Dreaming of Boracay

Allow me a bit of distraction.

Go with me while my mind drifts off.

I sit here (U.S.) on a Saturday morning longing for my next adventure.  By adventure, I mean a place that will change the channel in my mind.

Change the channel from the daily news, hectic work schedule, stress from working in a corporate setting.

Change the channel  (in my mind) to the sound of “white noise” caused by ocean waves rhythmically washing up on white sand.

To the sound of happy children, laughing in the distance without a care in the world.  Change the channel to the beauty of the filipina  being everywhere to behold.  Don’t forget the smiles, oh yes, the beautiful smiles of the people of the Philippines.

When you are surrounded by smiling people it is like the perfect buffer zone, insulating you from the troubles and cares of this life and the problems you have left behind.

Let me take you to a place I often visit in my mind.

A place of magic where even the memory of your troubles simply drift away

Boracay Philippines

Imagine yourself reclining in a chair made entirely of Bamboo.  You body rests against the handcrafted native furniture.   You relax as you fade into the tropical heat.  Leaning back in the chair under gently swaying palms,  your toes enjoy the luxury of the sugary white sand.  You look out from the refuge of the shade, taking in the breathtaking vision that is  Boracay Beach.  Not too crowded, not too loud, just a place to let your body and mind go limp as you re-charge yourself  feeling almost human for he first time in years.

You think to yourself “I’m a little warm” so you decide to go for a dip in the tranquil blue waters on Boracay.

The white sand sticks to your body, moist from a little sweat.  You anxouisly yearn for the refreshing waters.  You feel the warmth of the sand engulfing your feet as you stroll through the shade.  Your body breaks away from the safety of the palms and you feel the sand is strikingly hotter but still tolerable as you know that the ocean is but a few steps away.

The heat of the tropical sun makes the prospect of wading into the waters seem like a distant dream!

Nearing the water you feel the wet, soft, saturated, sand under your feet clinging like wet cement.  Your feet and ankles begin to experience the refreshing therapy of the ocean as you wade deeper and deeper into the clear blue oasis, easing your mind from any cares that formerly held sway over you.  Going  further you feel yourself boyed by the strength of the ocean, at the same time your spirit soars as you realize at last you are in paradise.

You immerse yourself in the blue waters, experiencing the silence and peace that comes from drowning out the world you have travelled from. Coming out of the water you are refreshed like at no other time in your life!

Turning back to  the shore your eyes are satisfied with  various scenes of beach life in Boracay.  You are now totally rejuvenated by the sea and heading back to shore.  Feel yourself growing heavier with each step as the sea releases you and gravity begins to take over.  This time the the hot sands of the beach don’t seem quite as hot as you head back to your chair.  The warm breezes that drove you to the ocean now cool you and make you comfortable as you take your place back in the chair.

Hey! Look!  Someone placed a couple of ice cold San Miguel beers right beside your chair.

Yes, this is really living!

Oh Wait!  I’m still at home!

My mind just keeps drifting off…

“Dreaming Of Boracay”…  was brought to you by Casa Camilla, Boracay Philippines

This is a guest post by Randall at the Philippines Project

Randall at The Philippines Project


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