Does the Government Pay me to Make Videos About Taiwan? 台灣有付錢給我拍影片嗎?

[有字幕] 台灣有付錢給我拍影片嗎?Does the Taiwanese Government Pay me to Make Videos About Taiwan?

Firstly, thank you to all you awesome people who do watch my videos. I appreciate each and everyone of you! You’re all awesome!

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[桃園] Taoyuan

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  1. What you have done for Taiwan is great.
    Don’t mind those who judged you just because they don’t want to see Taiwan more and more famous among countries around the world.
    Besides, most Chinese don’t believe foreigners would promote a country from heart and for free, in their country, it’s incredible.

  2. Next up: Government pays Nathan to make positive videos about drinking enough water and eating fruits and vegetables.

    Taiwan is a truly incredible nation – made all the more impressive that they’ve achieved this success in spite of China’s attempts to diminish and silence them. Taiwan is not without problems – the emphasis on standardized testing and difficulty in upward economic mobility – but overall it’s a beautiful and wonderful place in this world.

  3. 👏👏👏👏👏

  4. 他是真心爱台湾的,可能就是有蓝的网军在下面攻击他,请不要做一些中共的事好吗?? 直接矮化台湾 就像王鸿薇

  5. I always gave 2 thumbs up for almost 99.9% of videos created by those YouTubers I followed . No matter of the content. For one important reason is the effort and times needed to create any episode which is very time and energy consuming. I believe audiences will see more & more interesting & exciting videos from the creators if more ” like ” is given than ” dislike ” form the viewers.

  6. We know they don’t, you are doing and amazing work, only think I like to suggest is not call China, Mainland China, China is China, an Taiwan is Taiwan.

  7. Hey Nathan, I think your channel is one of the most informative on the terms of introducing Taiwan. Some of your video address deep topics and they really brought out some thoughts. Keep up the great video quality!

  8. 不提出直接證據和合理說明和對方反辯,而是毫無根據的指稱對方有收到好處


  9. 閣下拍攝成本極少

  10. 感謝分享臺灣👍👍,那些裝臺灣人或小粉紅甚或住臺灣卻恨臺灣的就當做XX一樣的存在就好,時間到就會自然分解🤣🤣

  11. 我覺得你建議先不要收台灣政府付錢,因為全世界的人已經有看到了你的影片,所以不用擔心,特別的是,中國人在海外留學才會透明看見台灣影片,然後把影片螢幕截圖分享到大陸,在中國也會用翻牆,他們就馬上瘋狂罵台灣 又攻擊台灣。我真的看不下去他們!

  12. 中國人習慣了塞錢給別人,或者利用威脅恐嚇,逼人給自己掌聲

  13. 我替那些5百多萬滯台的”中共人’跟你道歉~~~他們都是拿”草紙”(俗稱~人民幣)看錢辦事…..用草紙幫中共擦屁股(擦脂抹粉)

  14. I think there would be no issues if the government payed you to promote something.
    The Taiwansse government is fair and transparent and it only makes sense that they would try to promote themselves through soft power on YouTube.
    You are a very good and objective youtuber so you deserve endorsement.
    Now what I have an issue with is the CCP paying foreigners with a shady legal record to promote the CCP on youtube with dishonest and manipulative videos…

  15. No worries Nathan, even if you do so what? Ever country is spending money to promote their country for tourism, Investment etc ~ it’s called Marketing & Promotion. Keep doing what you like and ignore any non constructive comments from people who don’t appreciate your efforts.
    There are foreigners based in China do something similar and get the same response from China haters ~ unfortunately this are the times we live in.
    Polarization, Devide and Rule encouraged by government’s and mass media ~ to sad but fact. It’s up to everyone obtain their information from a wide variety of channels and think for themselves. Cheers

  16. Taiwan is amazing 😉 and we all foreigner love it while living here. There are lot chinese bots on youtube and they come to my channel too and talk about negative things. Even they do shitty comments on my channel like D..K or C..K bla blaa i just don’t give a damn to them. So just keep doing good work. 👏🇹🇼

  17. Well ignore negative people. Just do what makes you happy. Promote good things about taiwan. And they dont know about youtube world how to earn or how to get paid. As long as you are transparent in all your videos. And just be yourself in every content. And i learned a lot from your chanel. Thanks for all the videos you shared

  18. wumaos and little pinkies always accuse the Taiwanese government, in particular the DPP government, of splashing billions of dollars if not trillions of dollars to youtubers to say good things about Taiwan. I can totally understand this though. In China, nobody would do anything for free and to help others and they don’t believe Taiwan is praise worthy based on what they are programmed with. So the fact that international youtubers would praise Taiwan for free is totally incomprehensible for the Chinese.

  19. 外國自媒體中,你算最理性的,不會一味說台灣好,吹捧台灣或譁眾取寵,有時候還會給觀眾帶來反思

  20. Chinese web army patrol around the media of internet . They target on your episode because your statements make Chinese Communist Party unhappy, IMHO, just ignore them , don’t bother . Don’t waste time on them . As a Taiwanese, I am sure that Taiwan become better understood internationally because of your effort, thank you.

