Do Koreans Invest In Crypto? | Street Poll

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  1. It’s definitely not the smartest way to go about investing if you’re hoping to only profit from it without having other streams of income to back up your finances. I also don’t think it’s the best idea to simply invest in something just because everyone is doing it. And selling it all because the price plummeted? Oof.

    I personally have yet to invest in crypto since I don’t have the risk appetite for it and it’s just way too volatile for my liking. It’s totally fine if you do invest in it though! I might start investing one day, if I have extra cash to spare lol

  2. so it’s like a game? but not with money, with interest of people, but one has to use money, that’s why I don’t think this is a good idea coz the money there is not valuable…yet. I think it’s fine if I don’t use my real hard earned cash to trade, like in games, I use whatever I earned in the virtual world. Still, I creep in reality coz I think the virtual world tends to be so temporary (scary), and I don’t live there, we all don’t live there, that’s my point of view as an aspiring environmentalist. I mean, we still have nature to think much of, we must not forget that. Thinking about nature is the only thing that gives me hope. I used to thing techno is the is the future. (based on idea of society with techno vs society with nature, I guess we need to balance things out: a society with tech and nature in harmony). Cryptocurrency doesn’t harm the planet, but, if there’s like an expert to this that’s willing to share his/her knowledge, I wouldn’t hesitate to listen (but pls don’t try to convince me to invest)😅

  3. Who ever thought of this topic. Nobaody takes any interest in Koreans liking or disliking Crypto. Spoiler alert – Crypto is everywhere! Should you not concentrate on Asian topics? That is why I am following your chanel. If you go an like this with absolutely boring topics Asian Boss will die!

  4. Now you can see the different of Japanese People and Korean People.
    Japanese: owh there’s a poll, i’m gonna stick the sticker in orderly.
    Korean: owh there’s a poll. i’m gonna place it as i wish.
    didn’t mean to offense Korean but that’s the fact :v
    i like this kind of content, keep make this similar content Asian Boss

  5. Gambling has been illegal in Korea for so long. I grew up seeing so many people buying lottery tickets. Crypto opened up the idea of get rich quick for them without the proper discipline in trading and investment. I hope those who lost money learns from their mistakes.

  6. With no intentions of undermine your effort, but these are all predictions and doesn’t require guarantee growth from 500 $ – 12,000 $ in few months, I have about 5,000 $ set asides to invest and I could appreciate quality investment advice.

  7. I got wind of this 5 months ago, and as a known risk taker, I dabbled into it straight away, investing in the 4months plan. Right now, I am on reinvesting on the 30 days plan because I now know for sure it works. Thank you Bitcoinsamurai!

  8. 100% agree with one of the comments on here that you shouldn’t invest in something you don’t understand. It’s basically gambling. However you can trade crypto-related companies on the stock market short-term which are more predictable based on technical analysis – chart patterns.

  9. Crypto has no regulation and no basis in reality, so it’s literally a made up thing you put money into… so it’s not something you should invest in seriously. It’s always going to ebb and flow wildly because of this. High risk due to its volatility.

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  12. such speculation things just ruin economy in the longterm, you can see that with the financial crisis 2007 and shares in general, on top you are only likelier to lose money. pls no one do that money speculations literally ruin everything and could end society

  13. there is a big difference in investing vs speculation…if you are chasing FIAT prices short term, you are speculator..if you hold long term as a new technology and digital asset thru price fluctuations, you are investor…sadly, people who hold long term say 5 or 10 years only will win…

  14. hello I’m new to Bitcoin trade and I’ve been making few loses, but recently I saw a lot of people earning from it. can someone please give me a new strategy or at least tell me what I’m doing wrong?

  15. Why is like this channel being named as asian boss?? Their contents are about china korea and japan!! Y’all should change this channel to china, korea and japan boss 🤣🤣

  16. Nice video though everyone loves the luxury lifestyle…. But why is no one here talking about Bitcoin… Now’s the best time to buy the dip and it’s an opportunity that will grant you all the luxury you crave for ☺️

  17. I just realized that you put the dude that didn’t want his mom to find out about how much he invested in the thumbnail, I mean it’s highly unlikely she’ll find out but I can image her one day watching this and asking him about it

  18. It’s painful to hear all of them just talking about trading profits, none of them interested in blockchain or the ecosystem behind the coins…

  19. The people who invested at the top and sold the bottom of course have a bad taste in their mouth. xD Others seem like they don’t really know what crypto currencies are because the standard “gambling” disinformation arguments are still alive and well thanks to the SK government. People who don’t know what they are doing and only want to make money quickly will always buy the top and sell the bottom.
    Not one person mentioned anything about decentralization, fiat hedge, or how block chain networks function which explains the fundamental reason why these coins are valuable in the first place.

