Do Indians Trust COVID-19 Vaccines?

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  1. We appreciate you all so much and feel more responsible than ever to create meaningful content to bring people’s voices together. There has been a lot of misinformation and disinformation about COVID vaccines so we thought it’d be interesting to find out how Indians feel about the vaccines. Please share your thoughts in the comments and let’s keep on having meaningful and civil discussions!

  2. I feel it is very hard to say what Indian says about the vaccine it’s only what Mumbai people think about vaccine not even Maharashtra it’s only city you should talk to. More in ruaral area

  3. if there’s a trustworthy organisation where I can do donations that’ll help social groups with extreme financial difficulty to get the vaccines I’ll be more than willing to do so (assuming if the vaccine costs 200 rupees)

  4. I am also an anti-vaccination supporter so i have a trust issue when it comes to humanity even evidencing such a scenario around the world with huge massive enigma and confusion and questionable activities of all human !

  5. People with underlying conditions or compromised immune systems being ruled out even if they do want to get vaccinated is another point.

  6. You can’t rule out doctor dying in US from Pfizer vaccine. This video is so one sided and bias. We have to wait for at least a few months to see what kind of side effects people will develop from various vaccines available before making a video interviewing just 4 or 5 people who are Pro-Covid vaxxers.

  7. You guys are real journalists, getting out there and asking questions. Most in the media just make phone calls from some skyscraper. Keep at it! We desperately need new media building up to replace the MSM!

  8. if the young think that the vaccine will save lives,even though people duying 2 days after getting the vaccine…
    totally brainwashed, we’re doomed

  9. There is so many people on here that don’t know everything. Obviously no one knows everything. But you can get false info everywhere. So don’t point fingers at others for thinking something that you don’t believe or agree with. Research, and don’t put down the USA or other countries for any reason over this issue.

  10. Girl with glasses: I am skeptical about the COVID vaccine, I don’t know if I’m taking it.

    Girl with glasses later on: hahshah I am so suprised America has a lot of antivaccine people, they chose Trump.

    Me, a Spaniard that has nothing to do:
    👁 👄 👁

  11. Trump isn’t president anymore purple mask girl. Everyone has their own thoughts. We are concerned also. Im apprehensive on the vaccine also. Dont put all Americans as one!

  12. Appreciate this video. I have a bunch of friends from India and it good to know how their country is doing. Hope to get to talk to my friends soon.

  13. For the main population it might take longer that they think. My moms a nurse at a nursing home. She got her first shot a week ago. Should be getting the 2nd eventually..but no side effects so far.

  14. An indian here , i heavily recommend the covishield as mostly much similar to pfizer vaccine it doesn’t have the spike protein but rather the blueprint of it , secondly covaccine is still in its third phase trials and allowed for emergency usage and bharat biotech has already said that the vaccine will have side effects in few patients with chronic conditions but either way upto you what you get i just wanted to post this in case any indian comes across here , its what most of my medical friends are getting and hence i will too. tho you can trust whoever you want to.

  15. It’s the side effects that I don’t like besides mask stuff, vaccine stuff.

    Even after the stupid dramas and concerns, we still have to do forever mask, vaccine, tracking, quarantine and so on and so on. It becomes weird normal.

  16. This isn’t related to the video but I’m so glad to see you guys still pushing along, and I honestly think that you all should start selling merchandise to have another stream of income!! I along with hundreds of others would definitely buy it to support you guys. Keep doing what you’re doing, we have your back. 👍

  17. To be honest I have mixed feelings about the vaccine. To some extent it might be trustworthy because the government has actually made it available and allows their citizens to use it. But on the other side, the process of coming with the vaccine was WAYYY too fast. New medicines and vaccines usually take a minimum of about 7 years to come out. All companies are also competing against each other on who comes up with the virus first. Cases like this makes people more likely to make mistakes or miss things. Especially when it comes to the long-term side effects… it will take a long time to test.

  18. It’s ironic because India has an ancient history in powerful natural medicine and they’re acting like an artificial vaccine is the only way to fight disease.

