Eating ALONE in Korea: 24 Hour $9 Sukiyaki

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    1. The thing is, most Halal korean food restaurants ARE in Itaewon. It’s not really a thing outside of that area because the rest of Seoul is catered to Koreans, not foreigners.

    1. We took massive break gaps of like months, so maybe YouTube is punishing us. Also, our content is very restricted to those searching for this in Korea. I think if we started doing weird things or lists or controversial videos we’d probably get the views back (or not). It’s sad to see, but we’ve made every mistake you can think of making on our journey of YouTube hahahah right now, we’re actually consultants for other channels and every time we consult on something it usually turns out very well for others.

      Just goes to show, if you cant’ do: teach, is a real thing 😛 We’re not giving up tho!

      But as you can see from a lot of our videos, it seems that the ones that get the most views are just entirely luck-based. Other times, it’s specifically because people are searching for a topic and they’re not watching it for us (the hosts).

      That’s kind of been our downfall. We never really built the channel around us as people. Rather, we built it around the theme (Korea). So once people move on with their lives, they don’t really come back. Our strongest supporters (and repeat viewers) are people who ended up liking us as people and come back to support us (which we are very thankful for) but that is a very small percentage compared to the massive percentage of those who just stopped by or subscribed for specific content and were either indifferent towards us as creators or even didn’t like us.

      Thanks for the compliment though and I hope you stay on board forrreeeverrr~

  1. *does bar of soup sponsor* *then when done put wet soapy bar into pocket and walks outside* lolol i just picture that for some reason after that ad of his

    1. No, this isn’t Kbbq. You normally can’t eat alone at Kbbq or you have to order more than a single-person serving. We’ve done a couple of Kbbq videos already though! Please look for them 😀

  2. You can say that Haeppy is the king of the peasants. He likes the “fake taste” in that chocolate video when Xander was talking ow this chocolate pie like a mcdonalds pie but just black how trash it is but Haeppy said “ow this is good, you white people don’t apricicate the fakeness”.

  3. At this point, all that I want is for Haeppy to show up in all videos with ADs and say those five words, “You’ve Been Struck By AD.”💜😂

  4. Yes! Promote washing hands. I was shocked how often I just see people leave the bathroom without washing their hands here lol I stare at them in judgement 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Lol “you’ve been struck by AD”. You guys always make so hungry with your food videos 😍😍 also, wow it’s open 24 hrs 😱😱 boss man is a cutie 🥰

  6. Btw could I eat at this place with only English? You could add some comment about this on these videos for us tourists on the verge of death by starvation in Seoul

    1. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like there’s any English on the menu. HOWEVER! Since you have this video, all you gotta do is point! Hehehehe

  7. Yes, you presented it Very deliciously and that is why my friend just ordered a delivery for us as she got hungry just watching.. 😀 Thank you WeFancy for yet another You Are Gonna Gain Weight videos!

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