DON’T Lose Your Passport Abroad: Nightmare Story Time.

Never lose your passport in a foreign country. Here’s why:

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    1. Obviously he seperated the wallet and the passport when he paid for the food. Then accidentally put the passport on the table at the restaurant while doing so. And put only his wallet back in his pocket.

  1. One of my host when I stayed in Seoul told me it costs 3000 swedish kr to get a new Swedish passport in Seoul, I was like WHAT?😳😳 in Sweden it costs like 350 kr. Haha I treat my passport like a baby overseas, I don’t leave it out of sight🤣

    1. Hey don’t make fun of my fanny pack. I got one in black and another in red. 🤣 But seriously, I have 2. Great to have, not fashionable though.

    1. I assume that alot of people dont lose their passport but have it stolen since it can be very valuable to sell on the black market, which is my fear.

  2. Do you have to have your passport for id or could you just take out your drivers license? I’m coming to seoul soon with my friend and I wouldn’t trust us not to lose our passports on a night out lmao

  3. HOLY SHIT! Same thing happened to me in Seoul but much more dramatic.

    So I lost all my ids and passport in a cab because why not.
    The moment i realized it was gone i called and emailed the embassy and started looking for it.

    I explained multiple times to the embassy people that i have no id or credit card and that my flight back home is leaving in 2 weeks……It was brave of me to assume that they would care because they absolutely did not give a single f*ck.
    “Sorry we can’t accept photocopies of ids, come back when you have the real thing”

    Thanks guys I”ll go and manifest that for you while stuck in a foreign country with NOTHING

    Plot twist they had received my passport within a week of me loosing it and just never thought to tell me and well F***ING CANCELLED IT !!!!!

    Yep you read it right. They got it , looked at it, thought “meh she doesn’t need this”, grabbed scissors and proceeded to cut the corner which makes the passport unusable.

    So my 2 month trip turned into 4 months and thanks to my sister who went to pester a passport office back in Canada, i finally managed to get a temporary passport to gtfo of Korea

  4. Oh the joys of the British Embassy in Seoul…But I agree, the emergency british passport is beyond beautiful. I hope to NEVER lose mine while travelling again

  5. Ugh!! This is why I keep it in a fanny pack. Yes y’all hear me. I have cute little packs I have specific for the bar. Because she be a DRUNK bitch and loves to go hang out at Thursday Party in Gangnam ✌️😂😭

  6. I kept my passport in a small pouch underneath my shirt so I would always be able to feel if it was there or not. Im usually like you both with forgetting where I put important things, but I was actually prepared for once! Lol

    1. Ryan Matthews he is not Korean and he Said Canada 🇨🇦 more than once which is in the west there was a picture also of the Canadian embassy

  7. I have heard there are benefits to having your passport when you’re shopping some things you get for free etc etc but can you not use your government ID from like the states for example when you go to bars and things like that where you need an ID?

  8. Haeppy, get an international driver’s license. I don’t know how u get one elsewhere but in Quebec, I just go to CAA and show my drivers license. And I can’t believe you lost all your IDs. You have to call up your provincial health bureau and automobile authority to get them and have your parents mail them to you. But you the drawback is your need your photo taken. Oh Haeppy, you’re not so haeppy. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I never brought my ID anywhere in China when I lived there. Not even to clubs because they really don’t check.

  9. When I went to Thailand I used my passport card for clubs and bar IDs. And I had a photocopy of my passport in my wallet. I’m too scared to go drinking with my passport

  10. i literally lost mine in september in seoul after clubbing and being wasted af IT COSTED ME SO MUCH MONEY AND THEY DIDNT HAVE MY EMBASSY i had to call japan and send everything over there! so my first time in a police car was in gangnam bc they had to bring me to another office so i don’t have to take the taxi 🤷🏼‍♀️ was in a bank and at the post office, doing some work on a korean PC with my broken korean lol but at the end everything worked out 😂💅🏼

  11. Omg that reminds me so much of my friend who lost his passport the day before he had to leave Korea, and started to look for it the morning he was leaving. We had to run to look for it around Sinchon and Ewha and found it 2 hours before his flight. I do not recommend to loose it at all 😒

  12. Wow! That sounds like a right ballache. I lost my passport while living in the USA and I was able to arrange it all online/ over the phone. I had a photocopy of the old passport and my birth certificate and sent them those, and they issued a new passport in a few days (not Canadian though). Good tip there – make sure you’ve taken a photocopy/ photograph of important documents like this so that you have a copy somewhere with the numbers on… it really helps in situations like this as they can find your details much easier.

  13. What I can’t stand is why I have to use my passport for age verification. Can we use print outs of it? Its just like such a sensitive important document to be asked for at clubs and stuff.

    1. Technically if you dont carry your passport you need print out copy of it, but I hope a picture on your phone would suffice if stopped by authorities checking your visa status. I usually carry another government ID in my wallet like drivers license which would be ok at bars/clubs for age verification.

  14. If your a United States Citizen get the 25 dollar passport card as well this way you have a Federal ID for emergency purposes if you loose your main passport.

  15. Nice job guys 🙂 thank you for sharing your stories 🙂 hope u guys learn from it ^^ about Amy aleha ^^ she’s a great person 🙂 i didn’t meet her in person but i can tell she is a great person and a real friend too ^^ god bless her ^^

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