Dueling Shrimp Tank Designs

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  1. Tank 4.9 metres diameter,, 1.3-1.4 water depth. And yes it has a clear thick plastic roof.
    Unfortunately at the beginning it will be lined with Philippines liner ,, way thinner than I wanted ,, but will have to do the job until my 1mm thick liner get’s there by Balakabyan.
    Happy to answer any queries / questions.

  2. Hi Brian great videos as always I’m not sold on the idea for taya Williams and gin I Ben in the construction company building business in Canada and 4 years in cebu consolation Philippines as well this project is a waste of time and money can’t really build a shrimp tank with metal roofs and ribs and plastic liners like that going to run into problem blow out rust problem and rain over flow I have over 27 years of experience with building design projects and construction projects and 4 years experience building business in cebu as well and I 4 years of college degree in construction and technology and blueprints and little engineering work and school in college and after college educated work until now this not going to work in the long term but what ever what do I know I understand that tilapia aponics trying to prove a point of metal shrimp tanks what you are doing for your own shrimp pond tank is the best interest way to go look at all the commercial shrimp farming in the Philippines and other countries have suament center center blocks with footing in the bottom and big pumps as well for water flow what you are doing is more the right way to do things like this Brian just saying I’m not trying to start anything or putting anyone down if I did I’m sorry for my comment I apologize Brian just my opinion and my experience with things like this in Canada and in cebu as well have a great day Brian God bless you and marcel and Charlie boy from the Ross family in cebu consolation Philippines have a good night Brian hope your not mad at me for my comment salamat

  3. Hi Brian, I am living in Australia and I’m living about 15klms or less from the ocean. I have had galvanized steel water tanks ,concrete and plastic water tanks for drinking water storage.
    The galvanized steel tanks lasted 15 to 20 years with fresh water.
    Concrete tanks are still good since 1985.
    Plastic tanks biggest I have is 45,000 liters plus 4 others are still ok after installing in 2003.

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