Don’t Be Misled in Thailand By Fake News.

Vlo#815 Today we have lot’s of information about what is happening and changing everyday in Thailand. As a foreigner not understanding Thai language it is difficult to keep up and get correct information. Sometimes we get the wrong interpreted info, or just an opinion based on ones beliefs.
Today I want to just share some reliable sites in English with actual publications so you can see what is being implemented and current law or restrictions.
Find your embassy:
US embassy in Thailand:
Ministry of foreign affairs Thailand:
Thailand Immigration:
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  1. Yesterday caught me by surprise. Went to the store to pick up a few beers only to find that alcohol is banned till the middle of April. Never even knew anything about this till then. Coming into the hottest part of year and a few cold ones would be welcomed.

    1. Hang in there Ben. I lived alone for 10 years in Maine. Long cold winters were difficult. Went 10 weeks without talking to anyone. It fucks with the head for sure

  2. Appreciate the update and the sanity check, Chuck. Best wishes for you, Paige, and the Mafias during this somewhat trying time of home-isolation. Cheers.

    1. I think the scientists need to start looking into the Genome of all the patients that have died regardless of their ages. Call me crazy, however I think it is something that needs looked into. Viruses can be designed to attack specific traits in humans.

    2. The young boy did have an underlying health condition to quote the official phrase but it’s tragic nontheless. It underlines the fact that it’s not only the elderly who die.

    3. @Gordon Pattison I’m in central Scotland and at some point will be in North east Thailand also my partner lives 35 km from korat , have started ground works for house so won’t be too long till I’m out there too ,
      Regards Davy

  3. Thanks for all the information. Good links as well. I have been here since 1992 but don’t pretend to know it all. I have a law firm that takes care of my business and personal needs but know many try and go it alone. You do lots of research and very useful for anyone coming or already here. Keep up the good videos and more Thai food cooking.

  4. 𝘿𝙤𝙪𝙗𝙡𝙚-𝙘𝙝𝙚𝙘𝙠 𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙮𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙜…🙏❤🇹🇭

  5. Morning Chuck, hope all is good your end, thanks for all this fantastic information and go to sites, stay safe and fingers crossed we can get together in Surat when this all gets better, think its going to be longer than most think to be honest

  6. Go straight to the horses mouth not it’s ass, that’s what my grandfather always told me about rumors and hearsay. Very informative video, hopefully everyone will be able to get back to their lives soon.
    Many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏
    Cheers 🍻

  7. Embassy websites are not always up to date. When I got my visa last year the Thai embassy website in Australia was years out of date on important information.

    1. @Tashi Chodak Thanks for understanding. Truth, Fake, or opinion…. If I share it I am liable more than the person who wrote it. One of your post has already been blocked by YouTube agreement with Thailand.

    2. @notime2bsad I understand, I get where you are coming from. Sadly, spreading the truth of what is actually going on is no longer allowed. Appreciate your notification back to me. Love your channel.

  8. Very useful info, thanks. We had a very similar experience with our local ‘Head of house’ (We just call him “Boss”). He phoned my wife and said “tell your farang he cannot go anywhere” and to inform him if we spotted any visitors to our area from Bangkok.
    Actually, although my description sounds authoritarian and perhaps big brotherish, I really like the Thai “Head of House” system. It’s an easy, direct contact with a respected official, that lives very near and has the power to sort out all types problems very quickly. It’s a much friendlier, and effective system than we have in the UK, where just a simple utilities problem may take hours of phone calls or emails and days, if not weeks of delays and “red tape”.

    1. Here there are 11 Puyai baan ผู้ใหญ่บ้าน, headman, Head of house, or what ever you want to call the Thai name. Assigned in sections. 60k people live in That Phanom alone. He is the go to guy in the chain of command. Good to be his friend.

    2. @Jeremy Fielding I’ve probably not described it well but the closest English comparison would be Head Parish Councillor. Believe me, the system works really well. I don’t live in one of the largest cities in Thailand but it has a population of approximately 20,000 so not a jungle village. I would guess that wherever you live in Thailand you would have a similar elected representative. Maybe you just have not had cause to contact.

    3. Don’t you mean ‘village chief’? I know that in England in the 17th century and before, there were village elders who would have to be obeyed, and could have someone ostracized and scorned just with a word, and that’s exactly where the practice belongs, in the history books. The advantage of living in a Thai city, is you don’t have to put up with this backward rural nonsense.

  9. Great video with once again logical advise unlike that absolute bone brain Nick Dean ( Assienda bar Pattaya )who advised people to come to Thailand as this was all “hysteria and hype” therefore endangering peoples lives this however is responsible reporting as you always give information based upon research

  10. Don’t go out without a mask. Even if you are just walking alone , not interacting with anyone, you are likely to have some Thai person come along and remonstrate with you for not having a mask. I always put one on before going into a shop, but that’s a given. Of course, when the locals get back home to their dwellings shared with numerous family members, the mask comes right off, and social distancing is forgotten about.