  21. 小粉紅騷擾你了嗎?辛苦了:(

  22. 那些為極權為中共說話的肯定是收錢了,而在民主國家不能說完全沒有,但不至於大外宣,而收不收完全是隱形都,就如古語,清者自清,所以中共非常會利用這種隱形

  23. Nathan,這種人台灣約有9.2%, 約200萬人,而且大多是中老年,會讀書寫字的中老年,所以沒辦法的,久了就好了。

  24. 一直很喜歡你的影片❤️

  25. The United States Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948, the United States International Broadcasting Act of 1994, and the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act prohibit the usage of federal funding for media companies to create contents in domestic markets. Similar legislations exist in all democratic countries including Taiwan. Prior to the 2020 general elections some politicians accused Taiwanese government of funding bloggers who create contents favorable to the government and were proven to be baseless. Therefore, government financing of media contents has been deemed unethical and illegal in Taiwan since the end of the Martial Laws. Only bots and people unfamiliar with the reality in Taiwan can use this kind of obfuscation tactics.

  26. 通常人們會收中國政府的錢做事!不會收台灣政府的錢,顯而易見的是中國政府比台灣政府有錢非常多,所以你要被收買也是被中國共產黨收買...汙衊你的人他們沒有或者說他們想要欺騙那些沒有思考能力而且智能低下的人

  27. 台幣在香也沒人民幣香


  28. I can see you are always very honest with your opinion, and I like how every video you did so far, you gave more than 100%, with very detail research before you present it, the amount of time and effort in each video probably cost you! as for Taiwan, most people, most foreign/new immigrants mostly give positive impression of the country and the society, of course there are always negative people(both foreign and Taiwanese) , a clear majority gives positive feedback.

  29. 臺灣政府如果出錢請你拍片,按照法律,也會在下面標註是哪個單位出的錢,請你做廣告。

  30. 因為老共大外宣示靠著撒錢收買自媒體,根本不信自願為臺發聲外國人 ! 獨裁專制與民主自由本質就是不同 !
    收錢 ! ,只要 [ 理所當然 ] 何嘗不可 . ,重點在於是否違背內心真理 [ 黑白講 ] !
    Because the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China announced that it had bought money from the media by spreading money, it did not believe in voluntarily voicing foreigners for Taiwan! Dictatorship and democracy and freedom Essentially different!Why Not Collect money, as long as it is [for granted] . The point is whether it violates the inner truth [black and white Speak ]!

  31. Inevitably, some people are suspicious and paranoid by nature. I have a friend who is like that. They could be annoying, but many of them are just suspicious by nature. Like Taiwanese often say, 一樣的米養百種人。

  32. 這是沒有咖啡的一天!會說臺灣政府有付錢的人,應該是沒看過內森以前的影片,不了解內森!

  33. 這是沒有咖啡的一天!會說臺灣政府有付錢的人,應該是沒看過內森以前的影片,不了解內森!

  34. In fact, this epidemic is inseparable from the Communist Party of China, but I think that after this epidemic, not only will the supply chain globalization from the past to the supply chain globalization, but also will have a great impact on people’s working life Change, and I think Boston Dynamics will be a company with great potential after Apple in the future, because in the future people will be able to do many things by remotely controlling video robots with hands, feet, heads and displays. For example, you Is a delivery person or office worker, you must stay at home and cannot go out due to some factors, but you must work, but light video and can not complete your work, you can control you by blowing air at home and drinking coffee Of video robots go out to work on their motorcycles, as long as they do n’t require people to do work such as actors, I think video robots can be competent, just like elderly people with disabilities or people with disabilities, if they can control video robots, They can work like young people or normal people, or take themselves to see a doctor or buy food to cook Things, and many things that people ca n’t do can also be achieved by remotely controlling video robots, such as climbing the world ’s first peak to experience the scenery of the mountains and diving into the deep ocean to watch the deep sea world, and even can control Mars at home in the future. Video robots working on the moon or on the moon, but buying video robots is like buying a car. You must apply for a legal license from the government. You ca n’t go on the road without a legal license, and you also need to test the license to control the video robot. In the same way, in order to control the people who control the robot will not want to do illegal things, that is to say, the government must be able to find the owner’s information of the robot when the robot commits a crime and then track down the murderer, and be punished according to the robot use regulations.

  35. 我們台灣政府才不會管你們這麼多呢!做YouTube的人是自由的”政府不會管的,哪像中國大陸只要說一個不好聽就被抓去了?好可憐喔!自由國家就是這樣,只要不做壞事大部分都可以,哪像獨裁國家忌妒心玻璃心都這麼重!

  36. Nathan 做的是對的~
    相信自己做的是正確的 因為你基於走在正義的道路上

    有我們同在 !

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