Driving Home In The Rain

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  1. Lol! I remembered we are leaving for LA and it is pouring rain outside. My wife ran like crazy towards the covered parking without thinking that the sidewalk is slippery. From inside the house, I heard a loud noise and saw my wifw sitting in the sidewalk totally soaked. She slipped and hurt her behind. I don’t know why she would rather dangerously run on a moss-covered slippery pavement than be safe walking slow and getting wet.

  2. Gidday Brian. Don’t be too gungho about getting wet in rain there. I noticed you had bad cough in the days after you were walking around in the rain in the middle of the night there. I didn’t see your clothes but I guess you are now sitting in your multi wearing wet cotton T shirt and running cold aircon – recipe for disaster. What you need is a few light merino wool T shirts. They are not too hot and being merino not itchy like coarser wools against your skin. You can buy on Aliexpress or Lazada, wool is from New Zealand or Australia but garments made in China. I can work all day in rain wearing one of those.

  3. High childhood mortality is still a living memory in the Philippines. Memories of child funerals as a common have faded in the US. These superstitions are still enforced with a lot of emotional urgency but it is fading as your camera shows.

  4. Hi Brian. Just a thought. Could you maybe mention how your wife and baby are doing in one of your videos once a day…Please. thank you

  5. Mate I love the rain as well but after it stops you can feel the humidity rise, but at least you are getting rain, we have not had rain for a long time and the corn crops are in a bad way.

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