  19. The dude in black had a bad misconception about the US in general. We have so many morons and crazies that make us look bad (especially those in Florida). They’re way of thinking is stuck in the past

  20. Most people are not against the vaccines, only that these new vaccines are produced too fast and there is no long term research on them. Also, there is many people in the governments who have no idea how a virus works, so they like to impose the lockdowns because that gives the government more power over people, when the same government officials break all lockdown rules. So it’s “rules for the people but not for me”.

    Also for people who don’t know what happened to the spanish flu, did people got a vaccine for it? There was none. The virus was strong for some time and killed many people (much much more deadly than this current virus) but then the virus changed and people adapted. Now the spanish flu is now part of the common flu virus. Since this current virus is by no means deadlier than the spanish flu (mostly affects older people) then the best approach to it is to simply used the protocols from Taiwan AND continue with the normal life. Sports is also very important to keep the immune system in top shape. All these lockdowns are the worst thing to combat this virus, because these lockdowns destroy our immune system, mental health, the ecenomy.

    Because of those reasons, people understands that the vaccine is simply another step to control people (by simply being obedient to the government), because the virus will not go away once we take them. The virus will come every year just like the normal flu that comes every year.

    I am just stating facts. Some people will take them and other won’t(most have no choice though). Most americans want to use their right of freedom to chose, otherwise they will lose that right to chose slowly. Freedom is something that almost every country in the world does not have, but pretends that they have.

  21. covid vaccine will become just as common as polio’s “Do bund zindagi ke “😂 we just have to wait for june july to come
    deep down even critics would want it

  22. She admits that it takes 2-3 years to make a vaccine and they’re making the COVID-19 ones in haste. Then later on she makes fun of Americans for not wanting the vaccinations. 🤷🏿‍♀️ Put the politics aside, ppl are fearful of the vaccination because it’s been rushed to the market and so many unknowns. Not everyone wants to be the guinea pigs for science and the medical communities, due to broken trust of communities being tested on in the past that caused harm. Ppl have a right to be weary and that doesn’t make them conspirators.

  23. Well i subscrobed to your channel because i liked your content and also i want to give my support to asian boss. I am sure you will achieve success on your path. I am always there to support this channel!!

  24. I am not against vaccinations, but I do not need this vaccination. I already had Covid-19 in January 2020. With a 98% survival rate it seems like a waste for the younger population to be vaccinated unless they really really want it or have special health issues that call for it. If you had it or have been vaccinated for it I do not see a reason to force or harass those who chose not to vaccinate. And yes, this American has read extensively on Covid-19. It is not hard to isolate at home and manage the systems. This senior citizen fully recovered in 3 weeks. Several of my friends have already had Covid-19 last winter and also recovered. Prompt treatment of initial symptoms is the key to a good recovery. My husband works at an elementary school. For 15+ years we have treated cold and flu season seriously because he has asthma and is prone to respiratory infections. I used the same herbs and supplements I use for a cold and flu symptoms. The only addition last year was Green tea at breakfast before taking zinc. I learned Green Tea is a zinc ionophore. An ionophore lets the zinc into the cells. Zinc kills the Covid-19 “copy machine.” Your immune system kills off the rest of invaders.

  25. As someone from the US, we have a huge disinformation problem. Telling people to “do their own research” isn’t really convincing because people involved in conspiracies love “researching” conspiracies theories. Even people that are highly educated fall victim through various social media groups.

  26. Do Indians realize that the American government is evil? They ask why we don’t trust the Government? Well a great example is the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment that kill many people by injecting them with Syphilis smh

  27. The media reports about Americans not wearing masks is way overblown. Almost everyone I see wears a mask. Also, vaccine skepticism cuts across political and ethnic lines.

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  29. I wanst able tyo support you guys as I am a broke college student, but I appreciate your work and look forward to seeing even more great content in the future!

  30. They forgot to say a point. India is the first country to completely eradicate poliovirus. I bet they do it and India might become first Nation which eradicates covid-19. I just really love this channel.

  31. Darned Indians are just too well educated. One thing surprises me. They seem to share none of our (Americans’) inherent mistrust of government. With colonial British rule so close in the rearview mirror, You’d think they would all be leery. Many of my Indian friends in my youth were very skeptical of government. I’m surprised it seems to have changed.