  11. Hi Chuck , thanks for the great information it will sure help me as I can’t wait to be with my Thai family and my house in Surin and my Fortuner so I can join you and Paige on the adventure trips

  12. Hi Chuck, There is too much conflicting info going around, just need to adhere to social separation and ride it out !
    Thanks for the bread making vid as I now make French style baguettes. I have been making Pizza for a few years and was selling them at our Marina Cafe in Khon Kaen. All closed for now and no sports !!!!! Don’t worry about all the negative crap they deal up at you its just people with less ideas and one brain cell. I deal with lots of bogan retired farrungs here and they are mostly negative and unhappy people.
    My advice to them is GO HOME if you don’t like it here. There are many different things here just need to learn what suits you and go with the flow.
    Stay under the radar and enjoy ! We spend 6 months in Australia touring around with a caravan mainly on the east coast.
    People need to work out what suits them and do the research. I watch all your Vlogs and will come up and visit oneday.
    We also like Ko Chung and will also do that trip again and take my sail boat there !!!!

  13. ha ha FAKE NEWS, when they said 43 conffirmed cases for nearly 2 weeks, now 19 dead when there are 4300+ in the UK, when Thailand is close to the epicentre, dont believe one word of it

    1. kenneth crossley how can it be that many many of thousands of Chinese people visited Thailand for Chinese New Year and they have such a low infection rate 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🙏

  14. I’ve found Richard Barrow’s Twitter feed (@RichardBarrow) to be a very up-to-date and reliable source of info about what’s currently happening in Thailand – particularly for Brits. Recently endorsed by the British Ambassador to Thailand no less.

  15. you are absolutely correct it’s amazing how many scumbags are out there wanting to become popular or Senators for example 1 and 2 power and making the fake news along with a scumbag newspaper reporters. An amazing how many scumbags like the TV preachers trying to sell holy water trying to make a buck off of a disaster that is sepal for sure. Many people say it or did designs to how can I make money off of it and that is so deteriorating

  16. Keep up the good work good buddy you’re doing a good job I really appreciate your thoughts and your viewpoints the basically online with what my mind says

  17. Alone here in Nevada also. Sunny weather would really help. So I study some Spanish, and it’s rice piano. Still to much tv. I will travel to Asia again.

  18. To live a happy married life, there are two laws. Law one: your wife is always right. Law two: if you don’t agree with your wife, go back to law one.

  19. Thanks. Confused that the 100k insurance requirement is still posted. Latest news is no foreigners can enter Thailand. So no requirements apply. The insurance requirement was a defacto ban anyway.

  20. Just don’t believe fake news around in the world just watch CNN Bloomberg international news end of the day keep safe stay at home take care Chuck

  21. Chuck, On Twitter, Richard Barrow is one of the best sources of emerging info. @RichardBarrow
    Even the British Ambassador to Thailand gave him a shout out for his good work.

  22. Here in north Florida the only news I listen to is my local indie, news4jax, been watching them since local broadcasting started in the 50’s. Too many networks sensationalize all the data and their own political point of view. We go out once a week for groceries and thats it. Large yard and veggie garden to keep busy. Stay safe and say hi to my favorite mafia ladies, always love the smiles no matter what.

  23. Life here, in the USA, really hasn’t changed for us because we tend to naturally self isolate also. All of the stores, pharmacies, gas stations, etc. we use are still open. We do miss occasional trips for Vietnamese Pho Soup. We are really glad to live in the country with a few acres that keeps us really busy. Feel sorry for all this city folks stuck in their apartments.

  24. FYI. Video say 21 minuets. But only 11 minuets loaded? And my viewer says half viewed. You’ve never made an 11 minuet vid.🤪🍺

  25. who cares what happens in asia you folks have already destroyed the worlds economy, and killed 1000s with your eating dogs cats and other animals.

  26. Hey Chuck, this virus crisis is sure going to put a crimp on the Songkran celebrations. My daughter,who lives in Korat, says that she, her family, and everyone she knows are planning to stay home. I was glad to hear they’re using common sense.Stay safe amigo, Houston,TX. Over and out!

  27. I ask my news directly to the cousin From my twin bro, the son of his wife’s sister, he is married to the daughter of a Thai minister. That is better than a news channel on the Thai TV..all we have now more than enough problems over a good vlogg again and like always 👍up from me.

    1. โปล์ ดั้มส์ yes I am directly at the right source of information, from the government itself 55

  28. Chuck it’s clear we are all at the OH SHIT moment and we are all going to die of Covid19. Oh by the way I have beach front property in Colorado for sale as well. (Oh that only after the Great Quake of 2025 when California will slide into the Pacific ocean.) Have a great time with the crazy LOL Love you guys!

  29. how is it possible that Thai population is 2 times more than Canada but yet only a very small amount of COVO-19 cases. India has 1.3 billion population more than China yet a very small percentage of COVO-19. I suspect India do not have control and cannot do proper tests for the virus which I believe to be the same case for Thailand. Do you think Thai gouvernment are getting control of this virus.?

