Duterte Extends State of Calamity Over Entire Philippines until September 2021

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  1. The whole thing has become all about money. It’s like how long can we extend the fear mongering so we can extort money to pay eMr. Xs brother-in-law to do something else. Like making a face mask or developing his own hand sanitizer.

  2. Reekay, with the way the government of the Philippines is acting with covid 19, you would think people are dropping like flies due to covid. That is simply not the case.the wuhan virus is less deadly than other diseases which have already been in the Philippines for years. Extending the STATE OF CALAMITY for another year is just to line the pockets of the people in government for another year. Its corruption at its fullest.

  3. Hello Henry and hope you are well. Several weeks ago when I heard about the head of the Dept. of Tourism wanting to close international travel until mid 2021, many of us had a fit because we all were hoping that travel would open up by Jan 2021. Plus the fact that we wanted to see our girlfriends/fiances/wives. I wrote a nice straightforward letter to the Secretary of the Dept of Tourism expressing my and the rest of westerners concern in opening up sooner. I haven’t heard anything back from her BUT I I can tell you that I plan on writing to Duterte. I am very careful what I say as I am a very educated and decent person so let’s see what happens. Take care!

  4. Masks are useless. Viruses go right through it. This is why you see scientists wear hazmat suits when working on SARS-CoV2. Even that shield doesn’t work. Politicians should stop acting like scientists bec they absolutely destroyed the economy. SARS-CoV2 is not killing asymptomatic people. Free the people & only quarantine the sick & elderly.

  5. First Declaration was for 6 months…which was enabling for Martial Law…where we are today does not justify a 12 month extension…a number of tracks for vaccine…he has already said they don’t have money….this is more double talk. This isn’t enabling…..this is signaling…more GCQ abcdefg. The days of newspaper words as anything approaching facts are long gone. Pure narrative.

  6. This only extends the duration the extra presidential powers can be administered. The extra powers were granted to Duterte by the Philippine congress. Not really a change to current policy.

  7. Article Link: https://www.philstar.com/headlines/2020/09/18/2043417/duterte-extends-state-calamity-over-entire-philippines-until-september-2021
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