Do Young, Attractive Filipinas REALLY Love Chubby, Bald Foreigners – The Telling Triad!

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Do Filipinas really love old(er) foreigners or are they simply looking for ‘stablity’ (money)? Three ways in which Yours Truly separates the wheat from chaff….
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This channel is an attempt to chronicle my life and adventures since arriving in the Republic of the Philippines on November 26, 2013. This is my first time taking video and editing, so please bear with the process. Hopefully, I will get better over time!! I hope you enjoy the videos and get something out of them. More episodes will be arriving over time so subscribe if you want to receive updates. Also be sure to check out our website over at

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  1. There are as many different reasons for relationships as there are people! It is obsolete to discuss about it, everybody must know for himself. You can find everything from gold diggers to true love, egoism, posessivness, sexdriven, financial stability etc. As the Filipino says: UP TO YOU!

  2. Yes, Your head looks like a marble which could attractive,,, to young women worldwide. Therefore,,, you are an international Playboy… BUT,,, If she is texting all her boyfriends,,, while buying your glass top casket……? Who cares! You had fun.

  3. OH and BTW – Great to see that you haven’t got stressed out about social isolation – If you need to veg out drop down to my resort – The Sea Bamboo ! I think they’ll make you a meal πŸ™‚

  4. It seems you’re reading your response. I guess I prefer the extemporaneous Ned over the scripted Ned, not that I run your channel or have any say on how you should do it.

  5. Excellent video full of great info and advice..Could have fooled me if you said that youre a relationship expert as you sound right up there as far as being alot more professional as compared with other so called registered experts here onlineπŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

  6. I agree with most of what you said. However, I feel a certain amount of jealousy is good as long as it doesn’t get crazy. If our wifes didn’t get jealous it would seem as if they don’t care if someone else tried to steal you away from them. Jealousy is natural to have when you love someone.

  7. The gold-diggers and scammers are pretty obvious and they’re usually not very good at it. As you point out, most Filipinas just want to meet a good man, get married, and have kids. It’s not that complicated. My Filipina wife is young and beautiful, but in 10 years she has never given me a reason to distrust her. We have a great relationship. I think most Filipinas aren’t looking for financial stability as much as they are looking for relationship stability. Since so many Filipino men flit from flower to flower, so to speak, most Filipinas just want someone they can count on who won’t cheat on them. Life is good. Life is simple. Too many people overthink . . .

  8. who here remembers Neds 5 rules from 2016. never get married. la la la la al la la yeah hahahha the worm wiggles and the hen rules the rooster. this means Ned has gone senile, la la la la la from Jeremy Parsons, yeah crap, we all got old AF. if you was married in the US, a divorce will cost you a easy 60,000 US dollars, you got lucky old fart,

  9. I wouldn’t take much from eyes without a face well put Ned you and Chi Chay are are great couple not until one is in love in such a situation age doesn’t matter is known to be true.Thanks for this video.πŸ‘

  10. This is a topic or topics many think about for sure. But for people to make blanket statements that all Filipinas are this or that shows how shallow their thinking is. Some are looking for money over love and others are looking for both and for others Love will come first. Filipinas are all different. I have been married for 6 years to a Filipina and that relationship is as real “love wise” as you can get. Real love with a Filipina no matter the age gap can happen. πŸ™‚πŸ‘

  11. Filipina in general wanted a financially stable future. Just like many but not most marry then divorce then ask half of the properties and income from the ex-husband.

  12. Great video Ned. Went out to dinner with you and CheChi and anyone could tell she was completely in love with you and you with her. Best of luck to you both!😊

  13. The vast majority of women value kindness & understanding in a man over financial and stability. In fact, most men value looks more than women value money.

  14. Bravo! Well said Ned. I’ve noticed that these trolls are little wimps that can’t get any women, and are also too chicken shit to say anything to your face.

