duarte i go to cdr-king for stuff like laptop fan, memory usb sticks, external keyboard, that sort of thing.  not sure i’d trust a 500Gb hard drive from there though.

  12. sorry  henry ,but lazada sucks for me. They want you to send copy of your pasport cc or/and id ,before they process your order.

    Ofcourse they dont mention it ,on the orderingpage,otherwise people would avoid their site.

     You can read bout  it in their policy tho.

    I do not see ,why any online store ,has the right do that. i see it as violation of my privacy,and i will never give any online store  copies of my id card.

  13. Electronics here are more expensive coz nothing is made here in the Phils. Probably 98% of the electronics is imported in which has all these taxes attached to it. Thus, as a result, drives costs of electronic good that much higher. Same as food… Same as cars… Cars here are like double the price… why? coz Philippines does not have their own plant… Like electricity… why does Philippines charge so much and it produces the least (frequent blackouts). Coz, we don’t have our own means of generating our own power (Ilocos Norte does but why not the rest of the Phils.. that’s why they almost never have blackouts). Not an expert… Just my opinion and two cents…

  14. The Flat screen TVs are coming down now and have been for about a year or 18 months I bought one about 3 years back and paid nearly 70k peso and now I know you can get the same TV for less than half that and bigger.  Mobile phones I still find more expensive than the UK I cant comment on USA prices but I know in the UK they are cheaper for branded and semi branded phones.  Laptops are just insanely expensive here compared to even the UK and the UK is expensive compared to the states.  Defiantly renew your laptop at home if you intend to move here as if you don’t you will wish you had when things go wrong.

  15. Electronics are cheaper in Malaysia and take them to the Philippines. I buy laptops, smart phones (especially the Redmi 1S), and TVs in Kuala Lumpur. This is probably the closest place to the Philippines where the semiconductor industry thrives and benefits the local consumers.

  16. Great info Henry I have checked out Lazada.com before they are considered the SEA Amazon I believe, they look good and I have heard many pinay speak of them, everyone tends to go here to look up prices of things.

  17. Make note that many new store built and used PC’s, laptops and tables come with a pirated/illegal copies of Windows and Android OS. This means no updates, security issues and problems with Apps and programs working properly

  18. yes I agree with you I take a cheap camera with me on the bike keep droping it so I have to tape it together now but hey it still works ok most of my mobile on bike pictures are with that camera also I have a fake go pro  to

    1. @Kriss Bartlett there’s an old photography axiom that answers the question, “what’s the best camera?”.. answer; “the one that is with you.” ha! mine is in good condition but it’s seen some humidity here and there. glitches once in a blue moon but resets easily so, i keep using it to crank out some decent shots. 🙂

  19. Hey Henry,I love your videos and I am looking forward to making my philippines journey by Christmas of this year.I was wondering if you could possibly get a review on apple products there? The price of an iphone 6 for example and wht is the quality of apple products there as opposed to here.I live in Florida U.S.A by the way. and have you been to davao yet?

  20. i’ve had problems with purchasing batteries(AA or AAA) there. they dont seem to last. so visitors should bring some from the states.

    1. +TheMinuteman1964 the only way to go, living here, is to buy rechargeable batteries and a charger. between my mouse, digital camera, clock, etc.. the cheap ones they sell here don’t last more than a few days.

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