  32. Wow, this channel is a real gem for reliable news. I had no idea how little the Indian people knew about the US, they’re completely mislead by the western media. People here in the US aren’t taking the vaccine because we know the ones made by Pfizer and Moderna can be harmful even lethal, it’s all for profit. And the percentage is huge, almost half the population are anti-vaxxers. We know this pandemic is a scam used to lockdown and destroy the American middle class. People need to live here in the US to see another side to the story not being told to the rest of the world.

  33. My mom got vaccinated yesterday and even though I keep an eye on all the news surrounding success/failure or side effects of vaccination, I’m hopeful that this will turn out to be fruitful.
    Let’s see and hope for the best.

  34. Hey, Asian Boss. I’m from India
    This people don’t have any idea.
    Because they didn’t even trail
    phase 3 and govt and pharmaceutical big company who produce vaccine, force poor people and bhopal gas incident to vaccinate.

  35. Personally, I have my reservations about the vaccine not because I am against vaccines, but because it is being released in such little time. There hasn’t been much time for studies of effects it has on people, especially long-term. I’m concerned that I might be allergic to something in it, or that some unknown side effect that hasn’t been discovered yet will manifest. That’s why I would rather wait for it to be developed further before I would get it. If something’s going in my body, I want to be absolutely certain it’s 100% safe.

  36. Youtube definitely needs a section to promote channels that try to break the cultural boundary between people so we can all learn about other cultures. I’d hope if they add it that the first channel they feature is Asian Boss

  37. So exciting to see this channel continue. I think the key to growth and learning is enhanced by listening to those around us. Love Asian Boss and their message!

  38. My mother is a Nurse in Kolkata and she didn’t take the vaccine because there’s are a lot of side effects such as vomiting, Nausea etc. So I think it’s better not to try yet, just for now

  39. The vaccine is provided free of cost by government and upto April government aims to vaccinate around 300 million. Thanks to vaccine the second wave of corona is not happened in India.

  40. Attention all vaccine fanatics! People rush to get flu shots, only to end up getting the flu or injured by the shot, or getting a worse case of the flu the next year due to the flu shot. Now they’re practically standing in line to get a Covid vaccine, which is rushed to market, untested for safety or efficacy, contains human abortion cells, and strains of Covid that are morphing as you read this, rendering the vaccine worthless and dangerous to boot. Vaccines are the most dangerous form of medicine, but most people think they’re 100 percent “safe and effective” because that’s all the media and CDC keep repeating, over and over.

  41. The thing is, that horrible reactions to these kinds of vaccines only explode on the scene when people come in contact with a coronavirus type flu or cold. Then the body’s defenses go into overdrive and the body’s immunity system attacks it’s own blood cells, tissues and organs, causing massive blood clotting and organ damage. It may not show its adverse, and even deadly side effects, until later, when the cold and flu season hit.
    The vaccine industries will not admit culpability. They fool the public, telling them a new strain or virus is responsible, not their vaccines. Then, for survivors, it’s onto another vaccination.
    Soon the elite have their world wide 90% population reduction, they repeatedly admit to desiring, all credited to many various viruses and strains, without the people knowing that it was their “life saving” vaccinations that actually produced the deaths.

  42. Vaccines were tried against SARS another coronavirus and the effects were bad. people should do their own research and I think a lot of these people interviewed are too trusting of the medical industry. If something goes wrong Americans cannot even Sue the vaccine company. Fauci stated they’re not even sure the vaccine will work and it will not allow you to travel freely or take off a mask

  43. I think foreign people are not able to understand about the price system of the vaccine. yes I get it it’s 2-5 usd (approx) which is not expensive at all even for a person living in poverty but the fact lies in the number of members they have in there house and and in most of the poverty stricken house there might be 6-8 maybe 10 kids and only one person earning which makes it quite difficult to live

  44. It sucks they think us Americans are basically stupid just because there is a small amount of idiots here. Regardless of the antivaxxers and antimaskers there are skeptical cautious people like myself who have scrutinized the process in which WHO and the USA have gone about the process of clinical trials. I work in clinical trials and it’s not a perfect science. Sometimes scientists and sponsors get desperate and will do unethical things. As they have mentioned the process has been on fast forward everywhere to produce a vaccine so it’s not unheard of to feel scared to take the vaccine because of this.

