Doha, Qatar: Hamad International Airport/ Hub for Qatar Airways.

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My layover out of the Philippines was in Qatar for 8 hours, this airport was fully open, compared to nothing being open at the Cebu Airport. Here is a small walk around.

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  1. It’s because Qatar Airways never shut down operations the whole time since most of the world shuts down leisure travel. Many of the large countries in Europe and Asia use Qatar Airways to ferry their own citizens back to their home countries. Even Philippines use a few Qatar Airways planes to transport OFWs and citizens between the two countries. So Qatar Airways keep operating for other countries during the lockdown making Hamad Airport operate normally.

  2. Hello Jason thank you very much of these 2 videos about Cebu Airport & Doha Airport. I live in Europe & your Videos just what i wanted to see as i always go home to Cebu via Doha. Have a pleasant stay in your country. Again thank you!

  3. Much quieter in Hong Kong when I was returning to Melbourne from Cebu Jason in March just before 14 day mandatory home isolation here. Now our stage 4 lockdown extended to another 4 weeks

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  5. Nice video bro. Was it easy leaving Cebu? No swab test? You are probably in the study now. That must feel good? Getting more challenging here in the Philippines. Lot more cases everywhere here. You got out just in time I think.
    Stay safe.

  6. Bro, be safe. We will miss you in Cebu. Thanks for all the videos around Ayala Mall during ECQ & GCQ. Be nice if you have taken a video on Cebu-Mactan Airport. I have a sense… its like a ghost town. Keep your camera rolling. Thanks again.

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