    When everyone says sell you should buy.
    When everyone say buy you should sell.
    When you don’t care what everyone thinks, HODL

  20. Crypto has potential to be highly profitable but also highly not-so profitable. For most people, it’s best to invest with money that you’re okay with losing 100% of. People should go in understanding that a huge majority of people would be lucky if they don’t lose money.

  21. “Prices skyrocketed and I invested” “Im selling everything” – this way you only lose money. And…the streets are not public space in Seoul?

  22. I hope someone would get to know and interview my lifestyle as my lifestyle are more simple, systematic, healthy and fit lifestyle, hygiene and save lots of money.

  23. I have yet to see a practical use of bitcoin.
    I can understand people buying and selling it for the purpose of earning some money like regular stocks, but that’s it.

    After all these years not one single person has given a real-case use of it except for ‘it’s decentralized etc’
    Banks and countries make their own cryptos now which defeats the purpose of it.
    Bitcoin is a product that promised a lot but isn’t really polished.
    Bitcoin imo is only used for sketchy payings among criminals and to launder money.

  24. SAFEMOON token is the one you’ve to try to invest, because the market cap is crazy and the community is great
    no 1 highest community in the current crypto

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  26. I actually looked up the KOK token. Damn, that’s the very few tokens which instead of plummeting actually ripped during the last crash. Grandma is a wise woman. Respect

  27. As a Korean, I have invested 10 years in numbers game with numerous coins on dozens of exchanges, but it is kind of a pyramid scheme. It attracts people to meaningless numbers and ends up being prey for whales.
    Their words are unreliable and the information is full of lies. The exchange will shut down the moment you don’t know it, steal your money and run away. Cryptocurrency is a type of gambling. There are times when you get a profit, but in the end you become a beggar and wait for the end that leads to death

  28. Investing and diversifying your portfolio with stocks, crypto currency and forex trading is the wisest thing to do and really profitable.

  29. Bitcoin is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it’s a don’t get-poor-slowly scheme.
    South Korea doesn’t need Bitcoin yet, because you don’t have a dictator who seizes gold or devalues your currency by 50% every year, you don’t need to explain why Bitcoin is important to people in South America.
    Right now for SK it’s all about greed, which is pretty sad, people expect to make money fast and most of them lose money.

  30. Personally, I myself wouldn’t invest in cryptocurrency down the road for I also know that it’s a form of risky business. I mean, I have nothing against other people who are willing to invest in cryptocurrency to increase their assets, but then again, it can possibly become risky, if you know what I mean. The cost of living especially in highly urbanized areas are getting more and more tediously expensive nowadays, and some people are leaning more towards financial investments for their own respective lives and futures.

  31. Reading the comments shows that VAST majority of people including the interviewer got their “crypto knowledge” from mass media and friends who gambled.
    5 to 10 years ago, it is speculative to “invest” in crypto and for the uneducated that simply listen to a friend, it is still gambling. Similar to buying stocks of company you know nothing about.
    It would be nice if Asian Boss interview an expert in crypto to educate people on the technology and use-case on what is “Blockchain, Smartcontracts, Defi, NTFs”.

    Or maybe that won’t get many views since people prefer to gamble rather then learn.

  32. The rule of thumb in investing: “Do not go into an investment you cannot fully understand and determine how much money you can afford to lose”.

  33. It’s fine to invest into cryptocurrency, but what they are doing it wrongly is to assume they could earn some quick profit within days or a few weeks. With its volatility, don’t put all your portfolio into crypto…. Even putting more than 10% of portfolio onto crypto isn’t good for most people’s mental health.

  34. So hard to find nice content like this. I don’t know who but someone actually needs to hear this, you’ve got to stop saving all your money. Venture into investing some, if you really want financial stability

  35. Security Guard:”The owners of this building don’t like these kind of thing”
    Also Security Guard: “Yeah I invest in Bitcoin”.
    Some Random Old Lady: “me too”

  36. The first reason why young Koreans invest in cryptocurrency is that they tend to ‘gamble legally’. Although there is a casino in Korea, but that located in Gangwondo(countyside)
    Secondly, house prices are rising quickly.
    The prices of apartments in Seoul rose 86% on average over the past four years.

  37. I remmber there is tv personality (foreigner german/british whom living in korea) several times promote cryptocurrency in korea tv shows.

  38. There is honestly too much invested in crypto to have it all go to $0. We’ve experienced a numerous amount of dips and it has historically always gone up year after year.

  39. TBH, Crypto is not a quick rich investment scheme.
    The market is very volatile compared to the stocks market can gain 10% and can lose the same percentages within days or two.

