Earth 2 Terrain Video Reaction

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  1. Why don’t you return back to your traditional videos on property.
    Film your steps/process and research you are undergoing for the Alta Vista lot, it will receive more positive feedback and views, far more than Earth 2.
    Beware about Earth2. Remember the creation of different β€œearths” online is infinite – as the resources available to build multiple VRs is infinite – this is not truly connected to limited tangible value.

  2. Bro… stopped pumping a Ponzi scheme… this is pathetic… you went from a legit property blogger … to a scam artist … what a shame… now it becomes clear how much you care about your subscribers .. and i am one of them btw….guys do your due diligence … this is a typical Ponzi scheme utilizing unscrupulous youtubers to promote their virtual riches… it feeds off new people joining the scam.. to pay off to earlier joiners to make it look like legit… one day when they no longer able to find greater fools.. the whole thing collapses and 90% will end up “bag holders” .. and to the author… ,that is not an honest way of making money sir.. you should know better … and your arguments for this scam are ridiculous too.. i know you get paid but you should have more respect to your subscribers .. so take this convincing tone and do something useful with it rather than promoting scam

  3. I told you weeks ago you would become addicted to your dream or greed of being rich but I had no idea you were going to lose your mind lol thinking your going to plug your brain into some game one day. Tell the creators to make special little nozzles on your goggles that spray all the perfumes of those detailed flowers your talking about seeing so you can smell them too but in the meantime you could put up with smelling that real one in your garden.

  4. all you have to do to experience the world is open your door Pete , go through it and take a breath. Can you give this dumb guy who won’t buy video land a loan yet

  5. I saw the terrain video this morning and you’re right Pete, It is spectacular and for sure big things ahead! About Adsense check your analytics and see where the majority of viewers are from (Countries) and what your RPM rate is. $300 month is way low for such a channel. πŸ™‚πŸ‘

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