  15. Good job Ned, I am married to a probinsyana from Cebu more than half my age, and I am a relationship specialist with 30 years as a family therapist with advanced degrees. You are absolutely correct in your analysis, I hope many expats find your words of wisdom. And btw my wife of 7 years has never asked me for anything and is an absolute angel.

  16. Yes Ned there are people who just don’t like seeing happy couples enjoying them selves, age is but a number not a tool to judge how much love they have for each other these dumb asses making useless comments should just mind their own business and look at them selves for what they truly are just CRAP. Thank’s for sharing buddy

  17. Ned don’t ever feel you should defend your self. You have a great channel and we will continue to watch as your new family grows. You did hit a lot of points here. We have been married 8 years and I would not trade her for anyone else.

  18. I m one of the middle age slightly bald guys, and I made the mistake trusting her too soon, turned out she’s not who she claimed. I learned the hard lesson. So if a young good looking Pinay start asking for money up front, I just hit the delete button.

  19. To be honest everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, gets into a relationship for β€œselfish” reasons. People can and do fall in love with the one who fulfills their β€œselfish” desires.

  20. It amazes me that this topic never gets old. Any expat that’s been in the Philippines over 6 months already knows the answer to this question.

  21. I watched a video a few months ago and it said the most attractive age of a woman(to men) is about 25(her peak in child production). a man’s peak(for women) is 50(he has stabilized his life–isn’t a drunk boy, and has saved $$ and earns more–more stability for a woman and her future children w/that man).

  22. A great video Ned,
    I am happily married to a 27 year old Filipina who I finally brought here to Las Vegas Nevada last year.
    In regards to your situation,
    The Jury is still out on if your girl is a gold digger……..sorry jusy my opinion.

  23. Ned you dont need to justify anything here. Your in love and your happy thats all a man can ask. Some people just dont get it and the bobo is one.

  24. Hi Ned. You summed it all up regarding the relationship between an older guy and younger wife. I’m married to my husband 20 yrs and still going. He’s 15 yrs older than me and out love for each other is just as stronger when we first met.

  25. Hi Ned, I very much enjoyed your non professional relationship breakdown discussion. You may not be professional, however you are sensible and practical – traits that are getting a little rare.

  26. Woman are the same everywhere, the only difference is that their culture doesnt have a problem with age difference. I have seen several examples of younger Filipino women marrying older Filipino Man simply because the older Filipino man is mature and ready to settle down and provide for the family

  27. An odd coincidence that Paul(Old Dog New Tricks) did a similar video today, which like you he is pragmatic and says it’s a case of maturity, trust and mutual respect.

  28. What I don’t get from GogoBobo and most idiots like him, they are always “experts” of things they know nothing about it; they probably never been in the Philippines nor have had a relationships with a Philippino woman. They always assume that all women on the planet are the same

  29. Ned, yes! I met my Wife when I weigh 350 lbs and was bald from shaving my head. I lost over 170 lbs but am still bald. I have been with my Wife a Filipina for over 8 yrs so things are real.

    My Wife loves me no question about it. She does everything for me. I trust her a Billion percent as she trust me the same.

    To sum it up, my Wife is the best thing to happen to my life. I am so thankful we married.

    Keep the videos coming. I see one dog in the back is it Angel or is it Angel Daughter?

  30. It depends how you adjust with our culture. As Filipina i prefer men who are God fearing and family oriented. It doesn’t matter how old are you and how you look. Most Filipinas who grow in the province are more sensitive compare to those born in Cities. We probinsyanas are conservative and would want a guy who respect us.

  31. Marreied going on 3 years now, 5 in total. Agree on what you said. If you think for a moment with your big brain, you’ll see everything clearly but if you follow your tiny weenie brain all the time then you’re oblivious & screwed.