  45. It costs a few dollars , and it’s not affordable? Omg. How about we ask the rich to donate a few dollars to the poor so everyone who wants one can get one?
    Btw ” if these people can support Trump, they could do anything” got me laughed. Lol

  46. “If the government is saying it, there must be some truth.” Lol, yeah, because the government has never lied or got it wrong before. I’m no anti-vaxxer, but what makes it inherently wrong to be skeptical of the vaccine when it was produced in under a year without any rigorous clinical trials? I mean, most vaccines take 5-10 years to develop and because this virus is so new, we don’t fully understand its complexities. We also don’t know if it will carry any long-term side effects. You gotta look at it from their perspective too and not just dismiss them as conspiracy theorists.

  47. It’s not about trusting the vaccine it’s about not trusting the government, The Media and Big Tech. All of which don’t give a damn about the people anymore.

  48. Holy cow! $4 bucks not affordable? I mean, im low middle class in my country and that price is dirt cheap! Gosh this economics surely frick us all eh?

  49. I definitely trust the vaccine as long as it’s not from China. They’re one of the few countries I wouldn’t trust their in country made medicine due to some of their past incidents

  50. How about you do a video on the pathetic fact India just ruled that “groping a child through clothing, isn’t classed as sexual assault”

  51. So thankful for this channel, honestly I never knew that 4$ would be considered expensive. It’s been great to learn about China, Japan, Korea, India, and all these countries I am very curious about. Turns out that westerner actually have more in common with the eastern world then thought.

  52. Even as med students… our whole university is divided about it…
    But all the health workers in my family, both here and abroad, they’ve all gotten vaccinated (dose 1)
    But yes… I still have heard of very few people among them, who have been vaccinated

  53. People need to realize there have been many instances of global pandemics through history.
    They include:
    Antonine Plague (165 A.D.)
    Cyprian Plague (250 A.D.)
    Justinian Plague (541 A.D.)
    Leprosy (11 Century)
    Bubonic Plague (1350)
    Columbian Exchange (1492)
    Great Plague of London (1665)
    Cholera Pandemic (1817)
    Bubonic Plague (1855)
    Fiji Measles Pandemic (1875)
    Russian Flu (1889)
    Spanish Flu (1918)
    Asian Flu (1957)
    HIV & AIDS (1981)
    SARS (2003)

    Honestly, I think people should take the vaccine. By the time everyday people are eligible to take the vaccine, the vaccine should be tested enough and proven safe to take. Also, the risk is much worse than potential side effects.

    But for the time being people should still social distance, wash their hands frequently, sanitize their work space & home often, avoid crowds, and most important wear a mask.

  54. Amazing video! The second part really cracked me up ahah I love the way all of them think! Thank you for another great video ♡ and I am so happy you reached your goal on GoFundMe ♡

  55. At least we MANUFACTURED OUR OWN 2 VACCINES..not like your country S.Korea aisan boss.. its better u will rest after ur channel closes down ✌🙂

  56. Ok lemme add something. The vaccine should Not be free for everyone. Only the people with ration cards/BPL cards should be given it for free. And yea I get it but “government” hasn’t made the vaccine, the scientists made it, as a research student it kinda hurts when people say govt has made everything…no they haven’t.
    And government should charge more money for vaccine from upper-class and politicians

  57. It’s crazy to think that they say it can’t be affordable to many knowing 300 rupees is just around a few dollars in the west. Narrowing the window between the poor and the rich is as important as taking care of our climate.

  58. Nice video. This is very helpful to learn about opinions from different places and help us get to know about the outside world from our screens. Thank you.

  59. Yes, as long as its not Made in China vaccine 😅 India is supplying vaccines to all poor nations who cannot afford Pfizer or Moderna vaccine right now and don’t want to deal with China’s politics and profiteering of much needed vaccines. India is a nation of morals. China is not happy poor countries are buying vaccine from India instead of Chinese vaccine because China only cares about profit, geo politics and influence in the region instead of truly helping nations save lives and return to normalcy.

  60. Wow cool you accepted my req thanks, wish you can do street interview about vaccination among Asian nations such as Indonesians, Singaporeans, Malaysians, Thais, Pakistanis, Bengalis, Vietnameses, Pinoys, Taiwaneses, Chineses, Koreans, Japaneses, Mongolians, etc

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