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  1. Again i would caution anyone to invest too much in this hoping to withdraw large profits , do your due diligence , so your investment is now worth 1million and you paid 10k now to cash out your money someone will have to buy your land ,, seriously is someone or a group of people going to pay you 1000s for a piece of virtual land ? what is the benefit to them , even from an investment point of view it is worthless, even if that investment is worth 100million it would become even more ridiculous to expect to find a buyer or even raise real capital for something that does not exist. Treat is as a game and enjoy the fun and risk only what you can afford to lose.

  2. I know the YouTuber you’re talking about Pete and yes it is true! The signs for this game succeeding is looking better every day! 🙂👍

  3. Let’s think about this… what is the point at which this whole thing crashes? It’s the point where this “real estate” bubble peaks, and prices decline. Nobody wants to invest into a declining market.

    What happens to earth 2 at that point? If I was the developers I’d say “This is a nice time to shut the company down”, taking all the money with them.

  4. Don’t throw away your money. Its just a hype bullshit. You dont own anything in real world. Its same as you own skins in Counter Strike. Better to invest in stocks.

  5. If you make real money from a pyramid scheme, does that somehow mean its not a scam? Obviously the last man holding loses EVERYTHING. If you’re not the last man holding, then you can extract money from the later mugs. But when this thing crashes, it crashes hard.

  6. i put a few hundred $ around Brisbane Qld and I use VR alot so I am hoping it goes to final virtual stage in the future, do you know anything about taxes for Earth2 gains? some kind of capital gains tax?

  7. The reason that i don’t think i’m going to invest is because i don’t see any problem that Earth 2 solves. If you want to look at Bitcoin i can tell you that it cuts out the middle man when sending money and that it has proven to be a good store of value like gold and has offered good protection against inflation over the past 10 years. But what does buying a piece of a digital copy of earth do? I’m not saying that you can’t make money in the short term but i cant forsee what will happen in the long term.

    You could even argue that this is like the stock market which can be fairly argued is a legal ponzee scheme. But even the stock market has the purpose that a stock price will send a signal to creditors and issuing stock raises money for companies.

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