  32. Ned
    My Filipina wife 10yrs younger then me and we been married for 8yrs and know each other for 12yrs and we got married in philippines
    True about most want a stable happy life but some our only after money and saying they love you but with a partner there already
    You have be careful and get to know each other and each other family and trust them 100%
    Ned what you said is all true

  33. that is why my wife and i are only 5 yrs difference and my first wife filipina as well was one year older than me young chicky babes dont like me hahahah

  34. You are right on Ned, and another give Away is things like right now I’m stuck in Australia (probably the best thing for my health given the dreaded malady) and my gf is in the Philippines and currently un able to work because of the lock down. She won’t let me send her money to make life more comfortable, she is more concerned that I don’t go without and says that if I have money to spare to save it for after the pandemic is over… Damn I think I’m on to a winner πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ‘

  35. Good to see that you are keeping in touch with reality
    ,,With your dose of MGTOW.,
    content .
    Can I recommend
    1 sandman
    2 think before you sleep
    3 Greg Adam’s
    All are trying to educate men .
    About female nature
    And how leftist socialist feminist government .try to keep you
    On the , plantation,
    As a tax slave

  36. Hey Ned, ignore the negative people. I am a Gym Rat like you. I think you and Chichay will have a wonderful family.
    Can you please make a video of a home workout?

  37. Good job with that little dig at the PUAsπŸ‘. “Turds in a toilet bowl”. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. As for the Filipinas with the older foreigners I think you’re analysis is correct. Of course there are some scammers but a guy really has to be a simp to marry one, usually it’s obvious what their intentions are pretty quickly. Heck the scammers usually start asking for money on the dating sites and apps before even meeting! Marry one of those and you’re asking for trouble.

  38. Agree with all of it Ned, regarding my asawa of 10 years (who is 24 years younger than me) it took me a while to accept her telling me what mattered was that she saw a good heart and youth did not matter, but over time all three of your points have proven true particularly number three. Whatever works is my mantra and I just let go of the naysayers who tried to warn me without even having met her, as they were insulting both my partner by ascribing bad intentions to her and myself by implying I had bad judgement. I have never been happier, she is an absolute angel. On our first date a decade ago we went for dinner in Manila and she asked for a doggy bag. As we were walking to find a cab she asked me to wait and I watched as she ducked down an alley to give the leftover food to a family sleeping on cardboard; she had seen them on her way to meet me. I fell in love right then and there.

  39. Well said Ned, and also some good advice, I have a beautiful 44 year old Filipino girlfriend, I’m 53, I, myself am not for younger girls but also not judgemental to those who are, and without being judgemental, why is it you went for much younger than yourself, I think your an alright bloke and doing a good job on your channel, cheers mate

  40. 9.40 in..Nail hit on the head Ned. EVRY WOMAN IS LOOKING FOR STABILITY. Im sick of hearing this about the filipina woman. Love is love those others not involved could use there lips to keep their mouths shut because unless its a threesome it does not concern them.

  41. Basically what you describe is what all women want in general if they want a family.
    There is an 80-20 rule in relationships and marriage.
    The Filipina 80-20 is maybe just different from others.
    Your presentation and points were on point.

  42. Wow! I witnessed a relaxed and soothing Ned. I’m married 8 yrs to my pinoy bride and I think yours has already tamed you! Just kidding. Very well done and brutally honest! I agree totally. Money is a problem for all humans…. Its when she doesn’t say honey you could use this or you should buy that that you will figure out where the priority is…. We moved here to the Philippines and it took some trials and pains and arguments about family. And here is how we came to the peace of the the family situation. If,,, people try their hardest and are a stand up person we will share our blessings with anyone. But, I think people know where I’m going…. And my comment is for all of humanity not just pilapino. You get what you put in and people get what they deserve! ~Kidd Rock

  43. Do all these westerners think their western wife really love them ???? Why 80% of these women jump in to bed once in a while with someone els when their guy is working this a fact proven by research of some universities

  44. Ned, my Filipina wife is 26 years my junior, her family has accepted me totally, and i have no doubt that our love for each other is real and complete. I have never been happier and i only wish we could have met earlier in life. She has far exceeded my expectations as a loving and caring partner. Thanks for your videos!

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