    1. – Thailand reported the first infected case outside China on January 13th, and reported local transmission as early as January 30th. It probably made Thailand quite vigilant compared to other countries.
      – Thai people in general don’t trust the government especially after many scandals and mismanagement during the first phase of this pandemic, so they take things to their on hands and do everything to protect themselves and others.
      – Thai people don’t shake hand. Actually Thai people seldom touch each others. There is much less hugging or kissing even among people in the same family.
      – Thai people especially those in Bangkok have been wearing masks from the beginning, or even before the outbreak, because of air pollution. Masks definitely lower the chance of transmission.
      – Other than wearing mask, basic precautions such as social distancing and washing hands are widely encouraged. There is temperature check at the entrance of most buildings. Hand sanitizer is available almost everywhere especially in malls, and supermarkets.
      – It’s extremely hot in Thailand and is getter hotter in April. Hot weather is believed to slow down the transmission.

    2. – There are reasons to question the official report here in Thailand. But personally, no one can hide a pandemic like this. Given the fact that Thailand is among the first to be infected, if they didn’t handle the outbreak better, there would’ve already been hundreds or thousands of critically ill patients and dealth all over Thailand overwhelming many hospitals. However this doesn’t seem to happen, at least for now.
      – Thailand ranks 6th in the global health security index by Johns Hopkins. It might not truly reflect how well Thailand do in real life, but it shows that there’s something right in Thailand healthcare system at least.

  30. I was in the process of moving to Bangkok from Sakon NAKON now my wife is down there and I am up here due to her work commitment finding it hard.

  31. Greetings Paige & Chuck,
    Just found your site and channel. We had planned to relocate to Thailand this June after planning it for many years. I too met my wife (Thai) in the US (Fl). Love what your doing and your balanced and informative videos. Having been to Thailand a dozen or so times I’ve spent accumulated time of about a year there. I’m now perplexed and keeping my fingers crossed to be able to get there soon.
    Thanks again for up to date relevant information. P

  32. Sound’s like many people are interested moving to Thailand wow………ok not my business but I would think that they would be so much better of moving to Mexio where there is so much less rules and not just that……….cheap prices, good food, great and nice and kind people and music wow, and also the weather maybe even more so an Thailand and even in Mexico they drive on the right side of the road. Ok we all are different but if I wuld make a move I would move to Mexico………just to much headage in Thailand as it sounds.

    1. @TCB 101 Rules always have to adapt and change, they will benefit some, and inconvenience others. I can share a long list of how thing used to be in the US. Haven’t wandered across into Mexico in a while. maybe my experience would be different. I always say only do things in your life that benefit your well being and happiness.

    2. @notime2bsad Hey Chuck, off course it’s ok I’m no God or whatever I’m just another human being. So anyway, with my statement regarding Thailand, I know many coworkers who used to then visit and go to Thailand for vacation and then when they retired they moved over there and they did not have a Asian girlfriend or whatever no they just moved there so anyway, some of them have stated that Thailand is no longer an what it used to be………just to many rules like you say also so some of them have moved to Mexico, so I’m not the only one that thinks for what I wrote about. Even now in the past, many of my coworkers have moved to Mexico and ok, I’m sure that you know but not just Americans no, Canadians, English, Frans, and German people so ok, enough of that. I was also at some point thinking of Thailand but so when I retire I will try to move to Mexico so like you say, everybody with there own life. I understand your life and why you are in Thailand ok come on now……… have Thailand wife so off course you are there and so but if you would be single ok, who knows if you then choose Thailand and for sure if you would have a Mexican women ok, you would not be in Thailand then no, you would be in Mexico LOL. Ok, you get my point. Ok wow, long greeting here now but again, you make good videos enjoy life and as you say NO TIME TO BE SAD so enjoy but again, hard to enjoy if a country have crazy rules. TCB.

  33. C.C. you said it. I feel for all the people around the world but I must say that I feel the most for the Americans now, it’s bad ! Also, beside Chuck being an American he haven’t talked at all about America and he have kids there as he have shared……….I hope that he is in touch with them and are worry for them. Ok, maybe he is not worry about there mother his ex but the kids wow ! Ok, enough said here now, I wish everybody peace and health for all the people around the world right now.

    1. @notime2bsad Hi Chuck, I did not try to be rude when I wrote about your kids that it is private. Because you have shared and even shown on video about your kids in America so with that I thought that ok, here now in some of your videos you would say that ok, beside all the sadness that goes on in America my kids are ok this or that and that’s all. Why even talk or show your kids back there if you like you say that you like to privat, ok I don’t understand but again it’s your business. Ok, beside all of this and that I wish you all the best and also everybody around the world the best possible. Take care now. TCB.

  34. Thai Embassy in Hawaii and Los Angeles Ca. closed until May 3, 2020. Bags packed, condo waiting for me in Bangkok. All we can do is wait. If good things happen between now and than I am coming. So much can happen between now and then. And like you say things are changing fast and like a moving target. Patient and No Worries. Just Strange like someone hit the Pause Button.

  35. Hang in there Chuck, it’s gonna be a long road. Here in New South Wales, Australia the state government is maintaining a lockdown until the end of June, all things going well.

    All we can do is go to work, the supermarket and home again. But its all for the best.

    Let’s hope things clear soon!


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