    I enter crypto due to FOMO on last march rallies and I lost around 40% of the investment today.
    However, due to failure, I started to understand more about crypto and learn TA via forums and youtube.
    Strong community, makes me wanted to invest more as a side income.
    Also due to my country’s fiat currency purchase power is getting lower year to year, no point in keep too much cash.

  40. The whole point of crypto is to hold value and trade, NOT invest. The speculators are ruining it. The volatility makes them useless as an actual currency.

  41. Thank you for subtitle which was there before but not there in recent videos. I am deaf. Even though auto generated caption is good enough and is better than no caption, I prefer added subtitle.

  42. Follow DoKwon on Twitter. LUNA TO THE MOON! Perhaps you gotta do the voting around the office area.
    Fact: You’re not losing/winning any until you sell it. 😀

  43. Taking this from an Asian boss perspective. This might be a good place to start. People should read pay the devil in Bitcoin: The creation of cryptocurrency and how half a a billion dollars of it disappeared from Japan.

    Japan was at one time the center of the bitcoin universe home of Mt. Gox, the world’s largest bitcoin exchange. Which is credited both with fostering the rapid rise of the currency. Then later with bringing its value crashing down.

    In 2014, Mt. Gox collapsed with nearly half a billion dollars’ worth of bitcoin gone missing. Perhaps the greatest bitcoin heist in history. If it was a a heist as a story goes. The blockchain will likely grow as the price of a bitcoin rises.

    But ultimately it will function like a closed economy. Where transaction fees are assessed much like taxes. But whoever controls the gates controls you. Better hope you have other assets and this isn’t the only currency in town or it’s game over!!

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  45. A great new token worth investing in is the Trident token. Launched a few days ago and the initial chart looks very healthy. Plus a portion of each transaction goes towards cleaning up the oceans!

  46. The guy who invested ETH and BTT he did well by hodling since the crypto market is crashed right now it’s the only way not to lose your money. BTT is not a good one to invest because it will take a long time to rise again. There is a lot of scammers who take this opportunity to scam people who has lack knowledge about cryptocurrency so be careful. Do your own research, learn how to read the chart and most importantly invest what you can afford to lose. 🙂

  47. Crypto is an escape for investors that don’t want the crash to affect totally. This is why a selected few that understand the times are taking up the opportunity of investing in cryptocurrencies, mostly bitcoin.

  48. All of the people in this video who have a negative opinion about crypto invested just before it crashed lol kinda feel bad but if they invest now they’ll make a profit once it goes back up

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  51. If you poll the general population, I think most will say no since it’s still a relatively niche thing despite the amount of mainstream press that crypto has received these last few months. If crypto gets exposure through more traditional forms of finance like through an ETF, it’ll gain more mass adoption. Would be curious if you did this poll in China though since that’s where most Bitcoin is mined, at least before the nation-wide crackdown.

  52. I see most people invest as gambling only, cause they invest in shitcoins, hoping their price would go up from a couple of cents to hundreds of dollars. There are already established and old crypto currencies out there, like Bitcoin and Ether. Those are more steady and over a long period of time grow very slowly. They only need to grow at a pace that beats inflation, that’s all. In that case, crypto can be amazing to just hold onto your money without inflation draining it. Even those established coins are very volatile short-term, but at least you know you don’t have a 99% chance of losing everything like with shitcoins.

  53. Just out of curiosity Asian boss is there any website with Japanese girls that are looking for a date that I could join I’m thinking about dating now that I’m 24???

  54. Crypto right now is very risky, particularly in the short term. Not financial advice, but AMC will bring about the greatest wealth transfer. Check out Matt Kohrs or Trey’s Trades, and do your own research and DD. The stock market (and financial media) are blantantly manipulated by hedge funds and market makers, and it’s why the SEC and DTCC in the U.S. are passing new rules. AMC (and GME) will be in the history books without a doubt.

  55. I am more confident in crypto after watching this. Even developed country like Korea has only 27% people are into crypto right now.
    Invest smartly and carefully, good luck !

  56. Trading and investing is an addiction, trust me once you join you will 100% come back eventually, so be careful! I have been trading and investing for almost 4 years now, what a wild ride.

  57. When are people going to wake up? Bitcoin is rigged……No?…..That’s on you but as the old saying goes: ” A fool and his money are soon parted”.

  58. If you took the polls a months ago, the responses would have been much different. The question for the poll is also confusing. A lot of people no longer think it’s a good idea because they lost money.

  59. As a Bitcoin hodlr I truly believe in Blockchain technology. And I assume people that don’t invest in it isn’t aware of the capabilities and affects it has on the future.

  60. BITCOIN (aka. Bit Con – No pun intended) EXPOSED: How do you make a small fortune from investing in Bitcoin?
    Start off by investing a large fortune in Bitcoin 😅

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