Elderly Hanoi woman grateful for help

Putting a smile on a sad vendor’s face.

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  1. I just thought of something. Movlogs makes videos of Ferraris and Lamborghinis and a lot of fun. Troy makes videos of poor people, it’s real. Seeing Troy’s videos is better somehow. Helping the poor is what we’re supposed to do. Not buy Ferraris.

  2. That lady maybe a victim of Agent Orange, one of the effects of the chemical was people would lose sight or would even be born with no eyes.

  3. She was in pretty bad shape by the looks of her. How old did she say she was? 1 million isn’t much but in USA money it’s 43 dollars to her. That’s allot of money for her.

  4. Glad you didnβ€˜β€™t fall into the the holes of the bridge, Troy! Who will be helping these poor old folks then. This blind woman is blind, ancient, and still working to feed her grandchildren.Just goes to show, one need not be a parasite of society even handicapped.Wonder what is the story with the grandchildren, whether they are doing anything to help their poor grandma. The neighbour is good to help her. Good work again, Troy.πŸ˜πŸ§πŸ‘β€

  5. When I see this blind woman WORKING while I have to support 4th generation welfare slobs who are physically fit, it makes me even more furious at the mobs who loot and burn my cities, tear down our statues, and demand more welfare from the very people (me) who pay them to kill us in the end.

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