Do Korean Hairstyles Fit Westerners? Trying Korean Hairstyles [with Stylist Haeppy]

In this video Stylist Haeppy tries to recreate three Korean hairstyles on Xander’s head.

The Korean start-up, SHAPL, is a Crowd Design Platform where product designers can submit their designs, potential consumers can Like the designs, and SHAPL will Make and Sell the products that get enough likes!

The SHAPL hairdryer featured in this episode is actually a prototype of a successfully liked design. Go check out to see the on-going projects and also a catalogue of successfully produced and purchaseable SHAPL products!

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  1. 🀣 your hair at 6:13 looks fucking hilarious! Like an old medieval monk!!! Oh man this shit’s funny af! Time to get Haeppy back!

  2. Lmao,,, Xander really holding it when Haeppy do funny stuff to his hair
    I wonder will it be the opposite ways, when Xander styles Haeppy’s hair
    It will be revenge time

  3. I’ve just realised how early I am. I was Going to like and then i saw like…105 and I looked at when it was published and saw 35 mins ago and now this is the earliest I’ve ever been. If you want to know if u liked or not, even tho u probably wont, I liked

  4. Talking about Korean hairstyles. I was staying with a friend. So her boyfriend’s cousin needed to go to a wedding. He needed to do his hair. I got to shower first. He yelled at me thru the door & told me to hurry up (mind you I only got in). He was late to the wedding because he had to do his “hair.” It’s a funny memory and culture shock at the time. A westerner in S. Korea…oh that was the days lol. Oh now for Xander…hairstyle #1

  5. I like the first it makes Xander look adorably terrified. But serious it suits your face so maybe if you exaggerate it a bit by going shorter on the sides and a bit shorter in the front so it’s more straight then swept and have your stylist show you how to style it properly it could look really good.

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