Easiest Croissant Recipe, Little Effort

Vlog#825 By Request here it is, the easiest flaky croissant recipe that taste like buttered heaven, with flaky dinner roles included in batch. Oh and one more shot at the Vegimite.
Ingredient: 3 cups Bread flour, dash of salt, tablespoon yeast, 1/4 cup Butter, 1/2 room temp butter, teaspoon sugar for the yeast, 1/4 sugar for the dough, 1 cup warm milk, room temp egg,
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  1. great vid Chuck, got to admit never had vegemite on a sweet sugary croissant, usually just a tiny scrape over buttered toast…but thats just me:)

  2. in the UK it’s Marmite and the commercial says you love it or hate it, and I love it mostly on toast with butter, Vegemite is a poor Australian imitation and I hate it.

  3. Ok…. the bread came out perfect and looks really good. You know maybe the vegamite brand isn’t the best. Not many choices in Thailand, probably. Looks like you did it right but I’m sure you’ll get some good feed back …. thanks Chuck…

  4. Chuck, I am sorry but that apron is too cute, I can see Paige smiling all the way here in NYC… 5555 You what they say about pay backs… 5555

  5. I am not a chef but I think that when you are layering for the croissants final batter, you must brush every layer with copious amount of melted butter, the; flaking would be more crispy.

  6. Love the apron, I am not a big fan of butter, however, if I can’t feel the texture in my mouth I do not mind it so much. Please send us some Mangos, I really love Mangos. Stay safe and have fun.

  7. I really enjoyed that sure looks like a lot of work you did for us I’m going to try making that this week it really looks good thanks old buddy

  8. I do notice that you guys have a certain item on a few of your clothing items such as that cap πŸ™‚ Not that I am judging anything by it πŸ™‚

  9. It’s ok Chuck I’m English been in Australia for 60 plus years my husband Australian and my daughter and they both love vegemite as do my 3 grandkids me yuk think you have to be brought up with the stuff xxx

  10. lol I have never had a croissant with vegemite, it’s got to be toast mate or on a sandwich πŸ™‚ damn it is hard to teach you guys proper Australian etiquette πŸ™‚

  11. good on ya chuck you tried vegemite properly 1/2 the vegemite and coffee its an acquired taste we grow up on it we get a laugh we know yous put to much on and the reaction good on ya chuck an honorary beer drinking vegemite eating stirring practical joker with a good sense of humour Aussie chuck welcome to club mate buddy pal has foreigner joe had vegemite

  12. Chuck Vegemite is an acquired taste on toast with butter or you may have herd of Cheesy bite its a mixture of both in a bottle, try it with a slice of mature melted cheese in the grill toaster πŸ‘D. Downunder

  13. Great video. I’m a fan of chocolate croissants..will admit I like marmite here in the uk on toast with loads of butter..my wife in buriram went shopping today and got lots of discounts on food on the supermarket..she was saying not many people in there..I really hope the lockdown ends soon in Thailand for the sake of the Thai people there…they need to get back to work and normal day to day living

  14. Well that certainly looks yummy Chuck only problem is I don’t have a oven at my home in Surin but I guess I will have to get one.
    Oh and save that vegemite for when I come and visit you guys.

  15. Hi Chuck! That’s an easy recipe, just like you said! I love the way you present it in the “guy” way! 555! I think that I might be able to do this! πŸ˜ƒ
    Hello to Paige! Take care, – Charles

  16. That’s one of the right ways to eat it, it’s not for ever one . I’d keep it quiet though otherwise you may have visa problems if you ever come visit. πŸ™‚

  17. Not bad , not bad at all,I was trying the other day to look for the video when you gave the children presents at the school,is their any chance you could tell me what vlog number it was,I want to show it to a friend,much appreciated if you could,πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ™πŸ™

  18. Good video. One of my goals in retirement is to learn how to bake. I will keep this for future reference as I dont have an oven st this time.

  19. Great time saving&easy recipe. I hv a tip, maybe instead of spreading the soft butter between layers, just grate cold butter with a grater evenly over the dough. Would love to try it.

  20. Now Chucky listen, .. if you wanna get past our Australian Immigration Officers at the airport when you come and visit Australia, ( hope you do soon).. you gotta change your relationship with Vegemite. By golly.. you nearly had it right, warm toast and a small amount of “The Mite”…is best. Love your stuff, thanks for the effort.

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