Eating ALL the Korean Fire Noodle Flavors!

Xander and Haeppy Try All the Korean Fire Noodle Flavors!

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  1. you guys missed the Curry flavor LOL its not that bad spicy wise, and totally agree how the cheesy one isnt that good. Love the blackbean flavor too, that and curry are the best tasting in my opinion.

    1. @Haeppy just letting ya know its out there, and yummy,(at least i think so) but i like the spicy and nuclear ones too, so you guys may not agree its tasty πŸ˜› like i think it is. always fun watching you all give us the low down on the korean eats! thank you.!

  2. Can you make a video of food for basic white peach like me who can’t handle ANY kind of heat from food? TT I don’t mean restaurant food like chicken bbq etc but like instant convenience store things ^^ love as always from a looking time subscriber ^^

    1. @jen with luv I have a bad enough time with Acid Reflux without these badboys. Yet I love the taste and texture of them πŸ˜• sometimes I endure the pain lol

  3. We are being so spoiled with all these videos! Loving it. Xander, your girlfriend is so cute. She won me over by her cute smile and her seven rounds of ramyun ❀️ I think I would want to try the meat spaghetti one and the braised spicy chicken soup. RIP Haeppy’s stomach LOL

  4. Love spicy food! I like the 2x spicy noodle. For some reason all the other spicy noodles like carbonara, mala , cheese etc were taken off the shelf for a while here at my local store. Maybe it doesnt sell as much as the original and 2x spicy.

  5. I like those nuclear 2x spicy ones! Can’t go back to the original fire noodles.
    also do try the ice version, i had it in the summer and i swear it’s spicier than normal because it’s cold.

  6. My favorite is the jjajangmyeon style fire noodles and the originals. I can’t believe Haeppy can even stomach Chapaghetti 🀒(the worst noodle out there)
    P.s. Everytime we see Sunny, her outfit be on point

  7. Please next time prepare your tummy for it. I’m worried. Maybe drink some yoghurt first, eat some egg or rice, before doing this kind of spicy noodles challenge. Especially when you are eating lots of it.

  8. My favorites are the original, cheesy, and the 2x (nuclear?). I didn’t know that the 2x one is a limited edition. No wonder it easily sells out whenever our local Korean shop gets stock.

  9. I found the black one in Adsa 2weeks ago, it was way spicier than I thought it’d be, I had a cut on my lip at the time so they were burning. managed to finish it though, followed quickly by a glass of milk

  10. I hated the cheese it smelt and tasted so fake I couldn’t finish it. It was just appalling for me.
    However carbonara and original are my favourites!
    I was introduced to this ramen through the x2 spice challenge and I finished it but I love the spiciness of the original more than the ν•΅

  11. carbonara one is my fave!! different shape of noodles too..still spicy haha i only put half of the chili powder but nicer than the cheese one..
    I have try the green one…and say bye to the black one without even want to try it haha

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