Effective Immediately: Cebu City Now Closed to Non-Essential Entry

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    In this video I discuss, “Effective Immediately: Cebu City Now Closed to Non-Essential Entry”

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  2. The virus is an excuse for the real agenda, to steal what’s left from the common man. We are all frogs in a pot set to boil if we don’t jump out soon.

  3. Locking down “probably” slows down one problem and creates 10 others. Locking down ain’t the solution. We need to accept that there’s the coronavirus around just like a million other things that can harm you

  4. Looks like Cases are rising.. just like in the USA. great update! It wouldn’t surprise me if the Philippines goes back into MGCQ or GCQ in some areas that are more populated

  5. This “crisis ” has absolutely nothing to do with our health. As though the disgusting political puppet parasites ever gave two turds about
    Research Agenda 2030. “They ” clearly have been planning a ‘reset’ for a VERY long time.
    World Economic Forum and Rockerfeller Foundation websites clearly explain these latest agendas.
    In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.

    Franklin D. Roosevelt
    Its time the masses get off the pathetic kool-aid and WAKE UP!!!!
    This covid sham is a trojan horse ushering in the hugest change over reset scam in history .
    While people hand over their freedoms over a .24% death rate. Those of which are people that have numerous underlying
    causes of death. Just as the flu has always done. Research it people…

  6. Making people stressed ,we need to get ours life Going feed ours family , Time to end the covid , this thing cannot Drag on forever , The world’s will be Bankruptcy no Business goes closed people cannot continue to be Locked Down .

  7. Thanks Ricky.
    But I still don’t get it only the phillo with jobs are allowed in and out of Cebu. Hmmmm
    The way I see it that’s 80+% of the population can travel freely.
    ..am I missing something ?

  8. Pure stupidity closing places down. Destroy economies, livelihoods, people starve, depression, suicide. The WHO has said stop shutdowns it doesn’t stop this virus which has a 99.9 percent survival rate.

  9. Welcome to the party as of the 16 we are back to the 3 day pass only here in Davao City. U have to be in your home by 7 PM. I am going out today while the getting is good. The lockdowns are getting worse not better.

  10. Ridiculous handling situation. I really do not know who give this people advice!!!!! If their advices were working , Philippines was not one of the worst country in regards with Covid_19 around the world. Whatever, anyways good luck to them with their nonsense ways.

  11. Hey Reekay my friend, it just seems that this virus is one step ahead of the government of all nations. People really need to wise up, this virus is no joke. Thank you so much for your great content my friend. You and Vie please stay safe.

  12. New Meico Guv announced last nite, Friday eve, a total-kinda lockdown of state for 2 weeks beginning Monday morning. Within an hour runs on Walmarts state wide. No more TP!

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