Double Checking The Gate Valve

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  1. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations , Fish Pond Training series on fish Ponds for 3rd World Countries will give you all the information you need on Board Sluice gate design and installation as well as all other fish pond construction. Inventive solutions using locally sourced materials at low cost

  2. Tried to post link to United Nations Organisation on fish ponds construction for 3rd world countries giving you all the information you need for correct

  3. Brian.. The sliding flow valve is a great concept.. How about a vertical center pivot flap like a engine carburetor inside the blue barrel… This keeps the valve completely submerged and still use rubber gasket that you have to seal what you need..

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  5. Hi Brian sorry to hear about your problems, wanted to ask whether you knew anything about Phillip as haven’t seen him on Beth’s vlogs, their farm seems to be struggling πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ

  6. Screw a couple of hooks under the cross piece of the handle, attach a couple easily removed sacks of mud.
    Maybe 30 kgs in weight?
    Would push the board down to seal it maybe?
    Trying to keep it a one man operation!
    Best of luck buddy.
    I realise of course, the time pressure to get on with all this!
    Just as a matter of information, how many sides of pond, drain into the surrounding area, perhaps an inspection of the entire perimeter, when you get time?
    Check for pesky crab activities.
    Thank goodness you don’t have muskrats or even coypu, to worry about, digging out the banks! 😁

  7. A cork at each end of the culvert and connect the two using threaded rod, nuts, and washers with a piece of rubber as one of the washers, stops water on both ends.

  8. Hi Brian, Rick Luneack here. Talk to your friend Jerry the master at everything. Get some input from him or ask him to take a look at what you have if he can. Just my thoughts. He certainly can fabricate anything or he may have an easy solution. What do you have to lose.

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