1. A small suggestion – first grow some duckweed /azolla in a small isolated container, so you always have fresh supply for use and can eliminate factors causing problem. You can use any cardboard box and put plastic sheet inside for this.

  2. Agricultural Service in Buena vista Norte, Bohol, Philippines. 63 933 576 4218. Bohol Duckweed and Azolla Grower. If the number does not work just search it on facebook.

  3. Those pits seem to have turned into a boondoggle . Don’t know how much money you have invested in them, but seems like a losing proposition to me, but what do I know.

  4. i raise duckweed and tilapia , my duckweed grows the best in water too polluted with chickens poop to have the fish live in it . The larger duckweed grows the same as the smaller

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