ECU Shop Thailand

#Skyline #Evo #Honda
I recently went to visit ECU Shop here in Bangkok Thailand, tour their facility and check out some of the awesome drag cars and diesel trucks they have on display.

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  1. Thank you so much for starting this channel and showing people the less common side of Thailand. I’ve been living in Thailand on and off for 1.5 years now and you inspired me to create my own youtube channel and document my adventures 🙂 Keep it up!

  2. Wow they must be doing well for themselves having such a nice facility, and the collection of cars is impressive. Points taken away for forgetting the hilux lol.

  3. You’ve found an extremely interesting niche for automotive content and modified transportation of any type. Even better they race most of what they build. Great stuff and excellent presentation. Thanks for the entertainment while we’re stuck at home.

  4. I guess it’s obvious why the Baht is getting so strong against other currencies. Thailand is going to be a big player in manufacturing in the future. Have you ever seen the paintings that these guys copy? I’ve seen the ‘Mona Lisa’ that is identical to the original. I bought some ‘Lacoste’ shirts in the eighties. The crocodile fell off after two days but the shirts lasted for YEARS. They are brilliant at copying things.
    Riding your bike around the ute while the guy’s working on it. LOL You are definitely an off the wall kinda guy. Keep up these videos, Chad, highly entertaining.

  5. Man it looks hot there. Is there a sport bike crowd there? Would you be willing to check it out? Don’t want to crush you creative freewill. Awesome video, thank you very much.

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